Majster Kat quickly became one of the most import_ant bands in Slovakian metal. Their great, fast and very technical way of thrashing gave band many fans, and both albums were well received by critics, and Memento... is one of the best records in this year. So I've decided to ask guys a bit about Majster Kat and their career.

Hi ! At the beggining I want to say, that your new album is a total killer, one of the best albums in 2014. Tell us your secret- what's Majster Kat's
recepture for making such a good music?

Hi, my friend. At first let me say sorry for my late responses. I can’t explain how wonderful is to read such reaction about our new album. Really appreciate your words. So you know, we are trying to play what we love, try to not copy any famous band and we prefer to combine thrash style with melodic influences. Basically the main composition is under responsibility of our guitar player Los and he really likes technical steps in music. But on the other hand we don’t want to use technic without “logic”.  

How does look metal scene in Slovakia? Also your style is kinda unique, do you consider yourselves inspired by some Slovakia bands, that may not be
known further in Europe?

Metal scene in Slovakia depends on various factors. Sometimes you plays in full-house, but very often there are only few people going to support local bands. You know, money, time, weather, day in week, club position, etc etc. I think there are a lot of metal maniacs in our country, but the majority of them prefer sitting in pubs, or checking Facebook statuses. From my point of view, this is worldwide problem of nowadays. But whatever, we have to be happy that we still meet some fanatics in live gigs. And I don’t think we was inspired by any band in our country.

Few days ago you played a gig in Poland. It wasn't your first time- how do you like Polish audience and our country?

Unfortunately this last gig was not promoted very well and we can’t consider this trip as very successful   It is hard to speak about audience if nobody is there . But never-mind, our previous experiences with Polish metalheads were fantastic and we still considered 2 gigs in your country as the top highlights in our career. Polish fans really know how to kick band’s asses. We got great memories and one unsuccessful gig can’t change it ;). We will always come back to Poland with pleasure.

And what about a metal scene? Are there some bands here that you especially like?

Yeah, sure. I don’t want to talk about Kat, which is really great band and legend and I really love them, but let me mention some underground bands. In Strzelin we played with Thermit and Deathinition. I knew both bands before and I have to say they are really fantastic. And I also like Crystal Viper from your country.

Memento" has been realesed under a new label. How do you ike (so far)co-operation with Support Underground? I've noticed that your new album has been realised in a very nice way?

We are fully satisfied with our new label “Support Underground”. It is a small label, but with big services. Thanks to them we got new merchandise and currently we are working on vinyl edition of “Memento…”. Nothing from it was possible without their cover. And yes, our new album was released in original, limited wooden edition. It was manually done by our singer Slymák. I recommend it for all CD collectors ;).

Ok, thank you for the interview. Last word goes to you- is there anything, that you want to say to the readers?

Thank you too. I really appreciate your support and it was pleasure for me to provide responses. My last words for your readers relate to practical sphere of our life: “Do safe sex and ensure multiple orgasms!”

Wojciech Michalak

Poprawiony (piątek, 19 września 2014 09:06)