Blackning- Order Of Chaos [Vingança Music (Brazil) / Hecatombe Records (Europe); 2015]

Order Of Chaos is one of these album, that I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. The group was formed by musicians from other great brazilian bands- Cleber came from Andralls and Fransisco is ex-bassist of Woslom. As both of these bands have a totally different style of thrashing I was really curious, what path Blackning will follow.
In general we’ve got here a brutal thrash, much more reminding of Andralls, than woslom. It’s fast, aggresive and brutal. Compositions are one feet in the old-school and another one they went into other (classic) directions. We can clearly notice, that Blackning has a lot of inspirations from death metal, hardcore punk and other classic genres. So generally we’ve got here a new way of combining old elements- that’s really fine for me. It’s clearly that another Brazilian bands putted their mark on this album- there are a lot of elements from Claustrofobia, a lot from Korzus, a bit Ratos De Porao. All songs here are perfectly balanced- they’re violent shots right in the face, but still they are well composed and shows plenty of fantastic riffs (“Thy Will Be Done”, “Against All”).
Clearly “man of the match” here is Cleber Orsioli- his voice is now stronger than ever, guitar solos are better, than that ones he recorded for Andralls . What is more- whole album has a great sound, it’s almost perfectly mixed, the only scar here is a little bit flat sound of the drumms (but only a little bit, can’t call it a big disadvantage). In general- whole album is a great CD, and I know that I’ll be coming back to it a lot of times.

Wojciech Michalak