MORBID VISION "Visions of the Morbid Rites".



The band was formed in July 1990 by Tomaniu and Urko who abandoned their "thrash bands". The first of the guys played in Skullcrusher, the second one in Maldoror . As I can remember, Loro also played with Urko. They all knew each other from the same high school. For a month or two, they played with Barb (guitarist of Bloody Prince - later Merciless Death), but it wasn’t what they wanted. In December 1990, after the collapse of the "band" in which I played (Oppressor - Me, Sylwek Mysłek and Norbert Sobolewski - later Merciless Death) I joined to the rest of the guys. There were 4 songs prepared: War and Pain, United by Death, Morbid Vision and Out of the Body. Together, we made two other tracks (Insendiary's Pleasure and NDO) and in February 1991 we entered the studio. Ke? was recorded spontaneously. Tomaniu sat behind the drums, Loro played the guitar and Urko and others tore their throats. Recordings lasted three days. We recorded all at once. We only added some solos and vocals later. It was a poor ARP studio with a simple equipment. The recordings were supervised by Artur "Zwierzę" Bursakowski. After playing a few gigs (including Szczecin, Września, Giżycko) and long "vacation" (lack of place to rehearse) we got down to preparing new songs. In the meantime, we played some gigs with Egzekuthor, Wise Squit, Morbid Insane, Pandemonium, Necrolatry etc. Between our two demos, in the spring of '92 we recorded in the ARP studio under the tutelage of great acoustician Marek "Majówa" Szukało two numbers – refreshed N.D.O. and new Into The Mirror. After many adventures with finding a place to rehearse, we were able to compose a few songs for 2nd demo. We recorded it in August '92. We did it in the same studio and on the same equipment as before. Again, Artur "Zwierzę" Bursakowski supervised everything. After recording, we started again to search a new place to rehearse. We also played a few gigs. Then, Baron Rec offered us the official release of Visions of the Morbid Rites. Tomaniu and Urko went to their headquarters. For the cover, there was elected a drawing which was made by the bassist Loro (as well as for the first demo). The guys forgot to take the lyrics. After the release of our demo by Baron Rec, Loro left the band. We began to play more gigs, but as a trio, without bass. After several months of fruitless searching for a bass player, we create new song - Tears In The Rain (it was recorded only on video, which is missing). In the summer of 1993 Urko set sail on a cruise as a student at the Maritime College. The place behind the drum set was filled by Kraśniak (ex - Skullcrusher). In that time, we played a few gigs with Psychotron, Temperance (Swe), Clandestine, Undertaker. We performed in Szczecin, Dębno , Świnoujście, Knaack in Berlin and at the Sthrashydło festival. As I remember, Sthrashydło was our last show. After Urko’s return, we didn’t continue playing. Everything died.
All materials that have been gathered on this release come from my personal archive. Unfortunately, the master tapes, despite digging through the archives of ARP studio, have not been found. The recordings are from remastered cassette tapes.


P.S. Sthrashydło was the nail in the coffin. No refunds for travel, no sleeping, no grub, and best of all, to enter the main concert they told us to pay 50% of the ticket price. POLAND!
For comparison, after two concerts in Germany (at that time) we could buy new guitars.... no comments.


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