NECROSCOPE Metalzine # 27

!! 20 Years Anniversary!!!

The oldest beast from Polish Hell is coming!!! 142 pages A5, written in English. Including interviews with : ATOMWINTER (Ger), INSEPULTO (Costa Rica), HYPNOS (Czech), NETHERMANCY (Por), GRAVEYARD (Spa), ENRAGED (Hol), FESTERING (Por), TYRANNIC (Aus), NECROVOROUS (Gre), TYRANTS BLOOD (Can), CHAPEL OF DISEASE (Ger), MORBID CARNAGE (Hun), ESCARNIUM (Bra) & MORT DOUCE (Polish Hell). Furthermore “Pearls from Abyss; (incl. Swedish EPITAPH ) and more than 200, only underground reviews! Get it for 5Euro/8$/15PLN
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"Blizzard Beasts"
(12" LP)

Re-issue on 180gram vinyl with 350gram outer cover and printed inner sleeve. While IMMORTAL's third album, Battles in the North, saw them breaking the sound barrier with pure icy aggression, their fourth album honed their formula further with bouts of death metallish diabolism. Sounding at times like a frenzied take on Altars of Madness entombed in a glacier, IMMORTAL's 1997 album Blizzard Beasts took the band in a raw, chaotic direction-- the likes of which would never be heard from the sons of northern darkness ever again.


ATTOMICA - Limits Of Insanity


One of the most wanted materials of ATTOMICA Limists of Insanity after 25 years gets its first release on CD! This classic from 1989 is one of the most interesting thrash metal albums from the late 80’s! Do not miss it! The album came out in strict limited copies!!!


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"Fuck Me Jesus"
(12" MLP)


Limited edition black vinyl with silkscreen on side B. Small quantities of red vinyl and white vinyl also in stock.
High quality Osmose vinyl reissue of the infamous demo that helped put Swedish black metal on the map over twenty years ago. Nastier and uglier than even most death metal at the time, 'Fuck Me Jesus' firmly established MARDUK's brand of unholiness with a vengeance. With its raspy scathing vocals, drums like thundering death and a guitar sound that vomits blackness, 'Fuck Me Jesus' possesses a sound that has rarely been rivaled since. Not only is this a must-have for all MARDUK fans, but true maniacs of the underground black/death scene should revisit this classic. LET JESUS FUCK YOU!



Finally, the vinyl version of an unholy night in France!

A nightmarish devastation over the lands of Pictavia. Raw, crude Evil and insane as Metal of Death is supposed to be.
12"LP Limited in 500 being 400 Black and 100 Die Hard white wax including patch!!!

For all those interested to trade, wholesales etc write to DEATNOISE PROD.

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(12" LP)

IN STOCK NOW!! A Swedish riff-lover's dream come true, and just as essential as "Left Hand Path", the second album of crushing Swedish death metal from the originators. "Demon" and "Sinners Bleed" are genuine pulverizing classics that are still featured in the band's live set today




Swedish Viking/black metal band MANEGARM, American death metallers BROKEN HOPE and German post-metal band THE OCEAN have been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2014. More bands coming soon.


FLOTSAM AND JETSAM to release 'No Place For Disgrace 2014' through Metal Blade Records on February 14th!


Landing page and 1st song online!

American classical Thrash/Speed Metallers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM have announced their new album No Place For Disgrace 2014!

No Place For Disgrace 2014 will be released on February 14th in Europe (17th in UK, 18th in North America). Fans can listen to 'P.A.A.B' watch videos, and pre-order No Place For Disgrace 2014! at

Comments FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: "We have re-recorded 'No Place For Disgrace' because we have had a lot of requests to remix this record. The master tapes have been very difficult to obtain so we decided to re-record the album and use some of today's technologies to recreate it. The aim was not really to change but to enhance it with the opportunity with the use of new tools. We have the time available as well and it just seemed like a no brainer. A lot of the die hards are really nervous about it but I think after the final result they will embrace it. The sound quality is 100% better and more refined!

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM will be heading over to Europe in February to support SEPULTURA and LEGION OF THE DAMNED!



New Album HATRIOT'- "Dawn Of The New Centurion

Originally planned to be released in late January, HATRIOT's new album will now be unleashed in late February!


The band once again teamed up again with producer Juan Urteaga and Mark DeVito, who created the artwork of "Dawn Of The New Centurion"!

The album's track list looks like this:
1. From My Cold Dead Hands
2. Your Worst Enemy
3. The Fear Within
4. Honor The Rise And Fall
5. Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious
6. Silence In The House Of The Lord
7. World Funeral
8. Dawn Of The New Centurion
9. Consolation For The Insane

"Dawn Of The New Centurion" will also be available as limited edition digipak with exclusive bonus track as well as limited edition vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve (500 hand-numbered units).

HATRIOT's "Dawn Of The New Centurion" will be released on February 21, 2014 via Massacre Records!

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False Prophet was formed in the then musical barren wasteland known as Greensboro, NC. as a three piece by Paul Ray, Chris Lyndon and Tim Haisman under the moniker Abattoir, they were soon to be joined by Mike Morrison, and began their musical quest to create their brand of brutal assaulting metal. Taking their musical influences, from mid-80’s thrash from the west coast like Exodus and Dark Angel, death metal pioneers such as Venom and Possessed, the metal/hardcore ideals of bands from the east coast like Overkill, and the more melodically heavy music from Europe, and created a sound that was both aggressive and technical.
After recording an early demo entitled “Sign of the Cross” released in 1989, False Prophet starting garnering local and international attention, landing them opening slots for Danzig, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Death Angel, Confessor and Demolition Hammer, among others.
In 1991 False Prophet would self-release the album “The Second Death”. Around this time, original drummer Haisman would live the band and be replaced by Raymond Martin.
The band received great reviews and had numerous interviews with underground fanzines and metal magazines alike. Around 1992 the band changed their name Infernal Hierarchy. With the new name change, the band once again returned to the studio to record a two song demo, which would later be released on 7” by Rage Records in 1993. Once again, these songs showed the growing musicianship and songwriting that the constant practice and shows were helping the band to achieve. After much success with this release, the band decided to disband this incarnation due to personal circumstances.
Forward to the year 2013, and once again the name False Prophet is beginning to create rumblings in the underground music community. With the new found freedom of the internet, the band was approached by Heaven and Hell Records about re-releasing all of their previous material.
Enlisting Jamie King, producer of bands such as Between the Buried and Me, to remaster all of the old recordings, and the results are spectacular, resulting in the release of “The Second Death” with new packagingon CD with Heaven and Hell Records

For fans of; Morbid Angel, Demolition Hammer, Interal Bleeding, Kreator, Dark Angel

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