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This time in among other things you'll find: an exclusive interview with Gerald "Incubus" Minelli (SARCOFAGO) an interview with Kenny Hallman (INFERNAL MAJESTY) - then an interview with Larry Portelli (BLESSED DEATH). Interviews with such diamonds of the metal scene as: DECAYED, SEXTRASH, ANGEL BUTCHER / UGANGA, HIRAX, PANDEMONIUM, CULTES DES GHOULES, THRASHER DEATH, CHILDREN OF TECJNOLOGY, INEPSY, BUTCHER, XANTOTOL, MEDICO PESTE, COMMUNION, MIDNIGHT IDOLS, FALLEN ANGEL, ATOMIC SIN, DAREN, FORTRESS, YEAR OF THE GOAT, VOIDHANGER can also be found here. Besides the interviews, in this issue you'll also find an extensive article "The Transformation of the Devil's Image in Culture and Art" and the first part of Vader history from the times of the "Necrolust" demo, in addition to a great multitude of reviews. Everything on 80 pages of a magazine professionally printed on art paper. So be alert!!!!!!!!!!!





2 Issue of OMM Magazine! 88 bloody red pages with: ANIHILATED, AURA NOIR, BAPHOMET’S BLOOD, BULLDOZER, BUNKER66, CHAKAL, EXMORTUM, FORBIDDEN, GUILLOTINE, HOLOCAUSTO, HELLIAS, MGŁA, OBITUARY, PARAMITE, RELENTLESS, SIGH, SLAUGHTER, TANKARD, TRIPTYKON, ULCER, VOIVOD, VULCANO i WATAIN. Story of Polish black metal legend! - TARANIS, Hudge report from IRON MAIDEN Transylvania concert! A big amount of reviews and the report from first Polish concert of VENOM - POLISH ASSAULT. As well as interview with 











