TRIBULATION-The Children of the Night Century Media 2015

First new song of TRIBULATION’s upcoming third album “The Children Of The Night” launched online!

The album’s third track, “In The Dreams Of The Dead”, can be checked out in Europe via Metal Hammer magazine:…/premieren/article698240

And in North America via Decibel magazine:…/streaming-tribulation-in-the-drea…

“The Children Of The Night” will be released in Europe on April 20th, 2015 and in North America on April 21st, 2015.

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In pains of tormented and tortured bodies, sounds of broken bones, screams of misery- the new issue of OLD SCHOOL METAL MANIAC is born! Inside you can find interviews with bands like ANDRALLS, AXECUTER, AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR, ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS, DRILLER, DETHRONED CHRIST, EVIL MACHINE, GRAVE, GENOCIDIO, GHOST, GRAVE DIGGER, HAZAEL, HELLIAS, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, IMMOLATION, I NCANTATION, MAJSTER KAT, MX, MYSTIFIER, PENTAGRAM CHILE, RAPED CHRIST, REPULSOR, CYROGRAF ZINE< VENOM, VULCANO, WARRANT, WOSLOM and what's more- a lot of reviews, some big relations from gigs of POSSESSED, TRIPTYKON and report from XIXth edition of Brutal Assault Fest!
Magazine will be published only in electronic form, but it will be available for free.

Planned date of release: March 2015

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DAWN OF THE NINE will be the name of the twelfth studio album by Swedish death metal pioneers UNLEASHED, due out this spring via Nuclear Blast.

UNLEASHED founding member, bassist, and vocalist Johnny shares the following about the cover artwork created by Pär Olofsson (EXODUS, IMMORTAL, ABYSMAL DAWN):

“The artwork represents the continuation of our previous album, which ended with ‘The Great Battle of Odalheim.’ The battle took place at Uppsala Fields in Sweden, and you can clearly see the king’s grave in the cover art work which also represents the future. You can also see the bombed out church in the far distance, the place of blood in the front, and the rune stone with the runic symbol of courage of the new dawn.”

Recorded & produced by UNLEASHED guitarist Fredrik Folkare at his own Chrome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, the track listing for DAWN OF THE NINE is:

1. A New Day Will Rise

2. They Came To Die,

3. Defenders Of Midgard,

4. Where Is Your God Now?

,5. The Bolt Thrower ,

6. Let The Hammer Fly
7. Where Churches Once Burned,

8. Land Of The Thousand Lakes,

9. Dawn Of The Nine,

10. Welcome The Son Of Thor!


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The new line consists of: ATTOMICA

Argos Danckas - Battery André Rod -Bass, Alex Rangel - Voice,Marcelo Souza - Guitar,Thiago Donizeth - Guitar

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Premiere of Attomica's Back And Alive concert album reedition is coming closer and closer ! It will contain extra bonus material taken from VHS entitled The Blast Of Video, from 2002, containing some interesting rarities - 4 songs recorded during concert in Sao Paulo in 1992, where Attomica shared stage with Kreator, you can also find here songs from Disturbing The Noise tour


HELLIAS- Closed in the fate Coffin 1991„Noc potępienia1998” 2015

Thrashing Madness along with HELLIAS band are preparing a reedition of classic material "Closed in the Fate Coffin / Noc Potępienia." The material will consist of many unique bonus rarities, 16-page booklet with a bunch of previously unpublished photos, band's story in a form of a interview with Wojtek Lis. The CD release is planned for later this year or within the first days of 2015. It's noting that this CD will come out in a strict limit of 500 copies.

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NAPALM RECODES NEWS 27 February 2015


Evil Invaders– wasn`t that the title of the 1985 masterpiece by Canadians Razor??? No wonder these Belgian old school lovers deliver a classy toxic waltz with their full-length debut Pulses Of Pleasure that merges speed metal with aggressive Exodus-style vocals and fiery guitar solos! Pulses Of Pleasure stands for the unbound energy of the 80s and the sophistication of our present decade. Whip out those Hi-tops and patch-studded denim vests when Evil Invaders ride the tank!!!






A4, 68 pages, written entirely in ENGLISH, pro-printed Print run: 500

PLN14,5 (Poland), €7 (Europe), $9 (World) – registered postage included!

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Happy New Year from Brutal Assault team! We’ve got some presents for you, here comes a new batch of confirmed bands headed by UK grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH! Hailing from Denmark, death metal/post-thrash BLOOD EAGLE are a brand new band, however they’re composed of experienced metal veterans of various genres. CARNIFEX one of leading deathcore bands will join us on their way from sunny California as well as India’s most brutal death metal band GUTSLIT.  Good-natured viking metallers SKÁLMÖLD are comming from much colder city of Reykjavík on Iceland. From the capital of goregrind – Białystok in Poland we will have SQUASH BOWELS on the bill. This batch of bands is completed by deathcore stars SUICIDE SILENCE!

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