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This time in among other things you'll find: an exclusive interview with Gerald "Incubus" Minelli (SARCOFAGO) an interview with Kenny Hallman (INFERNAL MAJESTY) - then an interview with Larry Portelli (BLESSED DEATH). Interviews with such diamonds of the metal scene as: DECAYED, SEXTRASH, ANGEL BUTCHER / UGANGA, HIRAX, PANDEMONIUM, CULTES DES GHOULES, THRASHER DEATH, CHILDREN OF TECJNOLOGY, INEPSY, BUTCHER, XANTOTOL, MEDICO PESTE, COMMUNION, MIDNIGHT IDOLS, FALLEN ANGEL, ATOMIC SIN, DAREN, FORTRESS, YEAR OF THE GOAT, VOIDHANGER can also be found here. Besides the interviews, in this issue you'll also find an extensive article "The Transformation of the Devil's Image in Culture and Art" and the first part of Vader history from the times of the "Necrolust" demo, in addition to a great multitude of reviews. Everything on 80 pages of a magazine professionally printed on art paper. So be alert!!!!!!!!!!!













2 Issue of OMM Magazine! 88 bloody red pages with: ANIHILATED, AURA NOIR, BAPHOMET’S BLOOD, BULLDOZER, BUNKER66, CHAKAL, EXMORTUM, FORBIDDEN, GUILLOTINE, HOLOCAUSTO, HELLIAS, MGŁA, OBITUARY, PARAMITE, RELENTLESS, SIGH, SLAUGHTER, TANKARD, TRIPTYKON, ULCER, VOIVOD, VULCANO i WATAIN. Story of Polish black metal legend! - TARANIS, Hudge report from IRON MAIDEN Transylvania concert! A big amount of reviews and the report from first Polish concert of VENOM - POLISH ASSAULT. As well as interview with  



Oldschool Metal Maniac A tribute to Bathory- 200 pages solely dedicated to Bathory. It comes with an A2 poster. Limited edition of 99 copies.



Vinyls LP


Vinyls LP

New MORTL SLAUGHTER-Lepers Black Vinyl 2021 6pts

New MORTL SLAUGHTER-Lepers White Vinyl 2021 7pts

New MORTL SLAUGHTER-Lepers Die Hard Red Vinyl+ patch+ metal pin+ poster 2021  10pts

New SCHISMATIC-Circle Of Evolution LP Black Vinyl  2021 6pts 

New SCHISMATIC-Circle Of Evolution LP White  Vinyl 2021 7pts

New SCHISMATIC-Circle Of Evolution LP Blue  Vinyl 2021 7pts 
New SCHISMATIC-Egregor LP  Black Vinyl 6pts 
New SCHISMATIC-Egregor LP  Dark Green  Vinyl 7pts 
New SCHISMATIC-Egregor LP  Clire  Vinyl 6pts
New BETRAYER- Necronomical Exmortis Black Vinyl 6prs
New BETRAYER- Necronomical Exmortis White Vinyl 7pts
New BETRAYER- Necronomical Exmortis Dark Green Vinyl Die Hard 10 pts 

ACID-Maniac Delux EditionLP+ep7 High Roller 2019

ACID-Acid Delux Edition  LP+ep7  High Roller 2019 

ACHERON-Xomaly Maxi LP Warlord Rec 2002

ATTOMICA-Attomica Gatefold LP 

ATTOMICA-Disturbing The Noise Gategold LP 

ABOVE AURORA- The Shrine of Detrioration LP 2020

ABSU-Barathrum Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2020

ABSU- The Third Storm of Cythaul (Nix edition 2013 LP Osmose Prod 2020

ABSU -The Sun of Tiphareth Gatefold LP 
ABSU - Tara Ltd Gatefold Double LP 

ANVIL Hope In Hell 2LP Gatefold Orange Vinyl 2 bonus tracks  The End Rec 2013

ANGELCORPSE- Hammer of Gods Gatefold LP 

ANGELCORPSE- Exterminate Gatefold LP Black Vinyl 

ANGELCORPSE- Exterminate Gatefold LP Black/Blood Vinyl 

ANGELCORPSE- The Inexorable Gatefold LP Black Vinyl 

APOSTASY- Tje Sign Of Darkness LP

ATOMKRAFT- Queen of Death Gatefold LP Black On Back 2019

ATOMKRAFT- Future Warriors Gatefold LP Back On Black 2019

ATTACKER- Souo Taker LP Eat MetalRec 2017

ASPHYX- Necroceros LP Century Media 2021

BATHORY- Butning Leather Demos And Rare Tracks 1983-87 LP

BATHORY-Bathory Yellow Goat Boot

BATHORY- Bathory  Gold Goat + Obi LP Gold Vinyl  Mega Rare 2019

BATTLEAXE- Power From The Iniverse LP Steamhammer 2020

BATERING RAM- Black Through The Main Gate LP High Roller 2009

BLACK WITCHERY  -  Inferno Of Sacred Destruction LP  

BLACK SABBATH- Vol IV Gatefold LP Sanctuary 2015

BULLDOZER- The Day Of Wrath Gatefold LP Colour Vinyl limit 

BULLDOZER- The Final Seperation Gatefold LP Colour Vinyl limit 

BATUSHKA- Hospodi DLP Gold Vinyl   8pts

BURZUM- Set Som Engang Var Gstefold LP Black On Black 2008 (original front cover)

BLOOD WRATH- Thrashin Fury LP

BLOOD OF KINGU Sun In The House Of The Scorpion. Bloodred Vinyl

CARPATHIAN FOREST- Strange Old Brew LP Peaceville Rec 2013 

CARPATHIAN FOREST-Through Chasm, coves and Titan Woods LP Peaceville Rec 2013 

CELTIC FROST-Into The Pandemonium 2LP Delux Edition  BMG/NOISE 2017

COMEOCON- Converging Consopiraces LP 

CRYPT SERMON- Out Of The Garden LP 

CZORT Czarna Ewangelia, LP 

DARZAMAT-Solfernus Path LP 6pts

 DAGORATH Evil is The Spirit, 12``LP, Black Vinyl 
DAGORATH Evil is The Spirit, 12``LP, Red Vinyl 

DAWN OF WINTER- Pray For Doom LP I hate Rec 2019

DARHTHRONE- Hate Them LP Peaceville 2012

DARKTHRONE-Total Death LP Peaceville 2011

DARKTHRONE-The Wind of 666 Black Hearts 2LP Peaceville 2016

DEAD DEALER- Keeper Of The Flame LP Neat Rec 1996 

DEATHLY SCYTHE [Chile] - Celestial Darkness 12" MLP

DESASTER- Divine Blasphemies LP Iron Pegasus 2019

DESASTER- A Touch Of Medieval Darkness Double LP Re-Release

DESASTER- Stormbringer Double  LP

DESASTER- Hellfire´s Dominion Double LP

DESASTER- Divine Blasphemies LP Red Vinyl  Iron Pegasus 2019

DESASTER-Tyrants of the Netherworld“ Gatefold LP

DESTROYER 666- Terror Abraxas 2``LP - one-sided 6pts


DESTROYERS Dziewięć Kręgów Zła DOUBLE SPLATTER LP+ metal pin logo (DIE HARD)10pts

DODHEIMS GARD- Monumental Possession LP Peaceville 1995

DEVILPRIEST- Devil Inspired Chants LP  6pts

DEATHWISH- At The Edge Of Damnation  Gatefold LP Back On Black 2016

DISSECTION- The Past Is Alive LP Hammerheart Rec

DEATHSTORM- The Gallous ep 10  Dving Victims Prod 


EGZEKUTHOR! - Hateful Subconsciousness 1991 Die Hard Red Vinyl + 2x patch + poster 10ptd

EGZEKUTHOR! - Hateful Subconsciousness 1991 LP White + poster A3+ alternaticw front cover LP 7pts


ENTRENCH- Thhrough The Walls Of Flesh LP

ENSLAVED- Bloodhemn Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2017

ENSLAVED- Below The Light Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2017

ENSLAVED- Beyond The Within Gatefold LP 2017


FURIA Księżyc milczy luty (Black Vinyl LP 6pts

]FURIA Marzannie, Królowej Polski LP 6pts

]FURIA-Halny LP 5pts

]FURIA-Płoń LP 5pts

FORCE OF DARKNESS- Force Of darkness LP Iron Pegasus colour vinyl 

GUMOMANIACS- Psychomania LP 5pts

GHOST- ''The Lost of Mercy'’ Black Vinyl 

GHOST- ''The Lost of Mercy'' Clear Vinyl 

GHOST- ''The Lost of Mercy'' Blue Vinyl 

GRAVE- Hating Life Gatefold  LP Floga 2015

HELLS CORONATION-Ritual Vhalice of Hateful Blood LP 

HOLY DEATH-Triumph Of Evil Gatefold LP 6prs

HELLIAS-Revenge Of Hellias LP limit Red Vinyl NWN US 6prs

HERMH- Cold Blood Messiah LP 6pts

HEXECUTOR-Beyond any human conception of... Gatefold LP

HALLOWS EVE- The Neverending Sleep LP 

HOLY MOSES- Agony Of death 2LP 

HEATHEN- The Evolution Of Chaos LP Mascot Rec 2010

HELLWITCH- Ayygial Miscreancy Gatefold 2LP

HELLOWEEN- Walls Of Jericho LP Banzai  Rec 1985

 HORRIFIED- Eternal God LP

IMMORTAL- Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2017

IMMORTAL -Pure Holocaust Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2016 

IMMORTAL- Battles In The North Gatefold LP Osmose Pord 2017

IMMORTAL -Blizzard Beast Gatefold LP  Osmose Prod 2017

IMMORTAL- At The Heart Of Winter Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2016

IMMORTAL- Damned In Black Gatefold LP Osmose 2017

IMMORTAL Damned In Black (Alternative Artwork). Black Vinyl  Osmose Prd 2021

IMPALED NAZARENE- Ugra Karma Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2017

IMPALED NAZARENE Suomi Finland Perkele. Black Vinyl 

IMPALED NAZARENE Suomi Finland Perkele. Beer Marble Vinyl 

 INVINCIBLE FORCE- Satan Rebellion Metal LP

INCUBUS-  Incubis 1987  Maxui LP Vic Rec 2014


IRON KOBRA- Might & Magic Hatefold LP 2015

IPERYT – The Patchwork Gehinnom Gatefold LP 2017 6pts

INFERNAL ASSAULT- Forced by the Flames LP

JAX THOTH-Jax Toth  Gatefold LP 

JAX THOTH - Blood Moon Rise Gatefold LP

ICINITOR- Road of Bones LP+ep7 High Roller 2007

KŁY Wyrzyny (BLACK) LP 6pts

 KULT MOGIŁ - Torn Away the remains of Dasein GATEFOLD LP (RED VINYL)

 KRISIUM- Southern Storm LP Century Media 2008

LIBATION/ITNOS- Split demo 1991-92  LP Baphomet Rec 

MAGNUS Alcoholic Suicide LP (Black) 

MAGNUS Alcoholic Suicide LP (Red vinyl ) 

MARTWA AURA-Morbus Animus, 12``LP, Heavy Vinyl Black 

MARTAWA AURA-Morbus Animus, 12``LP, heavy vinyl, Silver 

 MERCILESS-The Awakening LP Osmose Prod 2014

MASSACRE- From Beyond LP Ereache Rec 1991

MARDUK- Thouse Of The Unlight Gatefold LP 2017

MARDUK- Opus Nocrurne Gatefold LP 2017

 MARDUK- Nightwing Gatefold LP Green Vinyl 2018 

MARDUK-Heaven Shall Burn Gatefold LP Black Vinyl 2021

 MARDUK-  Heaven Shall Burn Gatefold LP Purple  Vinyl 

MARDUK-Panzer Division Marduk LP Black Vinyl

MARDUK Germiania DLP Gatefold 

MARDUK-Fuck Me Jesus LP

METALLICA- Ride The Lightning LP Blackend rec 2016

MELECHESH Sphynx. Black Vinyl 

MELECHESH Emissaries. Black Vinyl

MEGADETH- Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? LP  Capitol Rec 1986

