Thrashing Madness





ATTOMICA - Attomica/Children's Assasin CD 

Once of greatest albums in history of brasilian Thrash scene debut album including bonus track from first demo "Children Assassin" 1987.


ATTOMICA - Limits Of Insanity 1989 CD  

One of the most wanted materials of ATTOMICA Limists of Insanity after 25 years gets its first release on CD! This classic from 1989 is one of the most interesting thrash metal albums from the late 80’s! Do not miss it! The album came out in strict limited copies!!!


ATTOMICA- Back And Alive/Blast Of Vdeo CD/DVD  

ATTOMICA- Back And Alive We're giving into your hands concert album of Brasilian Thrash Metal legend- Attomica's Back And Alive, recorded during band's reunion 1.09.2004. Next to the album you can find a bonus DVD with VHS material Blast Of Video (Live At Aeroanta 1992, Live At Atrion 1992, Video clip Deathrasier + Really Home Video). Fully professionally released with a 12 pages booklet with an interview with Andre Rod. Release strictly limited to 500 copies



New album of Brasilian Thrash Classic band 80's including some bonus tracks from 2005 demo material + 2 bonus tracks Live 2013.



BLOODLUST- Holocaust/Hideous CD  

Yep, another extreme, underground classic recording is about to be re-released and for the first time ever- in the CD format. What we've got here is two CULT recordings from death/thrash BLOODLUST Holocaust (1992) and Hideous (1993). If you guys are fans of BETRAYER,MORTAL SLAUGHTER or ARMAGEDON well BLOODLUST will smash your minds into milions of bloody pieces !!!!!


BLADE STORM - Storm of Blades  MCD  2021

BLADE STORM is a new band that features legendary LEVIATHAN`s ex-members! Their music is perfect for all the fans of old school heavy/speed metal!



BETRAYER-Necronomical Exmortis/ Forbidden Personality CD 2019 ,LP 2021

The first-ever,officialcd reissue of BETRAYER`s both demos. An absolute classic of the genre.



BETRAYER- Calamity CD 

 I am sure all of you will be happy to hear this news! In order to commemorate BETRAYER Calamity`s 25th anniversary, we are going to re-issue this cult release on November 25. After a long 25 years, this album will be pressed onto the noblest of media – v
There`ll be three different vinyl versions: 1. Die -hard (silver) and an embroidered patch, A3 poster and a bag for vinyl with BETRAYER’S logo. 2. Green vinyl 3. Black vinyl.


CELEBRATION -Dead Bodies Massacre/Beyond The Grave CD

Please be informed that by the end of this very year you can expect a reedition of one of the most interesting classic death metal albums recorded back in the early 90s. CELEBRATION came from the city of Bialystok and brought us their “Dead Bodies Massacre” debut full-length album in the year of 1991. Right now, this material gets re-released and comes with a number of unique bonus tracks from their “Beyond the Grave” demo 1990, as well as SZAFOT`s previously unreleased tracks from 1987/1988. SZAFOT was the first band of Jacek "Kacper" Kasperski (guitars and vocals in CELEBRATION). The cd`s booklet is going to contain plenty of the band`s unpublished pictures as well as Jacek`s comments on the CELEBRATION`s early times.


DANGER DRIVE Darkness Comes... /Mother of Hate CD/DVD 

Thrashing Madness Productions is pleased to present the first-ever cd reissue of DANGER DRIVE`s debut album – Darkness Comes,originally released back in 1992. This classic recording is deeply rooted in MORBID ANGEL`s early works and comes with Mother of Hate (demo I 1990) as well as a bonus DVD packed with a number of old live shows from this Czestochowa`s band. A 20-page booklet contains a retrospective interview and plenty of rare, old pictures.


EGZEKUTHOR - Czas Sumienia 1988 CD

For the first time on Cd, the legendary recordings of old school thrash metal masters EGZEKUTHOR will bring you back to 80's. Great compositions with Slayer and old Kat feeling. 9 technical songs plus unreleased stuff like demo 1987 + 1 live track from Thrash Metal Camp 1988. One of the most important bands from Poland. Don t miss this one!!!


EGZEKUTHOR - Hateful Subconsciousness 1991 CD 

                                                              LP  2020

First time on CD material form 1991 recorded at "Giełda" studio in Poznań. The CD contains 5 original tracks from "Hateful..." as well as 5 brand new blasters: "Immortal Sinner", "Welcome To Gotham", "Oblivion Hill", "Into The Holocaust" ,"Pestilence of Hate" along with new version of "Merciless Death", plus bonus tracks from "Hateful Subconciousness" preproduction demo. That akes total of 18 murderous tracks straight from Thrash Metal Hell!!! One of the most cult releases on Polish scene! Furious, ripping Oldschool Thrash merging Kreator tempos with Slayer's aggression and solos! For "Hateful Subconcoiousness" time has no meaning!!! Aggressive and even more brutal than Slayer-Reign In Blood & Dark Angel-Darkness Descends! Pure madness, a classic recordings. Buy or die! PLAY AT MAXIMUM VOLUME!!





