Earlier this month, legendary extreme-metal drummer Gene Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, DEATH, TESTAMENT,STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, , DETHKLOK) announced that there would be another "The Atomic Clock" DVD coming out, and he revealed the details of his clinic tour, "The Gene Hoglan Experience".

The jam-packed DVD is available for pre-sale now, with several awesome package options. If that isn’t enough, although Gene has footage chosen for his next "The Atomic Clock" DVD, he’s leaving it up to his biggest fans to really decide what they would like to see.

Everyone knows an artist is nothing without their fans. After years of your faithful and much-appreciated support, Gene Hoglan wants give something back, so we are turning to you, his fans, for what you'd like to see next.

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The reunited METAL CHURCH — Ronny Munroe on vocals, Kurdt Vanderhoof and Rick Van Zandt on guitars, Steve Unger on bass, and Jeff Plate on drums — recently inked a deal with Rat Pak
will be released in the early fall via Kurdt's label Body Of Work Recordings in conjunction with Rat Pak

According to Vanderhoof, "Generation Nothing" — which was recorded at Kurdt's English Channel studio in Washingtion — marks a "return to [METAL CHURCH's] classic metal sound. It has elements of the first album and 'The Dark', but still embraces the new sound of the band without chasing the past."



Coming Soon

NEW ALBUM RUNNING WILD - ''Resilient'' October 7. 2013

Running Wild will proudly sail the pirate flag in the 38th year of their existence, effortlessly sailing through the straits of the business.


Tracklisting Digipak

1. Soldiers Of Fortune,2. Resilient,3. Adventure Highway,4. The Drift,5. Desert Rose,

6. Fireheart,7. Run Riot,8. Down To The Wire,9. Crystal Gold,10. Bloody Island

11. Payola & Shenanigans (bonus track),12. Premonition (bonus track

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Century Media Records has announced the first-ever official "complete recordings" release of TREBLINKA, one of most notorious death/black metal bands of all times.

TREBLINKA was founded in 1987 by Johan "Lucifer Hellslaughter" Edlund and Jörgen "Juck the Ripper" Thullberg. During the band's short existence of only two years, TREBLINKA released two demo tapes and one seven-inch EP. After the release of the last recording, the now infamous "Severe Abominations" EP, the band changed its name to TIAMAT and became one of the biggest and most influential metal bands of the Nineties. Since then, the TREBLINKA recordings remained untouched by the band and were instead heavily exploited by bootleggers all over the world.

"Shrine Of The Pentagram", the first-ever fully authorized release of TREBLINKA since 1989, will be released on October 7 as a kingsize 3CD mediabook, a deluxe 5LP box set with LP-sized booklet as well as digital download.

Daniel Ekeroth, author of "Swedish Death Metal", did an elaborate interview with Jörgen "Juck" Thullberg and Stefan "Emetic" Lagergren, revealing many unknown details and a lot of entertaining side notes from the history of the band, while Olivier Badin (writer for Terrorizer and Iron Fist) interviewed Johan "Hellslaughter" Edlund for his view on the importance and influence of TREBLINKA.



The Dream Calls for Blood  Coming Soon on October11th 2013


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Grave, Morbid Ascent [EP],Century Media 2013


Morbid Ascent” includes two brand new tracks, a cover version of SATYRICON’s “Possessed”, a remix version of “Epos”, as well as the newly recorded version of “Reality Of Life”, a classic GRAVE demo track from the “Sexual Mutilation” demo (1989). The EP’s opening track, “Venial Sin”, features some shrieking guest solos by AUTOPSY’s Eric Cutler.

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Hello Metal Maniac’s

Unfortunately we didn't menage to get all the needed founds for paper release of #6 Oldschool Metal Maniac zine, we give our greatest thanks to all who supported us in this campaign,but unfortunately this time we do not succeed, but don't worry - the 6# issue will be available in some time on our site as a free for download pdf. file, and also in that case since we are not limited by pages You will get a whole lot of bonus materiall that was not supposed to go in this issue. It's really a big miss that it's not released on paper but we think, that PDF is always better solution than nothing. So stay alert, and watch a news on our site, for shure there will apear new articles, relations from gigs and interviews.
All those people who cash in their pre-orders on the release of #6 OMMM we are once again sorry, and please recall your money from the ULULE page


TOXIC HOLOCAUST -Chemistry of Consciousness'

New album TOXIC HOLOCAUST- 'Chemistry of Consciousness' coming October 29th via Relapse Records!


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