5x HOLY DEATH-Trimph Of Evil MC

1x HELLS CORONATION- Antychristian Devotion Demo MC

1x HANG THE LORD- Esemble of Darkness MC

1x KAT Oddech Wymarłych Śwatów reh MC

1x ENTRENCH- Inevitable Decay MC

1x MORBITAL- Death Is Just A Beginning MC

1x MALUM IN SE-Of Death ...of Lord Scul.. Demo limit MC 200 copiees

1x NOCTURNAL GRAVES-Lead us to the Endless Fire Demo MC 

1x NOIA- Pure Scorn MC

5x SIGH-Scorn Defeat MC

Vinyls LP

ACCEPT-The Rise Of Chaos LP NBR  2017 DLP   x1

ANVIL -"Hope In Hell" 2x12"GATEFOLD Mint The end rec 2013 LP   x1

APOSTASY- The Sign Of Darkness LP  x1

ATOMKRAFT- Future Warriors Gatefold LP  x1 

ATOMKRAFT- Queen Of Death Gatefold LP   x1

ATTOMICA-Attomica Gatefold LP 70zł  x2

ATTOMICA-Disturbing The Noise Gategold LP x3

BAPHOMETH’S BLOOD- In Satan we Trust LP + insert   x1

BAPHOMETH’S BLOOD- Metal Damnation LP + poster   x1

BAPHOMETH’S BLOOD- Satanic  Metal Attack LP +insert    x1

BAPHOMETH’S BLOOD- Second Strake LP + insert  x1

BATHORY-Yellow Goat LP 2010 Miny   x2

BATUSHKA- Hospodi LP   x8

 BETRAYER- Calamity Die Gard Silver LP 

BETRAYER- Calamity Green LP 2019  

BESTIAL WARLUST-Blood & Walour Limit  LP  x1

BLACK SABBATH- Vol 4 Gatefold  LP Sanctuary  Rec 2015   x1

BURZUM- Filosofem DLP Back On Black x1

BULLDOZER- The Day Of Wrath Limit edytion Colour Vinyl x1 

CANCER- The Sind Of Mankaid LP White vinyl x1

CHRIST AGOMY- Unholyunion  Gatefokd LP  x2

COMEOCON- Converging Consopiraces LP  x4

COMMUNION-Communion Limit edition Yello Vinyl insert+ poster LP x1

CRYPT SERMON- Out Of The Garden LP  x1

DAMNATION-Demo(N)s Gayefold LP x1 

DAMNATION-Rebel Souls Gatefold LP  x1

DAMNATION-Reborn Gatefold LP  x1

DARKTHRONE- Sempiternal Past the Demos 2LP  x1 

DARZAMAT-Solfernus Path LP Mint x1 

DAWN OF WINTER – Pray For Doom LP I Hate Records  x1 

DBC- Universe  LP Worker Cooperative Mint  x1 

 DEATHSTORM –The Gallows  LP  x1 

DESTROYER 666- Call Of The Wild LP x1

DENIAL OF GOD- The Shapeless Mass LP  x1

DEVILPRIEST- Devil Inspired Chants  LP  x2

DEKAPITED- Sin Misericordia Promo LP x1

DISMEMBER- Like An Everflowing Stream DLP Black On Back  x1

DREADFUL FATE- Vengence LP  x1

ENTRENCH – Through the Walls of Flesh LP I Hate Records  x1 

EXODUS-Bonded By Blood pierwszy press High Roller  2015 +poster+ insert Mint  x1 

FORCED ENTRY- Uncertain Future  LP  x1

FURIA Grudzień za grudniem (TRANSPARENT) LP x4 

FURIA Marzannie, Królowej Polski (GOLD) LP x3 

FURIA- Nocel 2LP x2  

FURIA-FURIA Księżyc milczy luty LP x3 

FURIA-Halny LP x3

FURIA-Płoń LP x3 

GRAVE-Hating Life Gatefold LP Floga Rec  2015  x1 

GUMOMANIACS- Psychomania LP x4 

GUNS N ROSES- Use Your Illusion II DLP x1 

GUNS N ROSES- Apetite For Destruction LP x1 

HALLOWS EVE- The Neverdending Sleep LP x2 

HELLIAS- Night Of Damnation LP NWN US x5

HELLIAS-Revenge Of Hellias Limit Edytion Red Vinyl NWN US x10

HELL BORN- Darkness LP x1

HELLWITCH- Syzygial Miscreance DLP FOAD Rec  x1 

HERMH- Cold Blood Messiah LP x1

HEATHEN- The Evolution Of Chaos LP x1 

HOLY DEATH- Triumph Of Evil Gatefold LP  x10

HOLY MOSES- Agony Of Deatj DLP x1

HOLOCAUSTO- Campo De Exterminio LP Osmose Prod x1

HORRIFIED- Eternal God LP  x1

INFERNAL ASSAULT- Forced by the Flames LP

IGNITOR- Road Of Bones LP+ep7 High Roller x1

IMMORTAL Battles in the North. White&Silver Splatter Vinyl LP 180-220 gr   