EXORCIST- Voices From The Graves/ After The North Winds CD  

With small stepst we're aproaching premiere of legendary demo materials EXORCIST- "Voices From The Graves 1987" and After The North Winds from 1988. Next to mentioned materials there will be couple of unique bonuses on CD, including records from Live Thrash Camp, big booklet with EXORCIST interview made by Wojciech Lis, a lot of archival photos and obi



 FUNERAL VISION- It...1994 CD+ 3 bonus tracks

After almost 27 years and for the first time ever in the cd format, FUNERAL VISION`s IT demo 1994 is out. This is outstanding death/doom in the vein of early PARADISE LOST, SEMPITERNAL DEATHREIGN or DESECRATOR. A true classic!



GHOST -Bad Obsession/Noc Demona CD 

Early recordings of death metal band Ghost, gathered and released for the first time. CD includes the cult 1993 “Bad Obsession”, previously released only on cassette and phenomenal 1989 “Noc Demona” demo. Polish death/thrash metal classic!


GLADIATOR Eternal Torment/Show your Force 1989/92 CD  

The first-ever cd reissue of this Cracow’s speed metal crew debut demo 1989,Eternal Torment. This release includes a number of rare and unreleased bonus features, including their second demo, Show Your Face, from 1992.

HEKTOR - The Inner Dementia 1989 CD 

Long-awaited premiere of a cult album First time on CD! A Thrash Metal pearl of the late '80s Polish Metal scene! The CD contains 20 pages booklet including the band's biography and a fair fistfull of never-before shown photos! "The Inner Dementia" is an undisputed classic whorth its place in every real headbanger's collection! Apart from the basic material the CD contains 4 bonus tracks presenting classic songs in 2012 re-mix! Never previously released material on CD A real Oldschool Thrash Metal Clasic!




HELLIAS Eight Cardinal Sins CD 

 HELLIAS  Eight Cardinal Sins. Twelve songs forged in 100% thrash metal steel. After 7 years, the almighty thrash machine HELLIAS returns with their brand new album Eight Cardinal Sins. This stuff is totally old-school and in the vein of EXODUS / SLAYER. HELLIAS` new album kills with uncompromising energy!HWLLIAS KILLS AGAIN  . Including AC/DC Sin City cover song with guest appearance of Robert Mastalerz from 4 Szmery.



HELLIAS - A.D. Darkness CD 

After years of silence the legend of Polish Thrash Metal Scene returns to their throne stronger and more expressive than ever HELLIAS!!! Long-awaited new material fom Thrash Metal Masters consisting of 12 brand new blasters + bonuses in Polish out on 1.08.2009 Hard sounding album rooted deeply in the Glory Days, for maniacs of acts such as EXODUS, TESTAMENT, DARK ANGEL or SLAYER. Recently the band celebrated their 22nd anniversary. This material emerges as the perfect offering for the maniacs of Real Thrash Metal!!!!


HELLIAS- Closed in the fate coffin/„Noc potępienia” CD

Thrashing Madness along with HELLIAS band are preparing a reedition of classic material "Closed in the Fate Coffin / Noc Potępienia." The material will consist of many unique bonus rarities, 16-page booklet with a bunch of previously unpublished photos, band's story in a form of a interview with Wojtek Lis. The CD release is planned for later this year or within the first days of 2015. It's noting that this CD will come out in a strict limit of 500 copies.


HOLY BATTALION - Cosmic War 89 / Breaking the Face 90 CD 

HOLY BATTALION returns with rerelease of 2 legendary demos Cismic War 89 and Breaking the Face 90 plus never before published recordings. Technical thrash metal madness! Highly recommended!


INFECTED MIND- Lost Existence 1993 CD  

First time in the cd format. Legendary death/thrash from Gliwice. Almost 30 minutes of old school music in the vein of Slaughter, Bloodlust, Old Sepultura, Condemnation. 7 tracks of awesome classic music

INFECTED MIND-Far from reality CD 

After a many year hiatus, the legendary Polish thrash /death group are back with ten devastation tracks in the old school vein. All into olds chool thrash/death ought to get this stuff


IMPERATOR- Ceremonies from Beyond Time CD/DVD  

A real gem for all IMPERATOR`s maniacal fans. This cd/dvd features a number of band`s live shows from Tarnow (1991), Bydgoszcz (1990),Sthrashydło (1991) as well as a retrospective interview with Bariel.