MEGADETH- Rust In Peace LP Capitl 1990

MANILLA ROAD- To Kil A King Gatefold 2LP+ CD ZYX Music 2017

MAYHEM- Mediolanum Capte Est LP 2LP  Peaceville 2014

MONUMENTUM- In Absentia Christi Gatefold LP Avandgarde Rec 2020

MORTEM (Peru) "De Natura Daemonum“ Gatefold LP 

MAGNUS- Scarlet Slaughter LP Die Hard (nr53/500)

MORTIFY-Abyssal DIE HARD limit eddytion 10pts

MORTEM Demon Tales LP Re-Release

MORTEM The Devil Speaks In Tongues LP Re-Release

MORTIFY-Abyssal Orange/Black Vinyl LP 6pts

MORTITY-Abyssal Red/Black Vinyl LP 6pts

 MOON- Lucider's Horns Gatefold LP ex CHRIST AGONY 6pts

MORDOR- Nothing Gatefold LP 6pts

MORDOR-Prayer To... Gatefold LP 6pts

MENTOR Cults, Crypts and Corpses (RED & BLACK) LP

MERCYFUL FATE- Live From the Depthos of Hell LP Boot

MANOWAR Hail To Scotland  27.X.1984 LP Boot


MORD'A 'STIGMATA Dreams of Quiet Places LP (BLACK)

MGŁA- Exercises In Futility LP


MAGNUS-Acceptance of Death Pictures LP

NOMAD-Transmigration of Consciousness Gatefold LP

NADSVEST Kolo ognja i zeleza, 12``LP 6pts

NEVERMORE- The Obsidian Conspiracy LP+ep7 Century Media 2010


NECROMANTIA- Crossing The Fiery Path LP Osmose Prod 2020 

NECROMANTIA-Scarlet Evil Witching Black Gatefold LP 


OPTHALAMIA- A Journey In Darkness LP Peaceville 2017

ONDSKAPT Grimoire Ordo Devus. Black Vinyl

ONDSKAPT Arisen From The Ashes. Gold Vinyl

OBITUARY-Obituary Lp Relapse Rec 2017

OVERLORD- Om Wizard Ridge LP High Roller 2007

PHANTOM LORD- Phantom Lord LP Minotauro rec 2018

PHANTOM LORD- Evil Never Sleeps LPMinotauro rec 2018

PAN THE MONIUM- Dawn Of Dreams LP Osmose 2020

PAN THE MONIUM-Khaooohs LP Osmose Prod 2020

PENTACLE- Spectre Of The Eight Ropes LP 

 POISON- Into The Abyss 2LP 

POSSESSED-Sven Churches LP High Roller 2014

PENTAGRAM- Change Of Heart LP Iron Pegasus

RATOS DE PORAO- Feijoada Acidente?- International LP

RIPPER- Destroyer the World/The Erit LP


RUNNING WILD- Branded And Exiled LP BMG NOISE 2017

RUNNING WILD- Shadowmaker BOX LP Steamhammer 2012

RIOT- Fire Down Under LP Elektra rec 1981

RAZOR FIST- Metal Minds Gatefold LP Black Vinyl High Roller  2009

RAZOR FIST- Metal Minds Gatefold LP Red  Vinyl High Roller  2009

RAVEN- The Pack Is Back LP Atlantic rec 1996

RISK-Ratman LP Steamhammer 1989

RE-ANIMATOR- Condemned To Eternity LP Under On Flag 1989

RATT-Rat MLP Japan + Obi

ROSK Remnats LP

 RITUAL- Valley of the Kings  LP High Roller

RAGEHAMMER-Into Certain Death LP 2020


SADISTIK EXEKUTION-We Are Death Fukk You Gatefold LP  


SABBAT -Fetishism" LP  

SABBAT -Evoke" Gatefold LP (Silver Version) 

SABBAT -Disembody" LP  

S.A. SLAYER- Go For The Throat Lp High Roller 2015

SADUS- Illusions LP Sadus Rec

SOULBORN- Demo 1996 LP

SLAUGHTER- Not Dead Yet  LP High Roller  2011

SLAUGHTER- Into The Darkness Die Hard Blood Vinyl + path 8 pts 

SLAUGHTER- Into The Darkness Black Vinyl 6pts 

SLAUGHTER- Into The Darkness  Gold Vinyl 7pts

SLAUGHTERED PRIEST- Confess Your Sind LP 2012

SACRED STEEL- Hammer Of Destruction  Gatefold LP

SCANNER- HYpertrace LP Music On Vision 2018

SODOM- Demonized Gatefold LP

SOLITUDE AETERNUS- In Times Of Solitude 2LP Back On Black  2017

SDI- Mistreated LP Gamma Rec 1989

SECRECY- Ragin Romanic LP Noise 1991

SUICIDAL ANGELS- The Early Years 2001-06 Gatefold LP 

SADISTIC INTENT- Reawalening Horrod Thoughts LP Iron Pegasus 2014

SAMAEL-Worship Him LP Gold Splater Osmose prod 

SAMAEL-Blood Ritua Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2020

SAMAEL Blood Ritual. Marble Blue Vinyl Osmose Prd 2021

SCEPTIC- Pathetic Being LP

SCEPTIC-Blind Existence LP

SCEPTIC- Unbelievers Scripy LP

SHINING-V Gatefold LP Osmose Prod 2018

SHINING- VI Klagopsalmer 2LP Osmose Prod 2

SZRON- Frost Eternal LP 6pts

TSA- Rock N Roll Tonpress Rec 1986 PL Heavy Metal

TSA- Heavy Metal World LP Polton Rec  1983

TURBO- Alive LP Tompress 1988

TERRORDOME- Machete Justice LP

TANKARD- The Meaning of Life LP  Noise 1990

THOR- Thunderstrike Gatefold LP Iron Pegasus 

 TORMENT- Experience a new Dimension of Fear LP Steamhammer 1991

 TYRAN PACE- Watching You LP Noise Rec 1986

TOKYO BLADE- Warrior of The Rising Sun 2LP 1985

TRANSGRESSOR- Ether For Scapegaat 2LP

USURPER- Diabolosis Gatefold LP Rip Rec USA 1996

VADER-Necrolust LP

VADER- Dark Age Gatefold LP

VADER- Future Of The Past - Hell In The East Gatefold LP

VADER- The Rotten Bones Tremble ep7

 VIOLENT DIRGE-Elapse Gatefold LP

VITAL REMAINS- Forever Underground  LP 2019

VITAL REMAINS- Dawn of The Apocalypse LP 2019

VIKING- No Child Left Behind LP 2016

VULCANO- Live 1985 LP Diablic Night Rec

VECTOMS- Speed Revolution LP High Roller 

VECTOMS- Rules of Mystery LP High Roller 

 VARATHRON- Crowsreign Gatefold 2LP 2004

 VARATHRON-The Lament of Gods MLP 2014

VARATHRON- Sarmutius Pegorsu LP 2014

VENOM-Possessed LP  Tompress Rec PL 

VENOM- Prome Evil Gatefold LP Back On Black 2020

VIGILANCE- Hammer of Satans Vengence LP

VILLAINS- Lifecode of Decadence Gatefold LP NWN US

WITCHMASTER- Violence ^ Blasphemy LP

WITCH CROSS- Witchcross 1993 LP I Hate Rec 2018

WARRIOR-Warrior LP 10 rec 1985

XANTOROL- Glory For Centuries/Cult Of The Black Pentagram Gatefold LP

XANTOTOL- Black Doom Metal LP NWN US

 XENTRIX- The Order Of Chaos MLP RadRacer Rec 1992



1x ALTARSTORNOER-demo 2012

1x ANTAGONIST- Frozen To Death MC+ pin

4x ATOMIC SIN-Atomic Sin MC

1x BLACK HOST- Demo Tape limit edition 66 kopii Nr 20)

1x BLOOD FEAST- Chopping Block Blues MC Collosal rec 1989 US

1x BASTARD PRIEST- of the Damned MC+ Pin


1x CANCERFAUST- Watching You Die MC

1x CAED DHU- W Mroku Gwiazd MC

1x DEMONIC TEMPLE-Demonic Temple MC

2x ENTRENCH- Invitable Decay MC+ Pin

1x GRAVELAND- Immortal Prode MC

1x GRAVELAND- Impaler's Wolves MC

1x GAVELAND- Following the Voice of Blood MC

1x HOLY DEATH-Sodomy Of megido MC

1x HELLHAMER-Apocalyptic Raids MC

2x HELLCURSE- Black Speed Terror MC

2x HANG THE LORD- Ensemble Of Darkness MC

1x KINGDOM- Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy MC

3x LEGACY OF BLOOD- Divine Proclamation MC

1x LORD WIND- Heralds of Fight MC

1x MORBITAL- Death Is Just a Begining MC

1x MALUM IN SE- Of Death ...Of Lurid Soul MC

1x MORBID MESSIAH-In The Name Of True DeathMetal MC

1x NOCTURNAL GRAVES-Lead us to the Endless Fire MC

MAGNUS- Scarlet Slaughter MC

NOIA- Pure Scorn MC

 POST MORTEM- Festival Of Fun MC 1993 US

PUTRED EVIL-Massgrave Overtortures MC

PERSECUTORY- Towards The Ultimate Extinction MC

SIGH- Scorn Defeat MC


TOXIKDEATH- Sepulchral Demons MC+ pin

 TOWERINGp Towards Fate Demo 2016 MC

VENATOR- Paradiser MC+ pin



1x BODE PRETO- Dark Night ep7 death Noise 2010

1x CHAOSBAPHOMET-The Black Communion ep7 2012

1x CULTS DES GHOULES- Odd Spirituality ep7 2007


1x EPIDEMIC- Lament ep7 Metal Blade 1994 

1x FUNERAL WINDS- Sekhmet: Seven arrows, knife and Flame 7” EP

1x KOMMANDANT- Absolute Zero ep7

1x KOMMANDANT- All Paths To God ep7

1x KOMMANDANT- Deathwish ep7

1x LORD OF EVIL- Satanic War Master ep7 2014

1x MALUM IN SE-Of Death Of Lurid Soul ep7

1x MAZE OF TORMENT- Brave The Blizzard  TPL Rec ep7

1x MASTOMAH- Luciferi Advocare ep7 Mega Rare

3x MORDHELL/MOLOCH LETALIS- Masochistic Humiliation Split ep7 2014

1x NECROPHAGIA/SIGH -Young Burial/ Kindred of the Dying Kind  Pictures ep7 Red Stream 2003

4x NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS-Dealy Frost Gatefold ep7 Limit Red Vinyl

1x OFFAL/GUTWRENCH- Beyond Madness... Terror Rise ep7

1x PAGAN RITES- Pagan Metal ep7 Iron Pegasus

1x RAPED CHRIST/NUNSLAUGHTER-Christ Slaughter Split ep7

1x SZRON/WITCHCRAFT-Onward into the Void/Fekete és hideg Split  ep7 2014

1x TRANSILVANIA/KAFIRUM-  Your last hour as a human is now ...Split ep7

1x VADER- The Rotten Bones Trenbke ep7



2X QIP  - On Ephemeral Substrates Digi CD 4pts

1x ABBATOIR-Vicious Attack CD 2015 Marquee rec

1x ABBATOIR-Vicious Attack CD 2008 Heavy Metal Rec

1x ABOVE AURORA- Path To Riun Digi CD 5pts

2x ABSQUE COR-Wedrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć CD 5pts

2x ABOMINATION- Abomination CD pre Death Strike/Master

2x ABUSIVENESS- Bramy Nawii CD 4pts

1x ABIGAIL- Black Metal Yakuza CD 5pts

1x ABHORENT FUNERAL-Ugly Tales CD 5pts

ACOLYTES OF MORSE- The Wellspring CD 5pts

ACE FREHLEY- Anomaly Digi CD 5pts 

ACROSTICHION- Engraved In Black CD memento Mori

ACID WITCH-Stoned CD Hells Hadbangers US 5pts

ACID WITCH-Witchtanic Hellucinations CD Hells Headbngers 5pts

 ACHERON- Anti god Anti christ CD Vens Full Wrath 

ADRRNICIDE- War Begs No Mercy CD 4pts

AGENT STEEL- Unstoppable Force CD

AGGGRESSOR- Release Of Aggression CD 4pts

AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR- Havoc At The Mignight Hour CD 5pts