IMMORTAL Damned In Black. Clear Splatter Media: LP 180-220 gr Gatefold x 2

IMMORTAL- Diabolical Foolmon Mysticism LP 

IMMORTAL Pure Holocaust. Black Galaxy Vinyl LP  

IMMORTAL-At the Heart Of Winter LP 

IMMORTAL-Blzzard Beasts LP  

IMPALED NAZARENE- Manifest  Vinyl LP x1 

IMPALED NAZARENE- Rapture  Vinyl LPx1  

IMPALED NAZARENE Suomi Finland Perkele. Gold Galaxy Vinyl LP 180-220 gr  x3 

IMPALED NAZARENE Ugra Karma. Orange Galaxy Vinyl LP 180-220 gr x4

INVINCIBLE FORCE- Satan rebellion Metal LP+ Insert  Dark Descent rec Mint x1 

IPERYT- The  Path Work Gehinnom Gatefold LP x2

IRON KOBRA- Might & Magic LP gatefold + poster + sticker + imsert x1

JEX THOTH - S/t Gatefold LP I Hate Records x1

JEX THOTH- Blood Moon Rise LP I Hate rec  x1

KISS- Peter Criss Solo Album LP 180 gr

KISS- All The Way At The Ball Room LP Australia 7.02.1995 x1 

KRISIUM- Southern Storm LP Century Media 2008 

MAGNUS-Acceptance of Death Pictures LP x1  

MANILLA ROAD- To Kill A King 2LP+CD x1 

MARDUK-Nightwing Gatefold LP 

MARDUK-Opus Nocturne Gatefold LP 

MGŁA- Exercises In Futility LP x1 

MIDNIGHT- Shox of Violence LP Mint x1

MIDNIGHT-Complete and Total Hell DLP x1 

MIDNIGHT-Sweet death and Ecstasy  limit  Red Vinyl + Insert+ poster x1 

MOON- Lucider's Horns Gatefold LP ex CHRIST AGONY 

MORDA STIGMATA-Dreams Of Quiet Places LP

MORDOR- Nothing Gatefold LP x2

MORDOR-Prayer To... Gatefold LP x2

MORTEM- Deinos Nekromants LP x1

MORTEM-De Natura Daemonum LP x1

MYSTIK – Mystik LP I Hate Recordsx1 

MERCILESS DEATH- Taken Beyond LP High Roller 

MORTIFY-Abyssal DIE HARD limit eddytion 

MORTIFY-Abyssal Orange/Black Vinyl LP

MORTITY-Abyssal Red/Black Vinyl LP

NEVERMORE- The Obsidian Conspiracy LP+ep7 Century Media 2010 x1 

NOMAD-Transmigration of Consciousness Gatefold LP x1



NOCTURNAL GRAVES -Satan's Cross LP+ 10cali ep

OBITUARY- Obituary LP Relapse Rec 2017  x1 

OVERDRIVE- On wizard Ridge NWOBHM + insert Hig Roller Rec x1

PHANTOM LORD-Phantom Lord LP x1  

PHANTOM LORDS- Evil Never Sleeps LP x1

POSSESSED-Sven Churches+ Poster High Roller 2015 Mint x1 

RAGEHAMMER- The Hasmmer Doctrine LP

RATOS DE PORAO- Feijoada Acidentes? International LP x1

RAZOR FIST- Metal Mind LP High Roller x2 

RITUAL- Valley Og The Kingd LP High Roller x1 

RUNNING WILD- Branded And Exilend  LP Noise BMG 2017

SACRED STEEL- Hammer Of Destruction Gatefold LP x1 

SADUS- Illusions LP Sadus Rec x1

SAMAEL-Worship Him  Gold Vimyl LP x4 


SATHANAS- Eterning The Diabolic Trinity  LP x1

SCANNER- Hyper Trace LP 180 gtam Music On Vinyl  2018 x1

SINISTER- The Carnage Ending LP x1

SUICIDAL ANEGLS- The Garly Years 2001-06 Gatefold LP x3

SLAUGHTER- Not Dead Yet LP High Roller 2010 x1


SOULBURN- Demo 1996 LP x2

TERRORDOME- Macheta Justice LP x1

TOTENMESSE- To Violent LP x1

TREANSGRESSOR- Ether For Scapegoat DLP x1 

USURPER- Diabolosis LP RIP Rec USA 1997 x8

VADER-Necrolust LP x1

VADER- Dark Age  Gatefold LP x1

VADER- Future Of The Past - Hell In The East Gatefold LP x4

VADER- Future Of The Past LP x2

VARATHRON- Crowsreign DLP x2

VARATHRON- Samutius Pegorus LP x2

VARATHRON- The Lament Of Gods LP x1

VIGILANCE-Hammer of Satan's Vengeance LP sticker+ poster 

VIKING- No Child Left Behind LP x3

VIOLENT DIRGE-Eclapse Gatefold LP x8

