Pentagram new studio album ‘Curious Volume’ set for release on CD & LP on 28th August 2015


Legendary U.S. heavy/doom metal band Pentagram reunites with Peaceville Records for its new studio album, Curious Volume, to be released 28th August. Featuring 11 classic heavy metal compositions with catchy hooks from core band members Victor Griffin, Greg Turley, and Bobby Liebling (Pete Campbell on the drums completes the band’s lineup), the album was recorded with Swedish producer Mattias Nilsson at studios located in Maryland and Virginia. Additional recording took place in Tennessee with Grammy-Award-winning producer Travis Wyrick, who also produced Pentagram’s


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PSYCHOPATH -Hatred Outside CD 2015 Coming Soon

Third opus of Crazy Warsaw Psychipath expect very fast and agressive thrash/death metal!!! Hatred outside will successfully destroy your hearing organs!!!



Inexhaustible Front

Hatred Outside

MK Ultra


Killing Hunger

The Iceman


Credit To Dementia


Dead End





First polish black metal album released years ago in Norway will finally have a vinyl reedition, next to LP Triumph Of Evil there will also be released CD and MC. Also HoLY DEATH t-shirts will be available. Everything will be released by WITCHING HOUR PRODUCTIONS


Official festival trailer BRUTAL ASSAULT 2015

We're getting closer and closer to special, 20th anniversary of Brutal Assault Fest. It's special event, organizators have prepared a lot of incredible atractions, including a lot of great music, 100 artist, on this edition we can see for example TRIPTYKON, ANNIHILATOR, ASPHYX, ARCTURUS, AT THE GATES, CANDELEMASS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH DTA, ENSLAVED ,ESOTERIC, KREATOR, MARDUK, MAYHEM ,NUCLEAR ASSAULT ,SARKE, NAPALM DEATH ,TROUBLE ,VADER and a lot of great music, so this years seems to be really rich

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In a free Brutal Assault festival pass!

Brutal Assault team just launched an app for creating your own Brutal Assault poster. The website app lets You pick 10 of Your favourite bands from this year's line-up and put them in order based on Your preferences. In the next step You can add info about the total number of editions You've visited (by the way this year it's the 20th edition!) and then the app will generate the poster for You. The poster is available for download or sharing on Your facebook page. There are several genre-centred versions of the poster based on the selected bands, so we have something for everyone! And now You got a chance to win a free ticket with the app. Win a free festival pass by sharing Your line-up poster on facebook! The rules are easy, the festival is giving away 10 free festival passes to randomly selected people, who will share their line-up poster with the ‪#‎mybrutalassault‬ hashtag on facebook! Beware, the post must be set as "public" otherwise it won't show in the results so it couldn't enter the draw. Otherwise it's pretty simple, just share Your line-up poster on Your timeline or set it as Your cover photo and add the aforementioned hashtag. The winners will be announced on July 22! Continue to



Last couple of weeks brang us some good and some bad news, hence these line-up changes. M.O.D. ceased to exist while Evergreen Terrace, Rings of Saturn and Cattle Decapitation have canceled their tours.

Instead of Evergreen Terrace we have PRO-PAIN on the bill, Rings of Saturn were replaced by HORSE THE BAND and MONUMENTS, Cattle Decapitation were replaced by HOUR OF PENANCE and instead of M.O.D. we'll have DR. LIVING DEAD.

Besides aforementioned PRO-PAIN, HORSE THE BAND, MONUMENTS, HOUR OF PENANCE and DR. LIVING DEAD we've confirmed Polish OUTRE, Swedish VICTIMS and NEGLECTED FIELDS from Latvia.

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We are proud to announce the official worldwide release of Vulcano's debut album Bloody Vengeance! One of the earliest and most import_ant albums in South American Metal, Vulcano's Bloody Vengeance is now available as a 6-panel CD/DVD digipak. This reissue features completely restored audio. What this means is that the audio has been completely cleaned of crackle and pops that plagued previous versions.

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Max Cavalera recently put out his autobiography, so there's no need to tell the story of his departure from Sepultura and forming SOULFLY here. What is import_ant however, is the fact that we have both SEPULTURA and SOULFLY on the bill.We're also proud to announce that elusive black metal cult known as CULT OF FIRE will play our fest once again! We remain the one and only open air fest they ever agreed to play and we will make this a very special show, stay tuned for more. From Israel or Netherlands more precisely we will have MELECHESH playing their middle east influenced black metal. From Melbourne, Australia NE OBLIVISCARIS will bring their own way of mixing progressive with classic and melodic with extreme metal. For the fans who like to discover new things we confirm shamanic music ritual of Bön tradition as performed by PHURPA, group of Russian artists focusing on ancient tibetian traditions. Finally, the bands MAXIMUM PENALTY and WISDOM IN CHAINS will represent american hardcore scene. We're now updating all the bands' profiles at our homepage, so take a look!



We've just received a terrible news from ATTOMICA, today Alex Rangel tragicly died in motorcycle accident. We're expressing our deepest pain and sending our condolences to the band. Redaction Oldschool Metal Maniac& Thrashing Madness

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