ANGEL DUST- To Dust Ypu Will Decay CD 5pts

ANTHRAX-Fistfull of Metal CD Rock Brigade Rec

 ANGEL OF MERCY- The Avatar CD 5pts

ATTOMICA - Attomica 1987/Children'sAssasin CD  4pts


ATTOMICA - Limits Of Insanity 1989 CD  4pts

ATTOMICA-Back And Alive/Blast Of Video CD/DVD 2015  6pts

 ATTOMICA- The Trick CD Marquee rec 

ATOMICA- Back And Alive Hellion Rec 

ATTALLA- Attalla CD 4pts

ATROPHY- Chemical Dependence CD

ALTERED DEAD- Returned of Life CD

AVREKADAVER- Those we dont speak of CD


AEVANGELIST- Nightmare cather CD

ARROGANZ- Tod & Teufel CD 4pts

ARMAGEDDA The Final War Approaching CD 

AXEL RUDI PELL- Knights Call CD Steamhammer 2018 5pts

AXEL RUDI PELL- Magic CD Steamhammer 1997

ALICE COOPER- The Last Temptation CD


ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE - Darkness Sustants The Sikence CD 4pts 

ALKOHOLIZER- Free Beer...Surfs Up CD 5pts

AFERMATH- Eyes Of Tomorrow CD Zoid Rec

ARBITRATOR-Kill Their Religion CD 4pts

A TRIBUTE MERCYFUL FATE- The Unholy of The Damned Bells CD 4pts

A.O.D- Open The Hearts CD 4pts

AFTERDEATH- Retronomicon CD 5pts

ANGKOK WAT- Corpus Christ CD marquee rec 5pts

ATOMINATED- World Without Flesh CD 4pts 

ANGEL OF DAMNATION- Heathen Witchcraft CD 5pts

ANGEL OF DAMNATION- Carnal Philosophy CD 5pts

ANCSTOR- Lords Of Destiny CD 5pts

ARKHAM WITCH- Legions Of The Deep CD 5pts

ARKHAM WITCH- I am Providence CD 5pts

ARRM- Classic Digi CD

APOSTASY- Sunset Of The End Digi CD 5ptd

APOSTASY-The Blade of Hell Digi CD 5pts

APOSTASY- The Sign Of Darkness CD 5pts

ASSAULTER- Salvation Like Destruktion CD 5pts

 AMORPHIA- Merciless Strike CD + Obi 5pts

AMORPHIA- Arms To Death CD+ obi 5pts

APPICE- Sinister Digi CDSteamhammer 2017 5pts

ALTAR OF OBLIVION- The Seven Spirits CD Shadow Kingdom US

 ALTAR OF OBLIVION- Salvation CD Shadow Kingdom US

1x ATOMIC ROAR- Warfare Merchants CD

1x ATREXIAL- Souverain Digi CD 5pts

1x ANDRALIS- Breakneck CD 5pts

3x AUTOKRATOR- The Obiediencd To Autohority Digi CD 5pts

1x AUSTRYMN- Sepulcrum Viventum CD 4pts

1x ARTILLERY- When Death Comes Digi CD 5pts

1x ASSASSIN- Chronicles of Resistence 2 CD Digi 

1x AXECUTOR- Metal Is Invicible CD

1x AXECUTOR- Anthology CD

1x ANVIL- Strenh Of Steel CD Rock Brigade Rec

1x APOCALYPSE- Faithless Faithless CD 5pts

1x ARES KINGDOM- Incendiary CD 5pts

1x ALTERBATIVE IV - The Brink ex Abathemia Digi CD 5pts

1x APOCALYPSE- Faithess CD

AZARATH- Diabolic Impious Evil CD 5pts

AZARATH-Infernal Blasting CD 5pts 

BACKWATER- Revelation/Final Strike CD Old Metal US 

BACKWATER- Take Extreme FormsCD 4pts

 BATUSHKA- Hospodi Digi   6pts

 BATUSHKA- Hospodi CD 5pts

2x BAT- Axestasy CD Hells Headbangers 4pts

1x BAPHOMET- No Answers CD

1x BAPHOMET- Latest Jesus CD

BOKLUK- Taphonomy CD

BURIAL- Frigid Cold CD

1x BAPHOMET- The Dead Shall Inerit CD

 BATTALION- Empire Of Dead CD 5pts

2x BLACKSNAKE- Blood of the Snake Digi CD 5pts

1x BLOODTHIRST- Chalice of Cintempt CD 5pts

1x BLOODTHIRST- Let Him Die CD 5pts

BLOODTHIRST-I am Parl of that Power …CD 5pts

1x BLOOD WRITTEN- Thrashin Fury Digi CD 4pts

1x BLAZE OF PEREDITION- The Hierophant CD 5pts

BLOODLUST - Holocaust /Hideous CD 4pts

1x BOLT THROWER-Realm Of Chaos CD 

1x BONE HAMMER- Black Crust Invasion CD+ obi 5pts

1x BUDGIE- Power Supply CD 5pts

1x BUDGIE- Nightflight CD 5pts

1x BUDGIE- Bandolier CD 5pts

1x BUDGIE- If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules CD 5pts

1x BESIEGED- Victims Beyond All Help CD 5pts

1x BEJELIT- You Die And I... CD 4pts

1x BINAH- Hallucinating In Resurrecture CD 5pts

1x BATTLERAGE- The Slaughter Returns CD Metal On Metal 5pts

1x BENEDICTION- The Grand Leveller CD

1x BLOOD FEAST- Chopping Block Blues CD

2x BLOOD FEAST- Chopped, Sliced And Diced CD Hells Headbangers US 5pts

1x BLOOD FEAST- The Future Sate Of Wicked CD Hells Headbangers 5pts

2x BOMBS OF HADES- Through The Dark Past CD 5pts

2x BLACK WITCH- Out Of Control CD 4pts

BAD KARMA- Death Has No Calling Card CD 5pts

1x BLOODEVIL- Infection CD 4pts

1x BIRTH A.D.- I Blame You CD 4pts

1x BITTERNESS- Genocity CD 4pts

1x BITTERNESS- The Final Declaration of Thwe End 4pts

1x BOLDER DAWN- Mourning Cd Shadow Kingdom US 5pts

1x BURNING SALVATION- Boken Om Forbannelsen CD 4pts

1x BLASPHEMIC CRUEKTY- Crucible of the Infernum CD

1x BADR VOGUE XITIUM-//- CD 4pts memento Mori

1x BLACK WITCHERY- Upheral Of Satanic Might CD

1x BLACK TAWER- The Secret Fire CD 5pts

1x BLACK SABBATH &Rob Halford 2 CD Boot

1x BLACK SABBATH- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath CD Sanctary  2009 5pts


1x BLACK SABBATH- Technical Extasy CD 

1x BLACK SABBATH- Vol 4 CD Sanctuary 2009 5pts

1x BLACK SABBATH- Master Of Reality Digi Sanctiary 2014

1x BLACK SABBATH-Black Sabbath CD Sanctuary 2009

1x BRAVEHEART Soundtrack Film James Horner CD

1x BLACK SABBATH XIII CD Vertigo 2013 5pts

2x BLOODROCUTED- Disaster Strike Black Cd 5pts

1x BLASPHEMY- Fallen Angel Of Doom CD Evil Dead Prod CD 

1x BULLDOZER- The Exorcism Digi CD 5pts

1x BULLDOZER- Live In Poland 2011 Digi CD 4pts 

BLOOD EXILE/SACRILEGIO- Thrash Clash Vol III CD Stormspell US 

1x BEHERIT- Drawning Dawn The Moon CD Spinefarm rec

2x BLOODLUST- Guilty Ass Sin/ Terminal Velocity CD OldMetal US

1x BLACK OATH- Ov Qliphoth And Darkness CD 5pts

1x BANISHER- Scarcity CD 4pts

3x BESATT- Tempus Apocalypsis Digi CD 5pts

New BETRAYER-Necronomical Exmortis/Forbiidden Personality CD 4pts

New BETRAYER-Calamity CD

11x BETRAYER- Scargoad Digi CD 5pts

2x BURZUM- Burzum/Aske CD

2x BIOTOXIC WARFARE- Lobotomized CD 4pts

2x BEAST INFERNAL HANGOVER- Wrecked In Speace CD 4pts

CELEBRATION-Dead Bodies Massacre/Beyond The Grave 2CD 6pts


CARDIAC ARREST- The Day That Death Prevailed CD

CRYPTIC REALMS- Enraptured By Horror CD

CROSS FASE- Return To Planet Hell 1992-94 CD


4x CARDINAL FOLLY- Deranged Pagan Sons CD 5pts

1x CARDINAL FOLLY- Strange Conflicts of The Past  CD 5pts

1x CARDINAL FOLLY- Our Cult Continues  CD 5pts

1x CARDINAL FOLLY-Church Power Is Dagerous  CD 5pts

1x CARRION- Evil Is There CD+ 8 bonus Tracks Karthago rec 2005 

2x CASCED OPEN- Concrete Realms Of Pain CD 5pts

1x CHURCH OF DISGUST- Veneration Of Filth CD 4pts

1x CONFESOR- Unraveled CD season Of Mist

1x CIRCLE JERKS- VI Digi CD Marquee Rec 5pts

1x CANDLEMASS- Introduction 2CD 6pts

1x CAUSTIC- Malicious/Caustic CD 4pts

2x CAUCHEMAR- Chapele Ardente CD 4pts

1x CAGE- Darker Than Black CD 5pts

1x CATCH 22- Soulraper; Evilutiom/Devilution 2 CD Metal On Metal 6pts

3x CARAVAN IDOL- Towards Eschation CD 4pts

1x CARCASS-  Cholce Cust CD Earache rec CD

1x CADAVER- Dark Recolections CD

1x CADOCITY- The Weikiaon Wielder Quest CD Marquee Rec 5pts

1x CHALICE OF DOOM- Omto Hypnagogia CD 4pts

1x CANCER- To The Gory End CD

3x CRUCIFIED MORTALS- Converted By Decapitation CD 5pts

1x CELTIC FROST- Into The Pandemonium CD


1x CEREBAL FIX- Towar Of Spite Digo CD 5pts

1x CLENCHED FIST- Tribute To The Brave Ones CD Marquee Rec 5pts

3x CENTAURUS GHOST- The Great Work CD 4pts

2x CHAOS SYNOPSIS- Kult Ov Dementia CD 4pts

2x CORONER- Death Cult CD 5pts

2x CONQUEST- Rage CD 5pts

1x CONVENT GUILT- Guns For Hire CD 5pts

1x CRYSTAL BALL- Virtual Empire CD 4pts

1x COBRA- Grito En El Abismo CD 4pts

2x CRUCIFED MORTALIS- Psalms Of The Dead Choir CD 4pts


2x COMMUNION- The Communion  CD

2x COMMUNION - At The Announeement CD

1x CULT OF HORROR- Hermetik Hereyik CD 5pts

1x CROWHAVEN- Emotional Adjusment CD Skol rec 2013 5pts

1x CHRONOSPHERE- Embrancing Oblivion CD Punishment 18 5pts

1x CHEMICAL DISASTER-Third Wound CD 4pts

2x CHAINBREAKER- Lethal Desire CD Hells headbangers 5pts

1x CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY- Future death CD 5pts 

1x CROWN OF FALLEN HEROES- Forging a new Hope CD 4pts

1x CORAM LETHE- ...A Splandid Chaos CD 4pts

2x COMMANDO- Fuckaholics CD 4pts

1x CREMATORY- Oblivion Digi CD 5pts

1x CRYOT SEREMON- Out of The Garden CD 5pts

1x CONDENADOS- The Tree of death CD 4pts

2x CONT REVEN- Mammons War CD 5pts

1x COVEN XIII- Destiny Of The Gods CD 5pts

1x COVEN- Worship New Gods CD Shadow Kingdom US 5pts

3x CARNAL FOLLY- Deranged Pagan Sons CD 5pts

1x CRANIUM- Speed metal Slaughter CD

2x CONVICTED-Convicted Thrash CD 4pts

1x CLOVEN HOOF- Dominator CD 5pts

1x CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER- Speak Your Peace  CD Metal Blade 1990

