On August 11th, Germany’s death metal pioneers Morgoth Official will release a 7inch EP / Digital Single entitled “God Is Evil” featuring two brand new tracks!

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Peaceville Records is set to delve into the world of podcasts with a series of special shows courtesy of some of our esteemed artists from our roster.

And who better to commence proceedings than a man who needs no introduction but will be given one anyway. It's the seemingly bottomless pit of musical knowledge that is Darkthrone's Fenriz, with his very own selection of influential tracks from the darker side of the metal universe, who first takes centre stage.

The podcasts will be available at: here

Soundcloud here

Podbean here

iTunes here

Watch out for the next installment of the Peaceville podcast too, as we await the next suspect with impending dread.

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Busy out cruising the post-apocalyptic wasteland, Italian speed metalpunks CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY are back with their highly anticipated second album, Future Decay. Four long years after their cult-classic It's Time to Face the Doomsday debut, the shit-hot CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY here crank up everything that made that record so special to so many listeners worldwide: more metal, more punk, more darkness, more fun, more crushing production, more crazed performances, more of MORE. Literally, everything on Future Decay is turned up to "11," and then beyond! It's often been said that CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY are the metalpunk analogue of the Mad Max films. With Future Decay, however, they mainline into musical form every cult '80s movie to feature bikers, zombies, and zombie bikers and set them across a bleak, bombed-out landscape that's their own choosing rather than one that's already been created. And with it, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY paint a portrait of Future Decay...



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VULCANO, historically pioneered in darker style of Extreme Metal in South America since the early 80s, has a new album! The time has not weakened this creative powerhouse of fast
riffs and distorted and they remain talking louder without showing any sign of fatigue. Just over a year has passed since their last great album of2013 - "The Man, The Key, The Beast" and VULCANO brings us now WHOLLY WICKED an album so well finished, unique, honest and bright that it could only be the result of who still holds the hands that chemistry truly essential to any band
governed by the same ideal and purpose when it started 33 years ago. WHOLLY WICKED is a worthy successor to the album "The Man, The Key, The Beast" not only for its melodic construction,
but mainly differentiated by the disparate sound and musical approach. The album surfing sovereignty by the turbulent seas of Death / Black Metal rancid and ominous, coupled with a visceral
Thrash Metal, with property naked of polished and boring riffs, but worthy of honors domain. Without showing any highlight individualized, one sees a renewed VULCANO, but with its
roots in the true purpose that these veterans remains trapped in themselves. Privilege of the few, by well say... Wholly WICKED is an album really necessary for all Headbangers, is a lesson in rude compositions impossible to be heard only once, when the album has come to an end in just its intense 32 minutes, impulsively you'll return to the beginning.




Metal Legends ACCEPT to Release New Album Blind Rage August 15


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Brazilian VULCANO hits with their 10th album "Wholly Wicked". The album contains 10 completely new songs. Premiere: 15th July 2014



Today Brutal Assault reaches its big milestone. We are very pleased and extremely proud to announce that legendary thrash metal band SLAYER will headline Brutal Assault Festival 2014! 
At the Brutal Assault Festival there has not been other more desired band than SLAYER and  age-old dreams of many BA fans and organizers are finally coming true.
For many fans SLAYER is the most influential metal band on the planet and we are very happy to welcome this legendary metal band as a headliner of this year’s edititon. The SLAYER confirmation is also a BIG thank you to all loyal BA supporters! 
After the loss of Jeff Hanneman the band line-up consists of Tom Araya, Kerry King, Paul Bostaph and Gary Holt.

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Founding KISS guitarist and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ACE FREHLEY has debuted an all new single titled "Gimme a Feelin'.

You can listen to the song here:

"Gimme a Feelin'" is now available for purchase on all digital platforms in Europe.

The new effort serves as the first single from his all new LP SPACE INVADER slated for a late summer release via Steamhammer/SPV in Europe as digipak, 2LP, standard version and download.

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Incantation Dirges of Elysium CD 06/24/14

INCANTATION approaches the world yet again with the same ferocity as it had in the beginning.  A testament to endurance and dedication, they bring you 'Dirges of Elysium'.  Rally to unholy death metal or perish by it!  'Dirges of Elysium' is the ultimate INCANTATION album!


GHOST -"The Lost of Mercy" Coming Soon 2014

This news will buck a lot of maniacs of our death metal scene. This year. Thrashing Madness is going to release two legendary albums of GHOST (POLAND, Gdansk) - "The Lost of Mercy" extended with demo 1998 "Renawn", and "Bad Obsession" known from cassette release of Carnage rec. This time, the material will be enriched with a bonus ina a form of demo "Noc Demona" and demo material from 1989

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