ATTOMICA “Disturbing the noise” gatefold LP

Brazilian Thrash artillery at its finest!! Originally released in 1991, “Disturbing the noise” was the band’s 3rd full length and probably the peak of aggression and tightness in their discography. This is hands down their best (and fastest) release according to FOAD team’s taste, that’s why we offered them to bring it back to light, as the original pressing on Discogs and Ebay is sold at ridiculously horrendous prices… $ 200 and surroundings! ATTOMICA‘s sonic offering on this album is a solid overdose of brutal no frills Thrash. Take the riffing and ballistic execution of SEPULTURA in their “Beneath the remains” era and mix it with the speed and ferocity of American masters like DEMOLITION HAMMER and you get a remote idea of the punching tornado these maniacs were able to deliver. No, it doesn’t have absurd technical showmenship or acrobatic soloing, but the truth is that there’s no need of these things, at least when you are playing only in order to crush the listeners’ skulls and necks.

These seven bullets will hit you quickly and mercilessly: if you are looking for some straightforward plain THRASH, you should surely check this out and have some simple headbanging fun. Housed in a tick high glossy gatefold cover with rare and unreleased photos!

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard edition on “radioactive sign” red/black vinyl strictly limited to 100 copies only

Poprawiony (sobota, 26 grudnia 2015 09:20)