1x CLUSTROFOBIA-Claustrofobia CD 4pts


CHRIST AGONY- Unholyunion Digi 5pts

CHRIST AGONY-Daemoonseth Act II Digi CD 5pts

CHRIST AGONY-Legacy Digi CD 5pts

CHRIST AGONY-Darkside 2CD 6pts

1x CHAKAL- The Man Is His Own Jackal  CD Slpcase Cogumelo Rec

1x CRIMSON DAY- Order Of The Shadows CD 5pts

5x CETI- lamiastrata Digi CD ex TURBO 5pts 

1x CELEBRATION- Performers My Soul CD 5pts


2x CEAD DHU- Tedd Deireadh CD 4pts

1x CZORT- Czarna Ewangelia CD 5pts

2x CZARNE ZASTĘPY – W hołdzie KAT Digi CD 5pts

3x DARK OPERA "The Journey To The Both Paths of Life, Sins And Resurection" CD5pts

1x DARK FUNERAL- Where Shadows Forever Reigm CD Vallhal Rec 2010 5pts

4x DAMNATION- Rebel Souls Digi CD 5pts

6x DAMNATION- Reborn CD 5pts ex Azarath/Behemoth

4x DAMNABLE- Imperdition CD 5pts

1x DAWN OF DECAY- New Hell CD 5pts

DIAMOND PLATE/ OPPRESISION - Thrash Clash Vol II CD Stormspell US 

1x DAWN OF WINTER- The Oeaceful Dead CD Shadow Kingdom US 5pts

1x DALKUTH- Lamentation And Aredent Fire Digi CD 5pts


DIPYGUS- Byshneat CD


DEATH CULT- Under The Sign of Death CD

DEMONIC MEAPONO- Againit The Sacred CD

DEVOTION- The Harrowing CD



2x DECIMATOR - Killing Tendency CD Marquee Rec 5pts

DANGER DRIVE-Darknes Comes…Mother Of Hate CD/DVD  6pts

3x DARKNESS- Death Squad CD + 6 bonus tracks War Hymns Rec 5pts

3x DARKNESS- Defenders Of Justice CD  8 bonus tracks War Hymns Rec 5pts

1x DARK ANGEL- We Have Arrived CD Axe Killer

1x DARK ANGEL- Leave Scars CD 

1x DARK ANGEL- Time Does Not Hall CD

1x DARKSIDE- Prayers In Doomsday CD 4pts

5x DET GAMLE BESATT- Ceremonia Diabolus CD 4pts

1x DET GAMLE BESATT- Inter Mundos CD 4pts

1x DEATH YELL- Descent Into Hell D 5pts

1x DEMONCY- Faustian Dawn CD 4pts

DEATHWITCH- Dawn of Arnageddin Digi CD 

1x DUGU- Bausea Skeletion Abyss CD +obi 5pts

1x DEAD AWAKEN- Where Hope Dripping Red CD 4pts

1x DR SIN- Orginal Sin CD 4pts

1x DISTANT THUNDER- Welcome The End CD 4pts

1x DEATH MASK- Exhumation CD Old Metal US 5pts

10x DESTROYERS- Dziewięć Kręgów Zła CD 2020 5pts

4x DEATHHAMMER- Chained To Hell CD 5pts

1x  DEATH -Scream Blody Gore CD Combat US 1987

1x DEATH -Leprosy CD

1x DEATH- Spiritual Healing CD

1x DEATH- Human CD Relativity Rec

1x DEATH- Individual Thought Patternes CD

1x DEATH -Symbolic CD

1x DEATH- The Sound Of Perseverance 

1x DEATH MACHANISM-- Human Error...Global Terror CD 4pts

1x DEATH ANGEL- The Ultra Violence CD

1x DEATHROW- Riders Of Doom CD 5pts 

1x DEATHROW-Life Beyomd CD 5pts

2x DEEP PURPLE- Infinity Digi  CD/DVD 6pts

2x DEEP PURPLE- Infinity Digi  2CD 6pts

2x DEADLY NOISE- United By Pain CD 5pts

1x DENIM AND LEATHER- Watch Out CD 5prs

1x DESTRUCTION- Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation CD Steamhammer 1987

