Nasty Savage- Penetration Point [Rotten Records; 1989]

Nasty Savage is so terribly underrated band right now. A lot of great material made that name really big in the eighties but right now most of younger metalheads forget about that metal act.

What a shame! Their albums still sound fresh and energetic after all these years ! In this review I’m going to focus on band’s third full-length album. Generally it sounds similar to previous album- so Nasty Savage serves us a wonderful mix of speed/thrash with american power metal. Everything with a good technical skill and great vocal. On “Penetration Point” we’ve got highest level since the beginning- opening track for album, “Welcome Wagon” has became one of the most characteristic and well-known songs from that band, but definitely the strongest track on this album is “Puzzled” That album is a natural continuation of previous CD, we can hear Nasty’s music going more and more mature, in the same still it goes with the same power and specific sense of humour. What’s more, Meyer/Austin is an amazing guitar duet.

What more can I say? That band should be much higher, than it is right now. One of the best acts of speed/power with technical elements. “Penetration Point” is amazing album- if you’re young metal fan, it’s time to get to know this material. If you’re an old veteran- go and listen to these amazing piece of music again, it never gets old.

Wojciech Michalak