VOIVOD-War And Pain + Poster 180 gram   Metal Blade 2017 x1

VIOLENTOR- Maniacs LP x1

WITCHCROSS (US) – Witchcross LP I Hate Records x1 

WITCHMASTER- Violence ^ Blasphemy LP x1

XANTOROL- Glory For Centuries/Cult  Of The Black Pentagram Gatefold LP x2

XANTOTOL- Black Doom Metal LP NWN US x1

ZEOPHIROUS- Everlastin DLP x1



BETRAYER/NEOLITH- Breware/Of The Angel And His Orison  Gatefold ep7

BODE PRETO- Dark Night ep7

BULLDOZER- Fallen Angel  Warlord Rec ep7

CHAOSBAPHOMET "The Black Communion"  Gatefold ep7

CRYSTAL VIPER- The Wolf And The Witch ep7

EPIDEMIC- Lavment/ Over The Montain... ep7

ETERNAL ROT- Grave Grovoves ep7

F.U.K/HIRAX- Twitch of The Thrash Never/Satans Fall ep7

FUNERAL WINDS- Sekhmet ep7

GRAVELAND-Blood of Heroes ep7 US EX Mega Rare

HIEROPHANTS DESCENT- The Apocalypse Of Evil epy

KAM LEE- Reclamation of the Fallen ep7 (ex DEATH/MASSACRA)

KISS- Crazy Crazy Nights/No No No Vertigo ep7

KISS- I love It Loud /Killer Phinogram germany ep7

KISS- Take Yo Me/Maked City ep7 Casablanca 

KISS- The Oath /I Casablaanca Germany  ep7

KISS-Reason To Live/Thief In The Night Vertigo ep7

LORD OF EVIL- Satanic War Master ep7


MASTOMAH- Luciferi Advocare ep7

MAYHEM/WATAIN- Sathanas/Lufieri ep7

MAZE OF TORMENT- Brave The Blizzard ep7

MORD HELL/ MOLOCH LETALIS-Masochostic Humiliotion ep7

NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS- Deadly Frost Gatefold+ insert ep7

NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS- Deadly Frost Gatefold+ insert ep7 Die Hard

OFFAL/GUTWRENCH- Beyond Madness...Where Terror Rise ep7

ORCULTUS- Vinis Duo Tribus ep7 limit 300 cpies

PAGAN RITES- Pagan Metal ep7


SAKNET- A Taminho de Inferno ep7

SEWECIDE/PRESUMED DEAD- Condemned To Sanity/ Anputated ep7

STORMWARNING- Insanity ep7

SZRON- Onward Into The Void ep7

TARANIS- Moon Silver Mask ep7 




ARIJA-Герой асфальта: 20 лет DVD


BON JOVI-Live fom London


BLACK SABBATH- Story ActII 35zł 

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY- Boozed, Broozed & Broken Boned



CARNAL FORGE- Destroy Live 


DEICIDE- Domsday L.A. 

DOKKEN-One Live Night 

DISMEMBER-Live Blasphemies 

DECAYED- Darkness Over Ceremony

EDGUY- Fucking With Fuck 

GRAVE- Enraptured 

GRAVE DIGGER- Tunes Of Wacken 

G3- Joe Satriani/Steve Vai,Yungwie M. 

HAMMERFALL- One Crimson Night 

HIRAX- Thrash And destroy CD+dvd 

ICE EARTH- Alive In Athens

JUDAS PRIEST- British Steel 

JUST KILL…And Kill Agaim III Hirax/Mortale/Devil On Earth

JORN- Live In America 

KAT- Życie Po Życiu 

KISS- Rock And Roll All Night 

MARDUK-Funeral Marches and Warsongs 

MORBID ANGEL- Live At Rock City 89

MEKONG DELTA- Live In Frankfurt 91 


ONSLAUGHT- Live Polish Assault 

ROCK S C’OOL video clip Comilation Steamhammer Act 1

ROCK S C’OOL video clip Comilation Steamhammer Act 2


UFO- Showtime 

VITAL REMAINS- Evil-Death- Live 

VADER- And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw CD+ Dvd 

VADER- And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw 

VADER-Before The Age Of Chaos CD/DVD DIGI


VON- Satanic Blood Ritual DVD






ABOMINATION- debiut Album CD redytion 2015

Paul Speckmann's Abomination was a more thrash-oriented version of his main band, Master. They even had some members in common, but this album stands on its own as a minor death/thrash classic. Originally released in 1990.