1x DESTRUCTION- Spiritual Genocide DigiBook CD 5pts

1x DEKAPITATOR- The Storm Before The Calm CD 5pts

5x DRILLER- all Shall Burm Cd 4pts

1x DEATHRAGE- Down In The Depth Of Sickness CD 4pts

1x DEATHRAGE- Self Condition Self Limited CD 4pts

2x DECAYED- Unholy Demon Seed CD 4pts

2x DEPRIVE- Temple Of The Lost Wisdom CD 4pts

 DUKHMA- Passageways To Daena Digi CD 4pts

DEICIDE-Deicide CD Roadrunner 1990

 DEICIDE-Legion CDR/C 1992

DEICIDE- Til Death Do Us Part CD 5pts

DEICIDE- Scars Of The Crucifix CD/DVD 6pts

DENIAL OF GOD-The Hollow Mass CD smose Prod

1x DESULTORY- Bitterness Digi CD 

DIZASTOR- After You Die We Mosh CD 4pts

DOOM SNAKE CULT-Love Sorrow Doom CD 4pts

DOMINOUS PRAELII- Bastards ^ Killers CD 4pts

 DOOMED- Wrath Monolith CD 4pts

 DESPAIR- Decay Of Humanity CD Punishment 18 5pts

DEVASTATION- Signs Of Life CD Punishment 18 5pts


DEMON LUNG-A Dracula Digi CD  

DESASTER Stormbringer Mini CD Re-Release

DESASTER A Touch Of Medieval Darkness CD

DESASTER -Tyrants of Yhe Netherworld CD 

DESASTER -Divine Blasphemy CD 

 DEEP DESOLATION –Rites of Blasphemy Digi CD 4pts

DEEP DESOLATION –Subliminal Visions CD 4pts


DIRA MORTIX- Rust Razor Curs CD 4pts

DIAVOLOS- Yoy Lived Now Die CD 5pts


DEVIL PROEST- Devil Inspired Chants CD 5pts

DEKAPITED- Nacidos Del Odio Cd 2015 4pts

 DOMAIN- Pandemonium CD ex Pandemonium 5pts

DOMAIN- Gat Etemmi CD 5pts

DOMAIN- ...From Oblivion CD 5pts

DORSAL ATLANTICA- Dividir & Conquistar CD +7 bonus Tracks 5pts

DREADFUL FATE- Vengence CD 5pts

DEATHSTORM- As Death Awakes CD 5pts

DRILER KILLER- Fuck The World CD Osmose Prod 5pts

DRILLER KILLER- Cold.Cheap & Disconnceted Digi CD 5pts

DRILLER KILLER -And The Winner Is Cd OsmoseProd 5pts

DOOM SNAKE CULT-Love Sorow Doom CD 4pts

DRESSED TO KILL- A Night In Trance CD 5pts

DEMON LUNG- A Dracula Digi CD 4pts

D.R.I.- 4 of a Kind CD 5pts

 D.R.I.- Crossover CD

EGZEKUTHOR - CzasSumienia 1988 CD  4pts

EGZEKUTHOR! - Hateful Subconsciousness 1991 CD  4pts

 EVANGELION- Deus Vult CD 5pts

EVANGELION-Ad Mortem Festination CD 5pts

EURYNOMOS „The Trilogy (Singles)" CD 5pts

EURYNOMOS From the Valleps of Hades  CD 5pts

EPIDEMIC- Artifical Peace Digi CD 5pts

EMPEROR- IX Equilibrium CD Candelight Rec

EVERGREY- Reception Dat Digi Book CD 5pts

ENTOPHYTE- End of Society's Sanity CD+ obi 5pts

EIDOLON- The Parallel Otherworld CD 4pts

EVIL WHIPLASH- Rituals Of Punishment CD 5pts

ESOTERIC- Subconscious Disolation... CD

ENDARKER- AMong The Shadows CD 5pts

EQUNOX- Journey Into Oblivion Cd ex ACHERON 4pts

EXORCIST- Voices From Graves/ After The North Winds CD 2018  4pts

EXODUS- Pleasure Of The Flesh CD

EXODUS- Fabulous Disaster CD

1x ETRENAL ROT-Putridarium CD 5pts

ETERNAL TORMENT Descent Into Madness CD

EXECUTER- Psychotic Mind CD

EXHUMATION- Elevent Formulae CD

1x ETERNAL ROT- Cadaverine CD 5pts

 ETERITUS- Following the Ancient Path CD 4pts

EMPHERIS- The Return Of Derelict Gods  CD 5pts

 EM RUINAS- From the Speed Metal Graves CD 5pts

1x ELIMINATOR- Krieg Thrash CD 5pts

1x ENVENPMED- Venomous Decay CD 4pts

1x EMBALMED- Exail The Imperial Beast CD 5pts

5x EVIL MACHINE –War Om Heaven CD exclusive edition 5pts

4x EXTINKT- Postnuclear Trip Nowhere CD 4pts

3x EXCITER- Vilence & Force CD

1x EXPLORER- Shout In The Dog CD 5pts

1x EXE- Striken By Night CD

1x EXE- Sicker Than I Thouhy CD

New FUBERAL VISION - It ....CD 2021 4ots

2x FATAL EMBRANCE- Slaughter To Suprive CD 5pts

FUNEST- Desecrating Obscurity CD 

2x FASTKILL- Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer CD 5pts

2x FALL OF THE IDOLS- Solemn Verses CD 5pts

FERERUM- From Far Beyond CD

2x FINGERBALIS- Destroy Western World CD Old Metal US 4pts

1x FOIBLE INSTINCT- Plague Rages CD 4pts

2x FLAMES- In Agony Rise Difi CD 5pts

1x FARSCAPE- Primitive Blitzkrieg CD 4pts

1x FLESH ENGINE- Purging Existence CD 4pts


FUNERAL Vision - It ...1994 CD 2021 4pts

1x FOUL STENCH0 The Beginning 1993-96 CD 4pts

1x FLESH MADE SIN- Dawn of the Stilborn CD 4pts

1x FLAME- Into The Age of Fire CD Iron Pegasus 4pts

1x FIGHT- War Of Words CD Epic Rec 

1x FUNERAL NATION- After The Battle CD

1x FRAMKENSHHRED- Cauldron Of Evil CD Metal On Metal Cd 5pts

FORTRESS- Modern Days Society CD 4pts

1x FORMIS- Mental Survival CD 4pts

5x FURIA- Marzannie Królowej Polski CD 5pts

3x FURIA- Martwa Polska Jesień Digi CD 5pts

3x FURIA-Grudzień za Grudniem CD 5pts

1x FUTIA –Płoź EPCD 3pts


1x FREEDOM CALL- Master Of Light Digi CD 5pts

2x GAMMACIDE- Victims Of Scence CD Marquee rec 

1x GENOCIDIO- In Love With Hatred CD 

1x GRINDER- The Ist ep CD 5pts

GEHENNA- First Spell  Slipcase CD

1x GRINDER- Dawn for The Living CD 5pts

1x GRINDER- Dead End 5pts

1x GUNS N ROSES- Greatest Hits Digi CD 5pts

1x GRAVE DIGGER- Shoot Her Down CD 5pts

GRAVEYARD Korgull The Exterminator...CD

1x GRAVE DIGGER- Witch hunter CD 5pts

1x GRIM REAOER- Fear No Evil CD

New GLADIATOR Eternal Torment/Show your Force 1989/92 CD

2x GHOST- ''The Lost of Mercy''/„Renown”,CD  4pts

GHOST-"Bad Obsession/NocDemona CD”  4pts

7x GNOSIS- The Third Eye Gate CD NWN US

1x GNIDA- A.I.D.S. Digi CD 4pts

3x GARROTER- Identity CD


2x GORYCZ- Piach CD 4pts

7x GRAVELAND- Prawo Stali CD 5pts

2x GRAVELAND- Ogień Przebudzenia Digi CD 5pts

1x GRAVELAND-Pamięć i Przeznaczenie Digi CD 5pts

3x GOUGE- Beyond Death CD 4pts

3x GOAT WORSHIP- Doomsday CD 4pts

1x GOATLORD- The Last Sodomy Of Mary CD 5pts

3x GOATSODOMIZER- The Curse Rings True CD 5pts

2x GUERA TOTAL- Cthulhu Zombies & Anti Cosmic Black Gate CD 5pts

1x GAROTER- Identity CD 4pts 

4x GOAT WORSHIP- Doomsday CD 4pts 

3x GRUZJA- I Iść dlaej CD 5pts


1x HAMMER- Unholy Destruction CD 5pts

HAVOHEJ- Table Of Uncreation

1x HAMMERHEAD- Shadow Of The A Time To Be CD 5pts

1x HADES- Resisting Success/ If At First You don't Succeed 2CD 

1x HOLOCAUSTO- Campo De Exterminio Digi CD Cogumelo 

1x HATEWORK- The Actual Worst Has Come CD 4pts

1x HALLOWS EVE- Tales Of Terror CD 5pts

1x HELLOWS EVE- Deah & Insanity CD 5pts

2x HELLKOMENDER- Death To My Enemis CD 5pts

1x HALLOWS EVE- Monument CD 5pts

HELLFIRE- Goat Revenge CD

1x HASSELVANDER -Midnight Howler CD 5pts


2x HELLVANGERS- Metal Force CD 5pts

1x HOUSE OF ARTEUS- The Spear And The Ichor That Follows CD 4pts

2x HIGH SPIRITS- You Are Here CD 5pts

1x HIEROPHANTS DESCENT- The Apocalypse Of evil CD 5pts

2x HERETIC- Braking Point/Torture Knowns No Bounddary Splipcase CD

2x HEATHEN- Breaking The Silence CD

1x HEAVEN & HELL- The Devil You Know CD

3x HELLBRINGER-Hellbringer CD Iron Pegasus CD 5pts

3x HEATHENDOM- Nescience CD 5pts

4x HELLION- Rebels Vurse CD + obi 5pts

2x HELLION- Hordes Of Witchery CD+ obi 5pts

3x HELLION-The Rising Of Wizards CD + obi 5pts

3x HELLRISER- No Brain No Pain CD 5pts

1x HELLPOISON-Burn With Me CD 5pts

1x HIGHLOW/WOLFRIDER- Wolf Riding High & Low CD 4pts

1x HIRAX- Not Deat Yet/ Rasing Violence & Hate,Fear And Power CD 5pts

HEKTOR - The Inner Dementia 1989 CD  4pts

HELLIAS- Revenge Of Hellias LP NWN US  6pts

HELLIAS - A.D. Darkness CD  4pts

HELLIAS- Closed in the fate Coffin 1991„Noc potępienia1998” CD 4pts

3x HELLIAS-Twenty Fifth Year in the Abyss DIGI PACK 2013 CD  4pts

HELLIAS-Eight Cardinal Sins CD 2017 4pts

HELLIAS-Revenge Of HELLIAS 1987 CD 4pts

3x HELLBASTARD- Sons Of Bitches CD 4pts

5x HELLRISER- No Brain,No Pain CD 4pts

3x HELRIDER- The Time Has Come Cd 4pts

3x HELLS CORONATION-Ritual Chalice of Hateful Blood CD

5x HELLS CORONATION -Morbid Spells 2021 MCD 4pts 

HELLSPAWN „In Agelessness" CD 

HOLY DEATH-Triumph Of Evil CD 4pts

HOLY DEATH- The Knight .Death And The Devil 2 CD 2021 6pts

HOLY BATTALION - Cosmic War 89 / Breaking the Face 90 CD 4pts

5x HATE THEM ALL- Lost Feast With The Beast CD 4pts

2x HELL BORN-Darkness Digi CD 5pts

2x HEAVEN SHALL BURN- Maximum Sacrifice CD 5pts 

3x HAUNTED CENOTAPH- Nightmares Beyond CD 5pts

5x HORRORSCOPE- Deliicous Hell CD 4pts


1x HIGH TENSION- Warrior CD 

1x HIGH TENSION- Master of Madness CD

1x HYDEAS- And The Worlst Is Yet To Come Cd Marquee Rec 5pts

1x HEIRADER- The Has Come CD 5pts

2x IRON CURTAIN- Danger Zone CD 5pts

1x IN AEVUM AGERE- Conto III CD 5pts

1x ICED EARTH- Burnt Offerings CD+ 0bi Enscore Music 2018

1x ICED EARTH- Iced Earth CD Slipcase Enscore Music 2020

2x INTOXICATED- Rock N Roll Hellpatrol CD 5pts

INFECTED MIND-Lost Existence 1992 CD  4pts

IMPIETY- Versus All Gods CD

IGNIVOMOUS- Hieroglossia CD 

INFECTED MIND - For from Reality CD  4pts


5x IN TWILIGHTS EMBRANCE- the Grim Muse CD 5pts

2x IN TWILIGHTS EMBRANCE- trenbking Digi CD 5pts


New IMPERATOR Ceremonies from beyond Time CD/DVD 6pts

1x IMPOUS BAPTISM- Wrath of The Predator CD 5pts

5x ISCARIOTA- Upadłe Królestwo CD 4pts 

12x IHSAHN- Das Seelenbrechen CD 4pts

1x JAG PANZER- The Scorgue of The Light CD 5pts

JACK EVIL- Unholy Sacrifice CD

1x JAG PANZER- Chain Of Command CD 5pts


1x JEX THOTH- Blood Moon Rise 5pts

3x JEX THOTH- Totem MCD 4pts

1x JEX THOTH-Jex Thoth CD 5pts

2x JOHNNY TOUCH-Inner CityWolves CD 5pts

KORZUS- Ao Vivo 1985 CD 5pts

KHAZAD DHUM Human Breeds Evil CD

KORZUS- Ties of Blood Digi CD 5pte

KORSUS- Sp-Sp Digi CD 5pts

KRUIZ-Kruiz CD 5pts

1x KNELT ROTE-Insignificace CD 5pts

1x KROKUS- Straped CD 5pts

1x KING DIAMOND- Conspiracy CD 

1x KING DIAMOND- Them CD Roadrunner rec 1997

1x KNIGHTMARE II- Skeletal Remains CD 5pts

1x KZOHH- Trilogy Burn Our The Remains/Live 2CD Digi 6pts

3x KULT MOGIŁ-Torn Away The Reamians Od Dasein CD 5pts

2x KULT MOGIŁ-Portentaque CD 5pts

2x KULT MOGIŁAnxicty Newr Descending CD 4pts

2x KURHAN- Głod Cd 5pts

2x KREMLIN- Decimation of The Elites CD 5pts

1x KREMATE- The Greatest Yoke CD 5pts

2x KATECHON- Coronation CD 5pts

2x KŁY- Szczerzenie Difgi CD 5pts

1x LAS BRUJAS- La Reemcarnacion CD 4pts]

LAAZ ROCKIT- No Stranger To Danger CD


1x LEGION OF THE DAMNED- Slaughtering Digi Box CD/2DVD 10pts

3x LOST BREED- Save Yourself CD 5pts

3x LOST BREED- The Evil In You And Me CD 5pts

1x LIVING DEATH- Bengence Of Hell CD 5ptd

6x LORDES WERRE- Canticies of Armageddon CD Rip Rec US 5pts

3x LUCIFER'S FALL II- Cursed & Damned CD 5pts

1x LAPIDE- Over The Grave CD 5pts

5x LEATHER NUN AMERICA- Duddha Knievel CD 4pts

2x LANTHERN- Below CD 5pts

LASTWAR - Darkness Of Eden 92 CD 4pts

LASTWAR - Skazani Na Zagładę 1991 CD4pts

LEVIATHAN - Memento Morri/ C'est la vie CD 4pts

MARKIZ DE SADE - Judasz - demo 1985 CD 4pts

1x MAGNUS- Acceptance of Death Digi CD 5pts

1x MAD- Generation Zero CD Marquee rec 5pts

2x MANILLA ROAD- Gates Of Fire CD Battle Cry Rec

1x MANILLA ROAD- Course Of Chaos CD Iron Glory rec

1x MANILLA ROAD- The Circus Maximum Cd Iron Glory Rec

1x MANILLA ROAD- Crystal Logic CD Iron Glory Rec

1x MANINNYA BLADE- Undead,Umborn. Alive 2 CD Marquee Rec

1x MANDATOR- Perfect Progeny CD

1x METALLICA- And Justice For All CD Elektra

1x MOTORHEAD- Hellriser CD 

1x MORTYR- Rise Of The Tyrant CD Stormspell US

2x MARTYRD- Maniac CD Stormspell CD

1x MORFEUS- Disbelived  Cd Marquee rec

1x MORBID SCREAM- The Signal To Attack 1986-90 CD 5pts

1x MASSACRA- Enjoy The Violence CD 

3x MARTWA AURA/ ODOUR OF DETH –Credo In Mortem CD 4pts

2x MANSION-We Shaill Live CD 4pts

1x MATTERHORN- Crass Cleansing CD 

MINEFELD- The Great Adventure CD

2x METALL- Metalheads CD 5pts

1x MERCILESS- The Treasures Witin CD 5pts

1x MERCY- Victim March CD TPL Rec 5pts

1x MERCY- Underground CD TPL Rec 5pts

2x MELIAH RAGE- Warrior Cd Metal On Metal 5pts

MERCILESS DEATH - Holocaust 1992 CD 4pts

MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities 93 CD 4pts

MERCILESS DEATH - From Hell. CD 4pts

1x MEGADETH- So far So Good So What CD 

1x MEGADETH- Rust In Peace CD

1x MEGADETH- Cryptic Writings CD

1x METAL WITCH- Risen From The Grave CD 5pts

1x METHOD- Spiritual Reindorcement Digi 4pts

MORBID VISION- "Visions of the Morbid Rites" CD4pts

MORTAL SLAUGHTER - Destiny / Roots Of Evil CD 4pts

MORTAL SLAUGHTER - Lepers 93 CD  4pts

2x MORDOR- Darkness CD 5pts3xMORDOR- Praye to…CD5pts

6x MOANAA- Passage Digi CD 5pts

2x MORDHELL-Suffer in Hell CD 4pts

3x MORBITHUS- Over The Dying Stars Digi CD 5pts

6x MUSSORGSKI- Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae CD 4pts

1x MORTAL CRUSADE-An Act Of Violence CD 4pts

New MORTIFY-Abyssmal CD 4 Pt

MORTEM (Peru) "De Natura Daemonum" CD 

 MORTEM Demon Tales CD Re-Release 

MORTEM The Devil Speaks In Tongues CD Re-Release 

MORBOSIDAD „Cójete A Dios Por El Culo" CD 

MONSTRUM- Church Of Bones CD 5ptsNew MGŁA- Age Of Excuse CD 2019 5pts

MISANTHROPIC RAGE- Gates no Longer Shut CD 4pts

MUTILATED MESSIAH- Total Fucking Slaughter CD 4pts

2x MONSTRAAT- The One Eternal CD 4pts

4x MORODH- Thw World of Retribution CD 4pts

6x MORD’A STIGMATA-Hope Digi CD 5pts

1x MORD’A STIGMATA-Our Hearts Slow Down Digi CD 5pts

3x MORDBRAND- Hymns Of The Rotten CD 4pts

1z METAL LAW- Lawerbreaker CD Metal On Metal 5pts

1x METAL LAW- Hellrider CD Metal On Metal 5pts

1x MINKIONS- Distorted Pictures From Discorted Reality CD 5pts

1x MORNINGSTAR- Finish Metal CD 5pts

1x MISMAL- Miasmal CD Dark Descent US 5pts

1x MORBOSATAN- Rec 2013 CD 4pts

1x MONSTRAAT-The One EternaL CD 4pts

1x MONSTRAAT- Scythe & Sceptre Digi CD 4pts

2x MORGUE- Eroded Thougts CD Dark Descent US 5pts

1x MORTUARY- Blackend Images CD

2x MYSTIC CHARM- Shados Of The Unknown CD 5pts

1x MORBID SIN- The Demos 1988-92 CD Stormspell Rec US

1x MORBID SIN-Sins of The Flesh CD Stormspell Rec US

1x MORTALICUM- Eyes Of The Demon CD Metal On Metal 5pts

1x MORTALICUM- Tears From The Grave  CD Metal On Metal 5pts'

