In pains of tormented and tortured bodies, sounds of broken bones, screams of misery- the new issue of OLD SCHOOL METAL MANIAC is born! Inside you can find interviews with bands like ANDRALLS, AXECUTER, AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR, ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS, DRILLER, DETHRONED CHRIST, EVIL MACHINE, GRAVE, GENOCIDIO, GHOST, GRAVE DIGGER, HAZAEL, HELLIAS, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, IMMOLATION, I NCANTATION, MAJSTER KAT, MX, MYSTIFIER, PENTAGRAM CHILE, RAPED CHRIST, REPULSOR, CYROGRAF ZINE< VENOM, VULCANO, WARRANT, WOSLOM and what's more- a lot of reviews, some big relations from gigs of POSSESSED, TRIPTYKON and report from XIXth edition of Brutal Assault Fest!
Magazine will be published only in electronic form, but it will be available for free.

Planned date of release: March 2015

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