ADRENICIDE - War Begs No Mercy

Six fullenght album of these British thrash/crossover band! For fans of WEHRMACHT, LUDICHRIST SACRIFICE, RAZOR, WHIPLASH, S.O.D.!!!




ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS- We Wil Piss on Your Grave CD 2013

Rock N Roll Hell from Brazil ala MIDNIGHT,CHAPEL,ROTTEN




ARES KINGDOM Incendiary CD 2010

2nd full-length album from Ares Kingdom, an American band featuring members of Order From Chaos and Vulpecula



ATTOMICA - Attomica 1987/Children'sAssasin CD  2013

Once of greatest albums in history of brasilian Thrash scene debt album including bonus track from first demo “Children Assassin” 1987



ATTOMICA - Limits Of Insanity 1989 CD  2014

One of the most wanted materials of ATTOMICA Limists of Insanity after 25 years gets its first release on CD! This classic from 1989 is one of the most interesting thrash metal albums from the late 80’s! Do not miss it! The album came out in strict limited copies!!!




New album of Brasilian Thrash Classic band 80`s including some bonus tracks from 2005 demo material.+ 2 bonus tracks Live 2013




ATTOMICA-Back And Alive/Blast Of Video CD/DVD 2015 

ATTOMICA- Back And Alive We're giving into your hands concert album of Brasilian Thrash Metal legend- Attomica's Back And Alive, recorded during band's reunion 1.09.2004. Next to the album you can find a bonus DVD with VHS material Blast Of Video (Live At Aeroanta 1992, Live At Atrion 1992, Video clip Deathrasier + Really Home Video). Fully professionally released with a 2 pages booklet with an interview with Andre Rod. Release strictly limited to 500 copies






Retro Black Thrash from Sweeden





ARMAGEDON - Invisible Circle/Dead Condemnation CD 2014

Finally, two memorable death metal masterpieces from ARMAGEDON - "Invisible Circle"1993 and "Demo 91 Dead Condemnation" professionally released on CD! The material has been newly remastered by the master Arek "Malta" Malczewski. 16-page booklet with a lot of unpublished band photos. Nearly 60 minutes of Old School Death Metal in the vein of MORBID ANGEL/DEICIDE. This album will make your brain explode like a nuclear bomb!!!


BLOODLUST- Holocaust/Hideous CD Coming Soon 2018

Yep, another extreme, underground classic recording is about to be re-released and for the first time ever- in the CD format. What we've got here is two CULT recordings from death/thrash BLOODLUST Holocaust (1992) and Hideous (1993). If you guys are fans of BETRAYER,MORTAL SLAUGHTER or ARMAGEDON well BLOODLUST will smash your minds into milions of bloody pieces !!!!!


BACKWATER- Take Extreme Forms CD 2014

After 27 years from the release of ‘Final Strike’, Backwater returns with its third album "Take Extreme Forms". The publisher of this material will be Iron Shield Records. It's wonderful that this band returns to the living. Support Backwater!! !!



BLAZE OF PERDITION - The Hierophant CD 2012

Excellent production from Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Funeral Mist)! Mandatory for fans of Watain, Emperor, Deathspell Omega, Dissection



BLOODTHIRST - Let Him Die CD 2007

Full length debut album BLOODTHIRST. Good old THRASH METAL flavored black. Sharp, aggressive style threshing early albums Wizard, Assassin, Dark Angel and Desaster. The album was recorded at Studio Metalsound in Swiebodzin, and the author of the cover is Claudius Witczak responsible mins. for setting boards Throneum and Nun Slaughter.


BLOODTHIRST - Sanctity Denied CD 2009

The second big album BLOODTHIRST! 8 numbers and iconoclastic aggressive Thrash Metal, suffused with both the spirit of the old masters of the 80's, as well as more modern varieties of extreme gaming.