1x MORBID SAINT- Destruction System Cd

1x MIDNIGHT IDOLS- Sworn To The Night CD Metal On Metal 5pts

2x METRALION- Quo Vadis/A Mosh In Brazil CD +obi 5pts

 MINOTAUR- God May Show Tou Mercy We Will Not CD 5pts

MOROWE- Piekło ,Labirynt,Diabły CD 5pts

MENTOR- Cults Cryots And Corpses CD 5pts

1x MIDNIGHT- Sweet Death And Exstasy 2CD

MYTHIC -Anthologt  CD 4pts 

NONEUCLID The Crawling Chaos CD 

 NASTY SAVAGE- Cleveland 87 CD Marquee Rec 5pts


 NASTY SAVAGE- Psycho ,Psycho CD

NECRORIPPER- Necrometal CD 5pts

 NECRODETH/SCHIZO- Mondicano Project One Digi CD

NECRODETH- Into The Macabre CD Mousemen rec 

1x NECROSANCT- Equal In death CD

1x NECROPHAGIA- Black Blood Vomitorum CD 5pts

1x NECROSIS- The Search/Kingdim of Hate CD 5pts

1x NUPRAPTOR- The heresiarch CD 5pts

1x NAILGUNNER- Apocalypse Now Or Never CD 5pts

1x NECRONACY- Ancient Wrath CD 5pts

3x NUNSLAUGHTER- Devils Conqeries Vol II 2CD 6pts

1x NUNSLAUGHTER- Wrath Unleashed Difi CD 5pts

2x NUNSLAUGHTER- Angelic Dread  2CD 6pts

1x NECRONOMICON-Necronomicon CDBattle Cry CD 5pts

1x NECRONOMICON- Apocalyptic Nightmare CD Battle Cry 5pts

1x NECRONOMICON- Escalation CD 5ote

1x NECRONOMICON- Construction Of Evil CD 5pts

1x NECRONOMICON- Revenge Of The Beast 2CD 6pts

2x NOMAD- Tetramorph Digi CD 4pts

2x NEKKROFUKK- Bestial Desekkration of Holy Whore…. CD 4pts

NECROPHOBIC- Fears/ When You Die 1994/95 CD 4pts

NECROPHOBIC-No More Life/ Feeling of Agony CD

5x NIGHT MISTRESS- The Back Of Beyond CD 4pts

1x NIGHT DEMON- Darkness Remains Digi CD

1x NIGHT DEMON- Cyrse of The Damned  Digi CD

NIGHTMARE - Cryptic Songs 1993 CD. 4pts

NIGHTMARE – Misterium Przekleństw 1992 CD4pts

1x NUCLEAR DETONATION-Living Dead,Sons Of The Lobotomy CD 5pts

4x NOX-Hydra Digi ex INFECTED MIND CD 4pts

1x NIGHTSHOCK- Nightshock CD 5pts

NEKRON-Border of Light and Darkness CD Black Metal ala old BURZUM 4pts

5x NEAR MATARON- Ζήτω ο θάνατος DIGI CD 4pts

1x NOCTURNAL GRAVES- Form the Bloodline of Cain CD 5pts

1x NO SALVATION- Defiling Verses CD 5pts

1x OBITUARY- Left To Die CD Candelight Rec

1x OBITUARY- Cause Of Death CD Roadrunner 1997

2x OBLITERATION- Obscure Within Mosh Tuneage CD 5pts

1x OBSIDIAN SEA-- Dreams Illusions Obsessions CD 5pts

1x OCCULTA- Night  Without End CD 5pts

1x OCCULT- The Enemy Within CD 5pts

2x OCEAN CHIEF- Universum Hard CD 5pts

1x ODRAZA- Esperalem Tkane CD 5pts

4x ODRAZA-Rzeczom CD

1x ORCRYPT- Mercenaries of Mordor CD 5pts

1x ORCRIST- Black Blood Kaised CD 5pts

1x OVERCHARGE-Accelerate CD 5pts

1x OMNIVORE-Omnivore CD 5pts

1x OMEN- The Curse CD MetalBlade 5pts

1x OMEN- Warning Of Danger CD MetalBlade 5pts

1x ONSLAUGHT- Power From Hell CD Metal Maximum 

1x OUTRAGE- And The Beblam Broke Loose CD Metal On Metal  5pts

3x OUTRAGE- We the Dead CD Metal On Metal  5pts

3x OVERLORD- Overlord…is ecerywhere CD 5pts

2x ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS- In The Black Tomb of Time CD 4pts 

OCCULTUM „Apokatastasis" CD 

1x OZZY OSBOURNE- Ozzmosis CD Epic

1x OVERKILL- The Electric Age CD 

1x PALE DIVINE- Cemetery Earth 2CD 6pts

1x PANTERA- Cowboys From Hell CD Atco

1x PANTERA- Oficial Live 1001 Proof CD 5pts

1x PLASMATIC- Put Your Love In Me CD

4x PENTAGRAM- Review Your Choices Digi Cd 5pts

1x PIRANA- corruption CD 4pts

2x POSEIDON- Black From The Abyss CD 5pts

1x PREZIR- As Rats Pevour Lions Cd 5pts

PNEUMA HAGION- Coidgazer/Rituals Of Extintion CD

PASCAL-Agonia Bad Omen CD4pts

POSSESSION- Disentombed Manifestation 2CD

PASCAL- -Collection of Destroyed Brains 1992 CD/DVD 6pts

6x PERSECYTORY- Towards The Ultimate Extinetion Digi CD 5pts

PSYCHOPATH -Hatred Outside CD 4pts

1x PHANTOM CRELY- Thrashing Spree CD Mrquee rec

5x POISONED- Beyond The Gates Of Fire CD 5pts

1x PROWLER- The New Blood Cd 4pts

1x PROWLER- After You CD 4pts

2x PROFANUM-Museum Esotericum CD 5pts

3x PANDEMONIUM- Bones Will Rise… CD 4pts

1x PAMDEMONIUM- Misanthrophy CD 5pts

4x POGAVRANJEN- Sebi Jesi Nebu Nusu Digi CD 4pts’

