SILENCE –Last Warrior 1989 CD 2014



In 1988, after the Jarocin festival, drummer Gustaw joins the group named Merciless Death. Shortly afterwards, Grzegorz Miszuk (Wiechu) is drafted into the army for two years. Bodzio and Kasiarz leave the country. Merciless Death is no more.

Gustaw still wants to play – he creates a new band – Silence. With the help comes Artur Dymel (Egzekuthor) who introduces him to the guitarist Bruner. They start their first rehearsals in two, slowly creating their first material. Bruner recruits Katon (guitar) to the band, and Gustaw enrolls the bass player from Merciless Death Marek Żak who becomes also a lead singer.

With this line-up they create a demo material entitled The Last Warrior. They record it in the ARP studio in Szczecin.

After recording the demo tape, Katon leaves the band. They play couple months in three. In the second half of 1989, Wiechu offers Żak to join Egzekuthor. Silence suspends its activity.




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