We would like to thank all the people that appreciated our work. Sadly, there are less and less true oldschool metal maniacs out there – but the ones still loyal are truly great.

We live in the times when the traditional press is dying. The youth is not buying the magazines and records. It’s reaching out to soul-less network flooded with trash. We feel that Oldschool Metal Maniac is losing to this. On the left you will find an evidence – a whole wall of unsold OMMM issues.

The second evidence is our campaign at – we still only managed to gather 10% of the money we need to manufacture EP and the magazine. I say this with deep regret because we have put a lot of effort and our hearts into this magazine.We feel it was not appreciated. If we won’t manage to Rather the whole sum needed to print the 6th issue you will get it a electronic form as a .pdf and this issue will be the farewell one.

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