  BLOODTHIRST Chalice of Contempt CD 2014

2014 marks the 15th year anniversary of Poland’s BLOODTHIRST, and the advent of their third full-length and most mature release to date, ‘Chalice of Contempt’. Drawing inspiration from the heydays of Thrash Metal legends and adding Black Metal evilness whilst injecting something of their own, ‘Chalice of Contempt’ is a development on BLOODTHIRST’s trademark. Album was recorded by Mnt – drums, Rambo – guitars/vocals and Hiszpan – bass at Left Hand Sound Studio and mixed and mastered by Nihil (Furia, Massemord) at Czysciec Studio.



BESATT – Tempus Apocalypsis Digi CD

BESATT, although being still underrated In their home country, conquers South America with this unique style since years – which is proved by numerous concerts and releases on that continent. With their 8th and best up-to-date album, BESATT attacks with blasphemous power of the Beast spitting satanic venom and slaying anything that includes even a small element of sanctity. “TEMPUS APOCALYPSIS” was recorded and produced in Hertz Studio (Bialystok, PL) and brings 9 blasphemous anthems praising SATAN. This is undoubtedly the blackest diamond in BESATT’s discography – prepare for 9 announcements of apocalypse that will start on 6th July 2012!!!“TEMPUS APOCALYPSIS” will be released via Witching Hour Productions as 6-panel digipak with 12-page booklet.



BESATT -Nine Sine CD 2014

IXth full-lenght album from BESATT




BETRAYER- “Infernum In Terra” Digi CD 2015
will be released as a digipak . The album will be avialble for both stream and download.

Oldschool DEATH METAL Polish Classic Band ala Old MORBID ANGEL


· O


BODE PRETO- Inverted Blood CD 2012

Nine hymns to the glory of Satan. Relentless playing. Rage and fury. Unrestrained bloodlust. Utter EVIL. Intensity at the breaking point. The cult of SARCOFAGO and BLASPHEMY. Another Brazilian horde having all the qualities of the Devil's genius. This is the music for the few true followers of the Dark Force emanating huge power. Infernal might that kills the God's sheep with trivial ease. Mere mortal within a few minutes would cut their veins to not hear these manifests praises the Master of Hell. Total anti-Christian blasphemy, desecration of all that is holy. It is the antichrist hammer crushing everything that defy the power of Hell. What is interesting, next to the intense drum parts played by Adeloson Souza (who, btw, plays extremely fucking well making specific HELL) we can hear a raw-sounding guitar which makes huge confusion time after time serving devastating riffs. Solos also show the utter obsession. Although BODE PRETO music is not too demanding, Josh S. knows how to play the guitar. This duo turns into dust everything on its way. Genuine bestial devastation. The end of mankind is near. Days of the reign of the BEAST 666 are coming.



BRAIN DEAD- In The deep Of Vortex CD 2008 Punishment 18 Records

thrash metal




BREAKDOWN- Time to kill CD

Remember the old adage that speed kills? It's occasionally on display on Breakdown's "Time To Kill." In this case, speed sometimes kills off parts of the songs by making them sound too much the same.




BULLDOZER "The exorcism - Demo '84" (digipack)

SPECIAL PRESSING ON DELUXE DIGIPACK CD WITH AN ELEVEN-PAGE BOOKLET FILLED WITH EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS AND LINER NOTES!The ultra-fucking-rare BULLDOZER Demotape 1984 with kult "Fallen angel" 7" added as bonus. One of the most incredible findings in FOAD's hunting career: only 3 copies of this demo exist, one was sent to Roadrunner, one to King Diamond and one was recently exhumed in AC Wild’s basement and delivered to us for a top quality treatment. This is the recording that got Bulldozer signed to Roadrunner in 1984 and it sounds killer.. different and rawer versions of classics ended on their debut slasher "The day of wrath". Dark, demonical Black/Speed Metal from the most savage guts of Italy's early 80s Metal inferno, for anyone that worships the early releases from Venom, Bathory and Possessed, plus the "Fallen angel" session adds that Motörhead touch that makes this an instant masterpiece of rawness. Check out how AC Wild introduced the unreleased Demo recordings: "This tape was sent to Roadrunner and Roadrunner signed us in 1984. It was also submitted to King Diamond to ask if he was interested in being the producer of our album but he refused saying that this stuff sounded "too Punk"!! Comes in a deluxe difipack filled with rare/unreleased photos, alternate artworks and liner-notes.



