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Mystifier - 25 Years of Blasphemy and War + Poster + Patch (Bra), A5 Digipack CDMystifier - 25 Years of Blasphemy and War + Poster + Patch (Bra), A5 Digipack CD

First 100 copies with embroided logo patch
Release: 1.06.2014
There seem to  be many legends of Black Metal – but there are only a few who really live up to that honor. In the late eighties the three possessed servants of Hell of the band MYSTIFIER (Brazil) released their first demos and founded the special sound of Southern American Black and Death Metal. With their raw guitar sound and the hellish vocals they led Metal on paths unknown, deep down into the pits of Hell. Comparisons to VON, SARCOFAGO and HELLHAMMER are legit – serious business, you get the idea.

Dunkelheit Produktionen now re-releases the bands first three Demos, “Tormenting the Holy Trinity“ (1989), “T.E.A.R.“ (1990) & “Aleister Crowley“ (1991) in a very special compilation and with an exclusive artwork by peruvian artist Alan Corpse. All tracks have been carefully remastered in the Quintode-Studio in Essen (Germany) and are now presented in a luxurious A5 Digipack Edition, inclusive a noble A2 poster. The first 100 copies come with a embroided patch.

25 Years of southamerican terrorism...


Tormenting the Holy Trinity (1989)
1. The Witness (Intro)
2. Mystifier
3. Possession
4. Christian Proscript_ion
5. Cursed Excruciation
6. Fierceness
7. The Six Celestial Desires of the Virgin
8. The Almighty Satanas
9. Satan's Aberrations

T.E.A.R. - The Evil Ascension Returns (1990)
10. The Cult (Intro)
11. Ancient Prediction (My Eternal Nightmare)
12. The Sign of the Unholy Cross
13. The Cult Continues

Aleister Crowley (1991)
14. My Gloat     
15. Osculum Obscenum
16. Defloration (The Antichrist Lives)
17. An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Prayer-Book
18. Hyoscyamus Niger
19. Tormentum Aeternu
20. The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R.)
21. Mystifier (Satan's Messengers)







Dear TRIPTYKON-fans,

We have discovered serious manufacturing issues on the 2LP format (black & coloured vinyl) of TRIPTYKON's "Melana Chasmata" album and were forced to repress it to guarantee all of you a satisfying and flawless product. Unfortunately, this means the delivery will be delayed by some days. While everyone involved is working at full speed to rectify this situation, we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will deliver all orders of this format as soon as ever possible. No orders will be cancelled!

Thanks a lot for your patience and bearing with us in this awful situation, but this issue was completely beyond our control.

We hope you will enjoy this release once you will have it in your hands and thank you for purchasing it at CMDistro.

Take care & all the best,
You CMDistro-team



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ARMAGEDON - Invisible Circle/Dead Condemnation CD 2014 Coming Soon


Yet before the holidays, for the first time you will get into your hands professionally released CD of the legend of Polish death metal ARMAGEDON. Next to "Invisible Circle",1993 you will find there a bonus in a form of a demo material from 1991 "Dead Condemnation". Altough, those both materials appeared in 2004 on one CD, but it was really frugally released CDr. This time, you will receive a fully professional CD with 16-page booklet. The whole has been remastered by Arek "Malta" Malczewski who made these tracks will fuck you up! Total doom and anihilation! Beware! Here comes a judgement day ARMAGEDON!!!!!!


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This is the artwork of ACCEPT's upcoming album "Blind Rage", that will be produced, mixed, and mastered by Andy Sneap and is set to be released later this year via Nuclear Blast





The Exploited (the real exploited page) have re-released their SPECIAL EDITION albums in UK & EU!




have premiered a track from their upcoming debut MLP "Deathmanicvs Revelation" at this location. It will be released on April 21, 2014 via Iron Bonehead Productions and features the following tracks: 'Intro', 'Macabre Oblivion', 'Putrefaction', 'Deathmanicus Revelations', 'Curse Of The Neverending', 'Death Returns' and 'A Violation Of Something Sacred'. More information at www.skelethal.bandcamp.com







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