We are pleased to Thrashing Madness reports that signed a contract with the legendary Thrash Metal formation ATTOMICA, this agreement covers four classic works of this team, the first installment will punish the debut album of 87 years, and the latest material Brazilians entitled "4" from the year 2012. In the second wave is planned edition of "Limits Of Insanity" in 1989 and "Back And Alive" in 2005, all discs will be expanded to include a whole bunch of bonus materials, the further plans of the vinyl versions of the discs and concert of the Polish land!

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DEADLY FROST - Triumph of The Damned Cross

Fallen Angel and Krew Diabła (Devil's Blood) will release DEADLY FROST's "Triumph of The Damned Cross". It is a full lenght material recorder before the sessions for the "Voices from Hell". It has been only available as CDr before. This edition will be enhanced with bonus session for "Blood For Satan".



Yet another announcement from Fallen Angel and Krew Diabła (Devil's Blood). A CD re-ediion of a cult 1997's demo "Evil" from HOLY DEATH. This release will be enhanced with some tracks that were never published before!


HOLY DEATH - Triumph of Evil

Fallen Angel and Krew Diabła (Devil's Blood) are proud to announce a CD re-edition of a cult debut album from HOLY DEATH! "Triumph of Evil?" from 1996 will be enhanced with additional tracks that were not published anywhere ever before!! Stay tuned for more information!



Manuel "Joker" Henriques with UGANGA completed work on a new album, even though it is not sitting idly musician! ANGEL BUTCHER, a project in which contracts are Henrigues started rehearsals with the new line up and work on new material.


VOODOO looking for a drummer

Latest report from the camp VOO DOO. The team is looking for heavy metal drummer who knows his stuff and is able to meet the very high demands of the band. Gentlemen of the VOO DOO fans have had enough, time to get to work, a series of concerts in May! If you feel that you are able to meet this challenge, contact the team: Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. .


UGANGA - Opressor / Live album

Musicians UGANGA finalize their live album at the end of May. The band has already recorded a big concert in Germany (Razorblade Festival), two tracks of cover songs (TROOPD OF DOOM and NIGHTMARE) and three bonus cuts recorded in the studio - two covers of "Nao desist" (cover of an old Brazilian metal band STRESS), "Desespero" (cover of an old punk band PASTEL DE MIOLOS) and a short instrumental piece. CD will include a multi-track of a document with EuroTour 2010, two clips and a book of diary of the tour, also a lot of graphics, slipcase and 16-page booklet. The publisher of this album is Metal Soldiers Records.

In addition, this week the team completed work on a new studio album. Its title is "Opressor", will be released in October in Brazil by Laser Company (the label which cooperates with SEPULTURA, KRISIUN, MATANZA). The European version of the CD will be released probably by Metal Soldiers Records.


VOODOO - singiel

Another report from the city of Krakow! Slowly counting down days to the premiere of our upcoming CD, VOO DOO "Voo Doo" in 1987. In the meantime, the team is preparing a new single premiere of Peter "Foreman" outriders (HELLIAS).


HELLIAS preparing the next release!

Latest news from the camp of Krakow thrashers, HELLIAS. The team is preparing soon to release another record, this time it will be a retrospective album which will be recorded seventeen classic compositions from scratch. There will be also a very unique type numbers "Vampyr", which was originally on the demo tape "Revenge Of Hellias" '88. Moreover, as the story goes in the session will be attended by a number of invited guests, among others. guitarist VOO DOO, Richard Krupa.

This is not the end of the news from the camp, Goolary also announced this year, recording a brand new album premiere HELLIAS. You can see that spring is coming and the guys got down to work!


RISEN PROPHECY- Into The Valley of Hinnom CD Metal On Metal 2015

Another gem from the Italian label Metal on Metal. UK`s RISEN PROPHECY is back, after five years, with their second full length album. This is one of the more interesting bands this label has to offer, the label which has a good eye for valuable bands. And RISEN PROPHECY is a valuable band, for sure. It is dynamic thrash metal with a lot of Power influences. Boss Oliver`s powerful guitars keep as amazed again and again, cutting with their razor sharp riffs; solos are just breathtaking, the sound is just overwhelming. Plus, a very distinct vocal turns this material in a really explosive mixture. So the outcome is like this: a very interesting piece of music. And the music from “The Valley of Hinnom” is, indeed, unique. Here, you may find unusually complex songs, it all is perfectly balanced, and every single element is well hearable. The self-complementing instrumentarium of every band member is definitely noticeable. the rhythm section of Ben Olivier Bass and James Chalton is this album`s fuel. It all sounds very clear yet still filthy and rough. Too, Dan Tyren`s powerful vocal is this album`s bright point. There are no weak points here in this album, it all is just super tight and compact. The songs` amazing atmosphere is abundant with different moods. There are some calm moments, and there are some really wild ones. These 36 minutes of music is not enough, really. We need more. this stuff for maniacs into ICED EARTH, FORBIDDEN or UK`s SABBAT. Yeah, RISEN PROPHECY is cleverly influenced by these bands and they do not copy them mindlessly, oh no! Keep an eye on this talented band as they`ll show you again what they`re capable of! LWS

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I guess that we all agree that Dave Ingram is a legend and his harsh vocal style set the tone for hundreds of other death metal singers.