2x POGAVRANJEN- Jedva čekam da nikad ne umrem Digi CD 4pts

New PROSECTOR-Terrible Ceremonic/Total Shit Cd 2020

7x POSSESSOR- City Built With Skulls CD 4pts

2x PREZIR- As Rats Devour Lions CD 4pts

2x PRIMAL FEAR- Rulebraker CD 5pts

1z POSSESSED-Seven Churches CD 

1.POSSESSED- Beyond The Gares/Eyes Of Horror CD

2x POSSESSED- Agony In Paradise  CD Agonia Rec 5pts

3x PROTECTED ILLUSION- Watching The Wake CD Marquee Rec 

1x POLTERGEIST- Behind The Mask CD Marquee Rec

2x PESTLENCE- Malleus Maleficarum CD

2x PESTILENCE- Presence Of The Past Digi CD Marquee Rec

1x PROTECTOR- Echos From The Past; Misantropy/Golem CD I Haye rec

3x PENTACLE- Spectre Of The Eight Ropes CD 5pts

3x PENTACLE- Eive Candless Burning red CD 5pts

1x PENTACLE- Under The Black Cross CD 5pts

3x PREYER- Terminator CD marquee Rec


1x PROSANCTUS INFERI-Noctabulous Jaws Within Sempiteranl Night CD 5pts

1x POISON- Futher Down/Into The Abyss CD  5pts

10x QVO VADIS-Qvo Vadis CD Old 5pts 

QUO VADIS „Politics"CD 5pts 

5x RAVEN- Party Killers CD 5pts 

3x REVENGE- Spitting Fire CD 5pts

REPULSOR- - Trapped in a Nightmare CD 4pts

1x REVELATION- Salvations Answer CD Shadow Kingdom US 5pts

1x RITUAL- Widow CD Shadow Kingdom US 5pts

1x ROBESPIERRE- Garden Of Hell CD Shadow Kingdom US 5pts

1x RISK- Dirty Surgace CD 5pts

1x RISK- The Daily Horror News CD 5pts

1x RELBUILDIER- Summon The Storm Throwers CD 5pts

1x RUSH- Fly By Night CD Nercury 

1x REVENOUS- Book Of Covertous Souls CD 5pts

1x RELLIK- Deceive The Deceiving CD Metal War US 5pts

ROADHOG - Dreamstealer CD 4pts

4x ROADHOGE- The Oppression CD 5pts

ROTTEN - Troopers of Midnight CD 2012 4pts

1x RITUAL LAIER- Mother of Misery and All Repugnancy CD 4pts

1x RIGOR MORTIS - Rigor Mortis CD

4x RIGOR SARDONICUS- Ego Diligio Vos CD 4pts

9x RAGEHAMMER-Into Certain Death CD 5pts

8x RAGEHAMMER- The Hammer Doctrine CD 5pts

2xRAGEHAMMER- War Hawks CD 4pts

4x RAGING DEATH-Raging Death CD 4pts

1x ROTTING KINGDOM- Rotting Kingdom CD 5pts

4x ROTTING CHRIST- Passage To Arcturo CD 5pts

2x ROTTING CHRIST- The Mighty Contract CD Raven Music 

2x RIPPER- Destroy THe World/The Erit CD Iron Pegasus

1x RIPPER- Raising The Corpse /Fatal Memories CD Iron Pegasus

2x RIPPER-Experiment of Existence CD Iron Pegasus

1x REBAELLIUM- Annihilation CD 5pts

1x RESTLESS- We Rock The Nation CD

2x RABID- Annihilation CD 5pts

1x RAVAGER Naxzgul Rising CD 5pts

1x RAVENGE- Storm Of Sin CD Osmose Prod 5pts

1x REVENGE- Vendetta CD 5pts

1x REVENGE- Death Sentence CD 5pts

1x REVENGE- Harder Than Steel CD 5pts

1x REBELLION- Shakspeares Macbeth CD 5pts

1x RE-ANIMATOR- That Was Than...This Is Now CD 5pts

1x RAVENOUS- Book Of Coverous Souls CD 5pts

1x RAZORMAZE- Annihilation CD 5pts

1x RETALIATORY-Relaliatpry Attack CD 4pts

1x REACTORY- Killed By Thrash CD 5pts

1x RUNNING WILD- The Rivalry CD 5pts

1x RUNNING WILD- Under Jolly Roger CD 5pts

1x RUNNING WILD- Port Royal CD 5pts

1x REDRUM- Power Corrupted CD 

1x ROTTEN- Thrash N Roll CD 5pra

1x ROOT- Kargeras CD 5pts

1x ROOT- Zjevieni Dig CD 5pts

1x RIOT- Immortal Soul CD 5pts

1x ROSS THE BOSS- New Metal Leader CD 5pts

2x RITES OF DAATH-Hexing Graves CD 4pts

1x SEVENTH ONE- Sacrifice CD 4pts

1x STORMING STEELS/HELLWITCH- The Thwin Bestial Forces Cd 4pts

1x SPEACEEATER- Aftershock CD Stormspell US 5pts

1x SICKFAITH- Blinded Nation CD 5pts

SOULROT- Victims of Spiritual Warfare CD

1x SATHANAS- Flesh For The devil MCD 4pts

2x SUPERCHRST- Headbanger CD Hells Headbangers US 4pts

1x SACRAL NIGHT0 Ancient Remains CD Metal On Metal 

1x SATAN- Into The Future/Supended Sentence CD 


SEAMOUNT Different CD 

2x SATANICA-Metal Possession CD 5pts 

1x SATANICA- Infection Digi CD 5pts

1x SANCTUARY- Refuge Denied CD

1x SANCTUARY- Into The Mirror Black CD

1x SANCTUARY- Inception CD 5pts

1x SACRO SANCTUS (Albert Bells)- Ad Aeternum CD Metal On Metal 5pts

1x SACROSANCT- Truth Is What Is CD

1x SACROSANCT- Recesses For The Depraved CD

1x SACRED RITE- Is Nothing Sacred CD Marquee rec

1x SACRED RITE- The Ritual  CD Marquee rec

1x SARCOFAGO- The Laws Of Scourger CD 5 pts

2x SATYRICON- Live In Stockholm CD Boot 4pts

2x SATANICA- Resurection Of Devils Spirit CD 5pts

4x SABBAT- For Stan and Sacrifice CD 5pts

5x SABBAT-Black Up Ypur Soul CD 5pts

7x SABBAT „Envenom“ CD + OBI 5pts

1x SABBAT- The Dwelling CD Iron Pegasus  5pts

1x SABBAT-The Dwelling CD + The Melody Of Death Live 2017 Angel Prod 5pts

1x SABBAT- Disembady CD Iron Pegasus 5pts

1x SABBAT/KRIGERE WOLF- Extermination Cult Aliance CD 5pts

4x SACRIFICULUS- Uada Magus CD 4pts

1x SACRILEGIUM- Wicher CD 5pts

1x SAXON- Stron Arm Of The Law CD 5pts

2x SACRIFICE- Torment In Fire  2CD Marquee rec

2x SACRIFICE- Soldiers Of Misfortune 2CD Marquee rec

1x SACRIFICE- Apocalypse Inside  2CD Slipcase  Marquee rec

1x SODOM- In The Sign Of Evil/Pbsessed By Cruelity CD

1x SUDDEN IMPACT- No Rest From The Wicked CD Marquee Rec 5pts

2x STORMWITCH- Walpurgis Night Digi

1x SACRILIGE- Behind The Realms Of Madness CD 5pts

1x SACRILEGE- Turn Back Trilobite CD 5pts

2x SARATAN- Antireligion CD 5pts

1x SATANIC THREAT- In To Hell CD Hells Headbangers US 4pts

1x STTEL HORSE- In The Storm CD 5pts

1x SIX POINT SIX- Fallen Angel CD 5prs

1x SHARDS OF HUMNITY - Fractured Freqencies CD 5pts

1x SADUS- Illusions CD

1x SADISTIC RITUAL- Edge Of The Knife Cd 5pts

1x SARATAN-The Cult of Vermin CD 5pts

2x SAVAGE GRACE- The Dominattress demo 1982 CD

2x SAVAGE GRACE-Master Of Disgust CD

2x SAVAGE GRACE- Ride Into The Night Demo 1983 CD

2x SAVAGE GRACE-After The Fall From Grace CD

1x SENTINEL BEAST- Up From The Ashes CD Stormspell US 5pts

1x SALEMS LAW- Tale Of Goblines Breed CD 5pts

SILENCE- Last Warrior 1989  CD 2014 4pts

1x SAVAGE- Lose N Metal CD

3x SCHIZO- Totten Spiral Digi CD 5pts

1x SCORPIONS- Lovedrive CD 5pts

1x SCORPIONS- Animal Magnetism CD 

New 5x SCEPTIC-Unbelievers Scripy CD 5pts

New 5x SCEPTIC- Bling Existence CD 5pts

New 5x SCEPTIC-Pathetic Being CD 5pts 

New SCHISMATIC -Circle of Evolution 93 CD

New SCHISMATIC Egregor 94 CD

1x SLAUGHTER- Strappado 2 CD Marquee Rec

SLAUGHTER- Into The Darkness CD 4pts

1x STRAPPADO- Fatal Judgement 2CD Mrquee rec

1x SIGH- Graveward CD 5pts

2x SPEEDBOZER-Speedbozer CD 5pts

1x SEPULTURA- Behind The Remains CD

1x SEPULTURA- Bestal Devastation/Morbid Vision CD Cogumelo 1998

1x SEPULTURA- Bestal Devastation/Morbid Vision Digi CD Cogumelo 

2x SEXTRASH- Sexual Carnage CD Cogumelo 

1x SHOCK- Shadows CD 5pts

1x SHOCK- Heavy Metal We Salute You CD 5pts

1x SHOCK TROOPERS- Blades And Rods CD 4pts

1x SORROWS PATH- Doom Philosophy CD 5pts

1x SKULLFUCK- The Supreme Ugliness CD 4pts

3x SUICIDE WATCH- Gloral Warning CD 5pts

1x SPEEDBREAKER- Bult For Speed Digi CD 5pts

1x SLAVE ONE- Repulsor CD Fundation 2000 5pts

4x SLAUGHTER COMMAND- Ride The Tornado CD 5pts

1x STEEL HORSE- Wild Power CD 5pts

1x SLAYER- Reign In Blood CD 5pts

1x SLAYER- Divine Intervention CD 5pts

1x SLAYER- God Hates Us All CD 5pts 

5x SOLEMEN-  Ceremony CD 5pts

1x STRIKE MASTER- Majestic Strike CD 5pts

1x STRIKE MASTER- Re Thrashing The Old Skull  CD 5pts

1x SKELATOR- Time Of The Sword Rulers CD Metal On Metal 5pts

1x STYGIAN SHORE-The Shore Will Arise CD Shadow Kingdom US

1x SDI- Sdi CD 5pts

1x SDI- Sign Of The Wicked CD 5pts

1x SDI- Mistreated CD 5pts

4x SKOFFIN- Lucid Persecution CD 4pts

1x SHACKLES- Traitors Gate CD 5pts

3x SKELETHAL-Of The Depths CD 5pts

4x SOUL COLECTOR/REANIMATOR- In Union We Thrash CD 4ptsd

3x SOUL COLECTOR- Thrashmadeddon CD 4ptd

2x SZRON- Zeal CD Black metal ala Darkthrone 5pts

SLAUGHTBBATH "Alchemical Warfare" CD5pts

SLAUGHTBBATH "Hail To Fire “ CD 5pts

STEEL RAISER- Acciaio CD pts

 SPARAGMOS- Invication from Host Of Wrath CD 5pts

1x  TARANIS "Taranis" CD 4pts

4x TARANIS- Flandriae CD 5pts

1x THANATOS- Justified Genocide CD 5pts

TROUBLE- Psalm IX CD Metal Blade CD

TROUBLE The Skull CD Metal Blade CD

TROUBLE- Manic Sustration CD Def American

TORMENTER- Prophobic Deceiver CD 5pts

TOXIC- Wasterland CD

TYRANTS KAIL -Gla'aki CD 5pts

1x THRASH AMIGOS- Hijoe De La Chingada CD 5pts

1x THERION- Symphony Masses CD 5pts

1x THERION- Lepaca Kliffith CD 5pts

1x THUNDER STORM- Witchunter Tales CD 5pts

1x THUNDER STORM- Sad Symhony  CD 5pts


1x THE EXLOIRED- Beast The Bastards CD

1x TOXIK- World Circus CD 5pts


1x TAKING OVER/ PHANTOM WITCH -Thrash Clash Vol I CD Stormspell US 

4x THE GARCIA- Horizonte Digi CD 4pts

8x TARIA- The Brightest Void Digi CD 5pts

4x TAURUS- Signo De Taurus CD Marquee rec

TAURUS- Fissure CD 4pts

TRAUNA- Secreth Abd Scream CD 5pts

TESTANENT -The Legacy CD AtlanticMegaforce


THOR- Thunerstike (part I) CD 5pts

THOR- Thunerstike (part II) CD 5pts

THE MEZMERIST- The Innocent ,The Forsaken,The Guilty CD Shadow Kingdom US

1x TYRANT (Ger) Mean Machine CD Battle Cry 5pts

1x THE DAY OF THE BEAST- Relentless Demonic Intrusion CD 5pts

TYRANT- King Of Kings CD Old Metal US

1x TYRANT-King Of Kings Digi CD Shadow Kingdom US

1x TYRANT- Legiond Of The Dead Digi CD Shadow Kingdom US

1x TYRANT- Too Late Tp Pray Digi CD Shadow Kingdom

1x TNELT ROTE- Trespass CD 5pts

10x TRAKTOR- Fast And Loud CD 4pts

2x THE RIVER- Vessels Into White Tides CD 4pts

THE NO MADS -Lost Control CD 4pts

9x TRAUMA- Invisble Reality 1991 CD 5pts

3x TRAUMA- Comedy Is Over CD 5pts

1x TOTEMESSE- To CD 4pts

1x TIGER JUMKIES- D-beat Street Rock N Rollers CD 5pts

2x THUNDER LORD- Prophecies of Doom CD 5pts

1x THE LAMB OF THOTH- This Is Not A Laughing Matter CD Metal On Metal 5pts

1x TRUST- Fist Hald High CD HeavyMetal Rock Rec

2x THY WORSHIPER- Czarna Dzika Czerwień CD 5pts

1x TRASHER DEATH- Slaver CD 5pts

3x THRONEUM- Deathcult Conspiracy CD 5pts

5x THRONEUM-Organic Death Temple MMXVI CD 5pts

8x TRHRONEUM- Pestilent death Digi CD 5pts

5x THRONEUM_Bestial Antihuman Evil Digi CD 5pts

5x THRONEUM- Old Deaths Lair CD 5pts

6x THRONEUM „The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon"CD 5pts

2x TYRON- Rebels Shail Conqueror CD 5pts

2x TUNELT ROTE- Trespass CD 5pts

2x THIRD STORM- Taritiya Me CD 5pts

2x THRONE Of KATARSIS- Bed Graven CD 5pts

1x THRONE Of KATARSIS- The Thre Transcendental Keys CD 5pts

1x THRONE Of KATARSIS- Helvete Det Sskalde Morket CD 5pts
2x THE TEMPLE- Forevermourn CD 5pts
2x THUNDER LORD- Heavy Metal Rage CD 5pts
5x TORMENTOR- Violent World Cd 5pts
2x TROL- Trol CD 5pts
1x THE TRUE WEREWOLF- a compendium of The Death Music Cd 4pts
3x THE RIVER- Vessels Into White Tides CD 5pts 

1x TYPE O NEGATIVE- Slow,deep And Hard CD  Roadracer 1991

1x THRASH BONES- Dawn CD 5pts

1x TRANSGRESSOR- Ether For Scapegoat CD 5pts


1x UFO- Phenomena CD Chrysolis 2007 5pts

1x UFO- Force II CDChrysolis 2007 5pts

1x UFO- No Heavy Peting CD Chrysolis 2007 5pts

1x UFO- Lights Out CD Chrysolis 2007 5pts
1x UFO- Obsession CD Chrysolis 2007 5pts
1x UFO- No Place To Run  CD Chrysolis 2007 5pts
1x UNHOLY CRUCIFIX- Ordo Servorum Satanae Cd 5pts
1x UNFOFFINED- Ritual Death And Fuberal Rires Cd 5pts
1x UDUBAL- Ahi Budhnya CD 4pts