INCEST- Moriiar  / Release Spell  CD Coming Soon  2021

Later this year, your hungry hands can expect a CD by INCEST from Olsztyn.

This reedition will feature the Moriar demo from 1992 as well the release spell session from 1995. This will be a classis death metal release in the vein of early AMON/DEICIDE.

Finally, for the first time on CD, after a long, 30-year wait.



                             LEVIATHAN - Memento Morri/ C'est la vie CD 

LEVIATHAN - Memento Morri/ C'est la vie. All band`s demo recordings compiled and released in the cd format for the first time. True thrash metal classic! A 20-page booklet, obi strip. Strictly limited!!!!

LASTWAR - Skazani Na Zagładę 1991 CD

For the first time on cd. One of the most important bands of Polish thrash/death metal scene. This album was recorded back in 1990 and comes with additional rare promo from 1991 including Slayer's Die By The Sword and some live tracks. Also some multimedia stuff with photos, bio will be pressed on cd. If you like Pestilence-Malleus Maleficarum, Multilator, Sarcofago or early Sepultura then this one is for you.


LASTWAR - Darkness Of Eden 92 CD

For the first time on CD! Second album LASTWAR Darkness Of Eden previously released only on cassete by Carnage Rec in 1992. This CD version include bonus demo 1994 and 3 new demo tracks from 2010. For all fans of Slayer, Sepultura and good old thrash/death metal!



MERCILESS DEATH - Holocaust 1992 CD

Something special for maniacs of oldschool thrash/death Second demo of Merciless Death from 1992, "Holocaust", first time on CD! Special collectors' treat bonuses included, such live tracks from the '90s festivals, where band used to play. Very mature sounding, well composed material, more developed music being a step forward in brutality as well as the technique from their stunning debut "Eternal Condemnation". "Holocaust" is a perfect mixture of Death and Thrash Metal for fans of such acts as Slayer, Dark Angel, Protector, Necrodeath, Sepultura or Sarcofago from times of "Rotting" and "Laws Of The Scourge". A real musthave for a fan of underground classics and a pride of Polish '90s scene!


MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities 93 CD

The thrird and final recording of Polish Death/Thrash legend. 1993's "Sick Sanctities" bring nine tracks merging the raw power of early Slayer, massive sound of Morbid Angel from "Blessed Are The Sick" era, some Metallica styled acoustic parts here and there and overall perfect, diabolic vocals.It is definitely the most mature and musically challenging material of Meciless Death, full of rythm changes, tempo twists and perfect mood balance it showed the incredible potential of the band. Pity that it was the last material of a legend that Mercilless Death will always remain. The reissue contains live bonus tracks. An ultimate homage to the Legend Of The Underground!!!!


After years of silence MERCILESS DEATH returns from the pits of Hell with new recordings. This time the band returns to Eternal Condamnation formula with inluences from Holocaust and Sick Sanctities. Still oldschool and still sick. CD and LP to be released this year.

MORTAL SLAUGHTER - Destiny / Roots Of Evil CD

A true jewel of polish thrash/death underground. Destiny from 1991 and Roots of evil from 1990 shows how great polish underground was. For the first time on cd. This masterpiece will simply crush your brains!


The Plague from the dark past about to reap a new deadly harvest. Legendary material 1993 Oldschool Thrash /death metal in the vein old Sepultura/Slayer and Death. Mortal Slaughter have taken the best elements of thrash and death and fused them into a weapon of body rupturing violence.



MORBID VISION- "Visions of the Morbid Rites"/"Demonstration Of Force"92/91 CD 

And there it is! Far unpublished on CD album of Szczecin (Poland) MORBID VISION "Visions of the Morbid Rites". The material is enriched in two demos, including "Demonstration of Force" from 1991 and two tracks from Demo 92 in a completely different, uknown versions. 19 destructive, thrash/death metal songs. A piece of awesome oldschool metal. If you do not remember this great metal band, but you do like BETARYER, PROTECTOR, VADER, MORTAL SLAUGHTER or MERCILESS DEATH, you will not be disappointed!


MORTIFY- Abyssal  CD 

MORTIFY- Abyssal  LP   


26 years after its premiere, Abyssal, the MORTIFY`s classic death metal debut album is now available on cd format through Thrashing Madness Productions! . Well, if you like early DEICIDE albums, I am sure MORTIFY will bash your brains out!


NIGHTMARE - Misterium Przekleństw 1992 CD

Nightmare was one of the most cult and underratec band from Polish thrash underground. After 19 years for the first time on cd "Mistrium Przekleństw" with bonus tracks demo Kyrie Eleison from 1989 - crush of pure thrash medness!