CELBRATION- Dead Body Massacre 2CD Coming Soon 2016

This is a 2CD release, which comes with two different, previously unreleased versions of Dead Body Massacre. Also, this stuff will feature CELEBRATION`s first demo Beyond the Grave from 1990, as well as plenty of rehearsal and live tracks.Enriched with SZAFOT`s two tracks from 1987. Of course, plenty of unpublished pictures, too. Yeah, this is a death metal classic release!!!



CHRIST AGONY -"Sacronocturn" DIGI PACK 2015

Reissue of this classical demo (1990) pioneers fo polish BLACK METAL!
Released as a DIGI PACK + 8 pages booklet




CHRIST AGONY -"Epitaph of Christ" DIGI PACK 2015

Reissue of this classical demo (1992) pioneers fo polish BLACK METAL!
Released as a DIGI PACK + 8 pages booklet




CHRIST AGONY -"Black Blood" DIGI PACK 2015

Four years after the release of "Nocturn" CHRIST AGONY returns with new release!
The "Black Blood" EP a 3 track mini album is the harbinger of the upcoming,
ninth full album coming next year thanks to Witching Hour Productions.
"Black Blood" is CHRIST AGONY's return to its roots of BLACK METAL, to the dark 90's and "Moonlight" period! As Cezar himself said: "The circle of the wheels of time is complete... the black blood of the universe pumps the venom in the infernal veins".
The EP was recorded in Studio 666.


CONVICTED - Convicted

Another great band from Greece - playing energetic oldschool thrash metal in the vein of Blood Feast, Destruction, Suicidal Angels.




COUNT RAVEN - Mammons War CD

Count Raven is a traditional doom metal band of the 90s that released as many as four solid albums within a span of six years, after which they disbanded. A person whose doom metal starts with Sabbath and ends with Candlemass might not have heard of them, but amonngst the ones who routinely worship Pentagram and dance to the tunes of Cirith Ungol, they’re a legend. But that doesn’t matter, because this is a band anyone with any metal in him will instantly fall in love with. Vocalist-guitarist Dan Fondelius’s riffs are very similar to our power chord god Iommi in terms of catchiness and heaviness. His vocals are a more digestible and less repulsive version of Ozzy’s.


DAMNATION -"Reborn..." CD 2014
Reedition of this classical debut album of the ALMIGHTY DAMNATION !!!Legendary album returns with classical form.
Graphic and deasign like in oryginal first release, sound NOT REMASTERED !!!Standard jewlcase CD with 4 pages booklet.Limited to 500 copies



DAMNATION -"Rebel Souls" DIGI PACK 2014

Reedition of this classical debut album of the ALMIGHTY DAMNATION !!!Legendary album returns with classical form.
Graphic and deasign like in oryginal first release, sound NOT REMASTERED !!!*-panels DIGI PACK release.Limited to 500 copies



Reedition of two first classical demos of MIGHTY DAMNATION !!!
Released as a standard cd jewelcase with booklet.
Limited to 500copies



DAMNATION – “Coronation” CD 2015
Reedition of the mini album previously released by LAST EPISODE in 1997 year.
Released as a standard cd jewelcase with booklet
Limited 500 copies.