6x UNSILENCE- A Fire On The Swa CD 5pts

2x UNDERDOG- Rabies In Town CD Old Metal US

1x UPPERCUT- Reanimation Of Hate CD 5pts

1x USURPER- Divine Spiritual And Intellectual Development  Dig 2 CD  Marquee rec

2x UNHOLY LUST- Humanity And Ils Tad CD 5pts

2x UNCOFINED- cere,onies of Morbidity Cd 5pts

1x UGANGA- Eurocaos Ap Vivo Splipace CD

9x ULCER- Heading Below CD 5pts

3xUR- Hail Death Digi CD 5pts

3x UR-Black Vortex CD 5pts

7x VADER-Necrolust CD 5pts

7x VADER- The Empire CD 5ptd

6x VADER- Morbid Reich CD 5pts 

4x VAPULEADOR- Aniquilacion Masiva CD + obi 5pts

4x VAPULEADOR- Animales del Chaos  CD + obi 5pts

4x VAPULEADOR- Violencia Ortodoxa  CD + obi 5pts
1x VAN HALEN -III CD Warner Bros

VOO DOO - CzasVoo Doo 1987 CD Slipcase 4pts

5x VOIDHANGER- Working Class Misanthrophy CD5pts

1x VIOLENT HATE- In Between The Truth CD 5pts 

1x  VARMIA- W Ciele Nie CD 4pts

8x VIOLENT DIRGE Elapse CD 5pts

2x VIRCOLAC- Godes Peridion CD 5pts

3x VINDICATOR- United We Fall CD 5pts

3x VINDICATOR/METAL WITCH- Outbreak Of Metal CD 5pts

1x VENOMOUS MAXIMUS- No Warning 2 CD 6pts

1x VRIR II- DANIK II- Sark Season CD 5pts

1x VETO- Veto CD 5pts

2x VASSAFOR- Elegy of The Archenaut CD 5pts

1x VIKNG- Man Of Straw CD

VALGRIND- Condemnation CD

1x VENGENCE- Take It Or Leave It CD 5pts

1x VENGENCE- We Have Ways To Make Tou Rock CD 5pts

2x VINDICATOR/METAL WITCH- Outbreak Of Metal CD 4pts

2x VOLTAX- No Retreat...Ypu Surrender CD 5pts

1x VAULTWRATH- Death Is Proff Stans Power CD 5pts

4x VOMITOR- Pestilen DeathCD 5pts

VULCANO-  Live 1985 CD Cogumelo

VULCANO- Anthropophagy CD 

VULCANO -Wholly Wicked CD 5pts

1x VENOM- Welcome To Hell CD 5pts

2x VENOM - Black Metal CD 5pts

1x VEXED- Endless Armageddon CD 4pt

2x VILLANS- Road To Ruin CD 4pts

2x VILLANS-Newr Abadon The Slut Train CD 4pts

1x VOLTAX- Riding Into Flames CD 5pts

WARGASM- Live In Boston CD

WOMBRIPPER- Macabre melodies CD

1x WILDHUNT- Descending CD 5pts

1x WOSLOM- Time To Rise CD 5pts

1x WALK THROUGH FIRE- Furthest From Heaven CD 5pts

1x WOODEN STAKE- A Feast Of Virgin Souls CD 5pts

1x WARMBLOOD- God Of Zombies CD 5pts  

1x WARMBLOOD- Timor Mortis CD 5pts

1x WARFX- War Songs CD 5pts

1x WOLF OF SLEEP- And Hell Followed With Him CD 5pts

1x WARLORD- Thy Kingdom Cone CD 5pts

1x WRATHPRAYER- The Sun of Moloch CD 5pts

1x WEAPON XIII- Monster Reborn CD Mrquee Rec 5pts

 2x WILD DOGS- Reigb Of Terror CD Enigma  US

WITCH- Inkwizycja 1990 CD 2018 4pts

1x WITCHING HOUR- And Silent Grief Shadows The Passing Moon CD 5pts

2x WOLFKAN- Cyber Necro Spitualis Dig CD 5ptd

5x WARFIST- Metal to the Bone CD 5pt

4x WARFIST-Grunberger CD5pts

2x WILCZYCA- Wilczyca CD 5ts

2x WILCZTCA- Hords CD 5pts

1x WITCH CROSS- Fit For Fight CD 5pts

3x WARFIST/EXIDIUM- Lowd of Perwersion & Filth CD 5pts

5x WITCHMASTER- Masochistic Devil Worship CD 5pts

5x WITCHMASTER- Violence & Blasphemy CD 5pts

1x WOJNAR- The Dark Guard of The Slavonic empire Cd 4pts

1x WARSAW- Nuclear Nightmare Digi CD 5pts 

1x XANTOTOL-Thus Spake Zaratrustra Digi CD 5pts

1x XABTOROL- Glory for Centuries… 2CD6pts

1x XAOZ- vexilla Regis Cd 4pts

1x XENOFONES- Pissing In The Holy Grail CD 5pts

1x X WILD- So What CD 

1x X WILD- Monster Effect CD

1x X WILD- Savageland CD

1x XINR- Beyond Worword CD Stormspell US 5pts


1x X- RATED- Shaking Like A Bad Machine CD Urubuz Rec 5pts

1x ZAUM- Oracles CD 5pts

ZOETROPE- Amnesty CD  5pts

ZOETROPE- A life of Cream CD

EALOTRY- The Harnel Expanse CD

1x ZOMBIE LAKE- Plague The Undead CD (ex Protector Golem band) 5pts

2x ZOM- Flesh Asimilation CD 5pts

1x  ZONE ZERO- The Lost Legacy 2 CD Shadow Kingdom US 6pts



BETRAYER-Calamity T-shirt S,M,L,XXL

BETRAYER-Necronimical Exmortis T=shirt S,M,L,XXL

MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities T-shirt S.M,L,XL

MERCILESS DEATH-Eternal Condemnation T-shirt S,M,L..XXL



ARIJA-Герой асфальта: 20 лет DVD


BON JOVI-Live fom London


BLACK SABBATH- Story ActII 35zł 

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY- Boozed, Broozed & Broken Boned



CARNAL FORGE- Destroy Live 


DEICIDE- Domsday L.A. 

DOKKEN-One Live Night 

DISMEMBER-Live Blasphemies 

DECAYED- Darkness Over Ceremony

EDGUY- Fucking With Fuck 

GRAVE- Enraptured 

GRAVE DIGGER- Tunes Of Wacken 

G3- Joe Satriani/Steve Vai,Yungwie M. 

HAMMERFALL- One Crimson Night 

HIRAX- Thrash And destroy CD+dvd 

ICE EARTH- Alive In Athens

JUDAS PRIEST- British Steel 

JUST KILL…And Kill Agaim III Hirax/Mortale/Devil On Earth

JORN- Live In America 

KAT- Życie Po Życiu 

KISS- Rock And Roll All Night 

MARDUK-Funeral Marches and Warsongs 

MORBID ANGEL- Live At Rock City 89

MEKONG DELTA- Live In Frankfurt 91 


ONSLAUGHT- Live Polish Assault 

ROCK S C’OOL video clip Comilation Steamhammer Act 1

ROCK S C’OOL video clip Comilation Steamhammer Act 2


UFO- Showtime 

VITAL REMAINS- Evil-Death- Live 

VADER- And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw CD+ Dvd 

VADER- And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw 

VADER-Before The Age Of Chaos CD/DVD DIGI


VON- Satanic Blood Ritual DVD 




BODE PRETO- Inverted Blood CD 2012

Nine hymns to the glory of Satan. Relentless playing. Rage and fury. Unrestrained bloodlust. Utter EVIL. Intensity at the breaking point. The cult of SARCOFAGO and BLASPHEMY. Another Brazilian horde having all the qualities of the Devil's genius. This is the music for the few true followers of the Dark Force emanating huge power. Infernal might that kills the God's sheep with trivial ease. Mere mortal within a few minutes would cut their veins to not hear these manifests praises the Master of Hell. Total anti-Christian blasphemy, desecration of all that is holy. It is the antichrist hammer crushing everything that defy the power of Hell. What is interesting, next to the intense drum parts played by Adeloson Souza (who, btw, plays extremely fucking well making specific HELL) we can hear a raw-sounding guitar which makes huge confusion time after time serving devastating riffs. Solos also show the utter obsession. Although BODE PRETO music is not too demanding, Josh S. knows how to play the guitar. This duo turns into dust everything on its way. Genuine bestial devastation. The end of mankind is near. Days of the reign of the BEAST 666 are coming.


BULLDOZER "The exorcism - Demo '84" (digipack)

SPECIAL PRESSING ON DELUXE DIGIPACK CD WITH AN ELEVEN-PAGE BOOKLET FILLED WITH EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS AND LINER NOTES!The ultra-fucking-rare BULLDOZER Demotape 1984 with kult "Fallen angel" 7" added as bonus. One of the most incredible findings in FOAD's hunting career: only 3 copies of this demo exist, one was sent to Roadrunner, one to King Diamond and one was recently exhumed in AC Wild’s basement and delivered to us for a top quality treatment. This is the recording that got Bulldozer signed to Roadrunner in 1984 and it sounds killer.. different and rawer versions of classics ended on their debut slasher "The day of wrath". Dark, demonical Black/Speed Metal from the most savage guts of Italy's early 80s Metal inferno, for anyone that worships the early releases from Venom, Bathory and Possessed, plus the "Fallen angel" session adds that Motörhead touch that makes this an instant masterpiece of rawness. Check out how AC Wild introduced the unreleased Demo recordings: "This tape was sent to Roadrunner and Roadrunner signed us in 1984. It was also submitted to King Diamond to ask if he was interested in being the producer of our album but he refused saying that this stuff sounded "too Punk"!! Comes in a deluxe difipack filled with rare/unreleased photos, alternate artworks and liner-notes.


CONVICTED - Convicted

Another great band from Greece - playing energetic oldschool thrash metal in the vein of Blood Feast, Destruction, Suicidal Angels.



COUNT RAVEN - Mammons War CD

Count Raven is a traditional doom metal band of the 90s that released as many as four solid albums within a span of six years, after which they disbanded. A person whose doom metal starts with Sabbath and ends with Candlemass might not have heard of them, but amonngst the ones who routinely worship Pentagram and dance to the tunes of Cirith Ungol, they’re a legend. But that doesn’t matter, because this is a band anyone with any metal in him will instantly fall in love with. Vocalist-guitarist Dan Fondelius’s riffs are very similar to our power chord god Iommi in terms of catchiness and heaviness. His vocals are a more digestible and less repulsive version of Ozzy’s.

DECEAYED - Unholy Demon Seed CD

Compilation CD with 15 Tracks Taken from every album released until now and one new song with Tormentor (Desaster) in drums, patches available too



DECEASED - Supernatural Addiction CD

A death metal classic is unearthed from the crypt: DECEASED's masterfully haunting Supernatural Addiction! Originally released in 2000 on Relapse to widespread acclaim, DECEASED's Supernatural Addiction saw these underground legends expand upon the epic narratives of the preceding Fearless Undead Machines but put into punchier, more concise attacks without losing any of drumming frontman King Fowley's characteristically creepy storytelling. Less "death metal" and more deathly heavy metal, this DECEASED album cemented their staus as one of the most unique and recognizable metal bands since the turn of the '90s. HELLS HEADBANGERS is stepping in to reissue this cherished treasure, now with five bonus demo tracks œ feed your Supernatural Addiction!


DESTROYER / VIOLATED- Outbrake Of The Metal Vol, II CD

Volume 2 of the series see's Destroyer (Thrash Metal from Poland) pair up with Violated (Death Thrash from Norway)



DEZASTOR- After You Die We Mosh CD 2014

Thrash metal from USA




DR.SIN- Original Sin CD

Hair Glam Rock N Roll