With Dave’s return Benediction came back stronger than ever and amazed everyone with an outstanding “Scriptures”. And how Dave feels about the band nowadays ? Let’s see…



Hi Dave ! Seems that nowadays there are very good times for Benediction - you came back, the new album is a masterpiece and the band is playing live pretty often (I’ve managed to see you twice within one month).  How does it feel to come back and have an immediate impact on the band’s career?
Hey mate, many thanks for the interview. I really appreciate it.  It’s been fantastic, it really has. The response has been phenomenal, right from the moment we released the news - a little over 3 years ago. We would have been doing a lot more in the last few years, but obviously the planet ground to a halt due to the pandemic. We were lucky that we got the album written and recorded just before it hit. I think the fans’ reaction was awesome, and expected…over the years I’ve received SO many questions from fans asking me to go back. Well now I did and all their brains melted. In a good way, obviously.
“Scriptures” sounds like a missing album from the very beginning of Benediction. Although it’s a great album I was wondering- was it hard to “travel back in time” and somehow revisit the older times?
The ‘Old School’ sound is exactly what we do. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Why would we want to change that which we’re disciplined at? We won’t, and even when we did diverge from our standard it did not stray too far. For now we are embracing the OSDM we have always loved and will continue to write the same groove-laden metal in the future
As I said- I’ve seen you live twice, previously I’ve also seen Benediction with Dave Hunt. And all the gigs were amazing- haven’t you thought about recording a live album?
These days, live albums are not-so-cheap shots at making money for the label. Best way to experience the band live is to GO AND SEE THEM. Sure, not everyone can get to a gig, but in the modern age there’s live streaming and YouTube. You may be surprised at some of the high quality videos available out there. I’m not a fan of modern live albums, as they lack the ‘classic’ feel of the past (Black Sabbath’s “Live Evil”, Ozzy’s “Talk Of The Devil” for two examples) but I wouldn’t be averse to trying. 
After two iconic albums - “The Grand Leveller” (Benediction’s best in my opinion) and “Transcend the Rubicon'' you've taken a bit different direction with “The Dreams You Dread” - everything went slower, gloomier and it was a noticeable change within band’s style. Why was that?
As I said earlier, yes we strayed from our usual path, but we didn’t go too far away from it. Give the album another listen with that in mind. It’s still Benediction, just on a slightly different facet. And still OSDM, in my opinion.
Let’s talk about your episode in Bolt Thrower. You joined the band, when they already had a legendary status. How did you get there? Was it hard to jump into one of the biggest bands in death metal history?
I was asked to join some months after leaving Benediction, in 1998. The members of Bolt Thrower and myself were good friends so it was a logical choice and an easy assimilation. It is part of my life that I will also carry with me forever, with the memories of my tenure being such wonderful times.
I think that Down Among The Dead Man is a criminally underrated band. In one of the songs there are guests vocals recorded by your son Oliver. Haven’t you thought of creating a band with him one day?
Nowadays my son isn’t into much metal, especially the older death stuff. He sometimes likes some older rock tracks, and has his tastes elsewhere. The fact that he likes music is important to me, and I am happy with whichever genre lights his flame. As for DATDM we will hopefully begin work on a new album next year. Both myself and Rogga have many projects on the go so there is no rush at this time.
You’re obviously a science-fiction fan, with all those Dr Who inspirations and a couple of Star Wars-related jokes on stage of Mystic Festival. What in this genre is so special for you? What would you pick as the greatest sci-fi book ever written?
Science Fiction, just like music, is an escape. So why not combine the two (as I did in Down Among The Dead Men, along with songs in several other projects of mine, including the “Scriptures” album!) I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who - I’m sure my tattoos are testament to that - and I’m somewhat of a Star Trek and Star Wars fan also. The “Hello There!” moment onstage is to see if the audience all shout “GENERAL KENOBI!!” back at me. It hasn’t happened yet…maybe one day. The greatest Sci-Fi book ever written? That’s a tough one! I’d have to go with a list of a few…and then I’d be missing some out! But try these:
1. The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
2. 2001, A Space Odyssey - Sir Arthur C. Clarke
3. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep - Philip K. Dick
4. Make Room, Make Room! - Harry Harrisson
5. The Time Machine - H.G. Wells
It might be a trivial question, but why did you decide to move to Denmark?
Back in 1995 when Benediction were touring with Death around Europe, we played a show in Copenhagen. I was introduced to a woman who became my girlfriend. We had a long distance relationship for 3 years, and then I decided to move to Denmark full time. It was the best thing I have ever done, as Denmark is a wonderful place to live. A very relaxed lifestyle…and the best beer in the world.
You recorded some guest vocals for 1914’s last album. Obviously, the situation for the guys there right now is not easy - do you think what war in Ukraine will end anytime soon? What outcome might we expect?
I stand with Ukraine on this, personally. Benediction have tried to keep politics out of the music all these years, so I won’t go too far into it, but my heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. The outcome will be bleak, whatever it is. Things in the world have changed.
Thanks for the interview. Last word goes to you- is there anything you’d like to tell our readers?
Thank you for the support all these years, myself and the band are in awe of the fans out there! THANK YOU!! Stay true to the scene and the scene will stay true to you. Thanks for the interview, it has been awesome!
Here’s a list of current albums on my turntable:
1. Voivod - Nothingface
2. Stoner - Totally…
3. Crypta - Echoes of the Soul
4. Brant Bjork and the Bros - Somera Sol
5. David Bowie - Hunky Dory
Interview Wojciech Michalak 
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