DEADLY FROST / EXMORTUM - Split CD 2011 Krew Diabła Rec

Two old school, traditional death worshippers put their axes to the grindstone with this split release.  Each one approaches their trade with a slightly different slant.  They are different enough to both achieve an identity while still complimenting each other.First up is Deadly Frost with their creeping Hellhammer inspired bludgeoning. The Deadly Frost side of the split is brought to a close with a rousing cover of Kreator's Tormentor. Exmortum is something caught somewhere between Celtic Frost and Cianide. In keeping with closing with a cover, Exmortum ups the ante with a demented rendition of Sarcofago's God's Feces.


DEADLY FROST - The Triumph Of The Damned Cross CD 2013

Even though the corpse of Deadly Frost has been buried long time ago a new release has risen from the grave. For the first time on CD enhanced with tracks from split with Ritual Lair, Deadly Frost returns from the grave to fuck your skulls.




DEATH MECHANISM- Human Error..Global Terror CD

Thrash metal band  Pozzo gu Bulldozer /Children Of Technology




DECEAYED - Unholy Demon Seed CD

Compilation CD with 15 Tracks Taken from every album released until now and one new song with Tormentor (Desaster) in drums, patches available too



DEKAPITED- Nacidos Del Odio Cd 2015

Oldschool Thrash Metal !!!!!!!!!!




DECEASED - Supernatural Addiction CD

A death metal classic is unearthed from the crypt: DECEASED's masterfully haunting Supernatural Addiction! Originally released in 2000 on Relapse to widespread acclaim, DECEASED's Supernatural Addiction saw these underground legends expand upon the epic narratives of the preceding Fearless Undead Machines but put into punchier, more concise attacks without losing any of drumming frontman King Fowley's characteristically creepy storytelling. Less "death metal" and more deathly heavy metal, this DECEASED album cemented their staus as one of the most unique and recognizable metal bands since the turn of the '90s. HELLS HEADBANGERS is stepping in to reissue this cherished treasure, now with five bonus demo tracks œ feed your Supernatural Addiction!




After 10 long years of activities, finally this Brazilian band of traditional Heavy spear its first and deserved album. Watch Out! is composed of 11 tracks of the purest Heavy Metal influenced by bands from N.W.O.B.H.M, including a cover of "Evil Games" (Angel Witch).



DEIPHAGO - Satan Alpha Omega CD

Experiencing DEIPHAGO is like diving into the mouth of hell. On their third LP, _Satan Alpha Omega,? the Filipino power-trio open that maw even wider, swallowing whole the listener within their sulfurous storm. Heaving with horrific intensity, DEIPHAGO blast forth with nine hateful hymns bursting with vortextural riffing, mind-melted solos, decimated (and decimating) drums, and poisonous tongues exalting the devil in all his forms. If their previous two albums redefined black metalled violence, _Satan Alpha Omega? shall wipe the slate clean!


DESTROYER / VIOLATED- Outbrake Of The Metal Vol, II CD

Volume 2 of the series see's Destroyer (Thrash Metal from Poland) pair up with Violated (Death Thrash from Norway)




DET GAMLE BESATT- Caerimonia Diabolus CD 2014

Oldschool Black Metal Band ala KAT -666/Metal and HELL





DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - Haunted Cd 2014   
the newest blasphemous full-lenght incantation from Demonic Slaughter well-executed traditional black metal, in both sound and song structure, that recalls the true glory of the Norwegian scene early sounds, in short - it's grim, menacing, cold and raw sounding Fans of Mayhem, Satyricon, take notice, this is quality black metal for the continuing dark times.
standard jewel-case CD format  with 12 page booklet



DEZASTOR- After You Die We Mosh CD 2014

Thrash metal from USA






New full-length album from Polish black metal devastators - DEMONIC SLAUGHTER!





DRUNKARD - Like Sin Explode CD 2010 Surgical Diathesis Records

Secoond album from this Greek band, old school thrash meets death metal in the vein of Kreator or Master with The Haunted and The Crown style of vocals



DOMINUS PRAELII- Bastards & Killers CD

Dominus Praelii is now one of the best South American 80´sTrue Power Metal bands. This is the NEW version released by Marquee Records.





DR.SIN- Original Sin CD

Hair Glam Rock N Roll