NIGHTMARE - Cryptic Songs 1993 CD

Long-awaited premiere of a cult Thrash opus! The CD contains 6 unique bonus tracks, four of which are the whole "The Evil" demo from 1992 and remaining two are rare live tracks from that period. Album contains rich booklet including the band's history and a lot of rare photos. "Cryptic Songs" is a real stalwart of Polish underground Thrash Metal. Absolutely a must-have for all headbangers out there! Re-relase of legendary second full lenght album Nightmare from 1993 + 6 additional bonus track 4 demo The Evil 92 & 2 Live 1992.


NECROPHOBIC- Fears/When You Die CD 


NECROPHOBIC-No More Life/ Feeling of Agony CD 

The reissue of NECROPHOBIC`s classic album from 1992. This edition features their demo 1990 as bonus.


PASCAL -Agonia /Bad Omen CD  

This is a re-release cd featuring first two materilals of legendary thrash band PASCAL from warsaw. This compilation consists of bands first demo bad omen from 1989 and 1990's Agonia. Plus some bonus live tracks. In total, 18 cuts. Classic stuff, hotly recommended.

PASCAL -Collection of Destroyed Brains 1992 cd/dvd.

Pascal's legendary stuff, originally released through Carnage records in 1992. It is being rereleased in the cd after 25 years along with a bonus dvd with some live shows as well extra material

 PROSECTOR- Terrible Ceremonic / Total Shit CD


Two legendary demos of Szczeciński PROSECTOR from 1987-88 finally on CD Classic Thrash Metal in the atmosphere of the old KREATOR / SLAYER

PSYCHOPATH -Hatred Outside CD 

Since today new album of Warsaw's Psychopath is available in pre-premiere. You can expect really fast and aggressive thrash metal. Hatred Outside will destroy your ears !!!!!



ROTTEN - Troopers of Midnight CD 

After few EPs and splits time has come for debut album of mexican Rotten. "Troopers of Midnight" is a hellish explosive mixture. These 14 songs are crazy heavy n' roll with addition of thrash metal and punk rock in the vein of Motorhead, Toxic Holocaust or Midnight. Limited edition - full color booklet + extra 2 bonus tracks!!!!!


REPULSOR –Trapped In A Nightmare CD 



Thrash Metal Attack by REPULSOR "is heading on"! This year you’ll get the ”Trapped in a Nightmare” full-length. The album includes 6 songs from the band’s EP plus 3 brand new tracks which makes 9 solid metal hits between the eyes! The music is an excellent, energetic 80’s-inspired thrash metal.



ROADHOG -Dreamstealer CD  

ROADHOG - Dreamstealer, playing in the spirit of 80s Teutonic scene Veto, Tyrant, Stormwitch, Vampyr, Noisehunter. Next to basic version album have 3 extra tracks that haven't been at Stormspell Rec release, fully professional release will have 12 pages booklet on 200 gr papers+shining foly+ obi, strictly limited to 500 copies



SLAUGHTER -Into The Darkness 1989  LP/CD 

 This is one of the most important releases from late 80s` Polish underground. All right, it has been thirty years since this stuff has been released, but, believe me, this`ll kill you! Listen to this material at maximum volume!!!


SILENCE-Last Warrior 1989 CD 

Never before published studio material of Szczecin (Poland) SILENCE - Last Warrior from 1989. This work was recorded in ARP studio. The music itself is an excellent Spped Thrash in the vein of early MERCILESS DEATH/EGZEKUTHOR. If you do like MERCILESS DEATH Eternal Condemnation or EGZEKUTHOR Hateful Subconsciousness, this material is for you!


SCHISMATIC Circle of Evolution 1993 CD  

Aftera long 27 years,originally out in 1993 on tape, SCHISMATIC`s legendary debut album Circle of Evolution, has been re-released in the cd format for the first time. It features ten, extremely powerful Death Metal anthems. This classic will be out very soon!!!!


 SCHISMATIC- Egregor 1994 CD  

SCHISMATIC Egregor from 1994 has finally been re-released on cd. Excellent, technical death metal, much more progressive than their brutal debut album – Circle of Evolution. Ten, very complex and well-structured tracks in the vein of  DEATH, ATHEIST or CYNIC. A real DEATH METAL CLASSIC!


THE NO MADS -Lost Control CD

Excellent oldschool thrash metal heavily inspired by Teutonic scene of the 80's Kreator,Sodom,Destruction,Holy Moses



                                                WITCH - Inkwizycja 1990 CD                               WITCH- Inkwizycja 1990 CD 2018

  I am pretty sure a lot of classic heavy/thrash  metal fans will be pleased on hearing WITCH`s stuff will be re-released. So, this disk will feature songs recorded between 1990-1997 as well as some bonus cuts!