We have had to wait for DESTROYER 666`s new album for seven long years. A long wait indeed, but right now, as we can enjoy this Wildfire album, I can only say it was worth it. To me, this album is a sufficiently good reason to talk with Keith K. Warslut about a number of issues. Lads and ladies, enjoy:

1. Hail Keith. First and foremost, I just want to say this Wildfire album has fucking smashed my brain into millions of small pieces. When I look at the ceiling, I can still see there some pieces of my brain and blood crusted in some shapeless mass. Dude, this stuff rules, it’s been years since I have been so destroyed. It’s just fucking awesome!

KK - Thanks very much

2. It has been seven long years since Defiance was released, but as we can see now, this time ain`t been wasted. You`ve not been under too much pressure to release this new album, ay? Why such a long break between these two albums?

KK - There was a brief period after i lost two members where I had to take stock of things and my situation.After some time,licking my wounds got boring,so I jumped back in the ring.I was also very busy pursuing some of favourite hobbys.Some of which I sing about on the new album.

3. Stylistically, this stuff differs from your other releases and glorifies old-school metal, don’t it? I can definitely hear some classical elements on this material such as speed, heavy and thrash, all right. Surely, you can sense some Devil in this music as well, but I am of opinion that your previous releases are somehow more black metal oriented, I would say, yeah. Did you guys get bored with black metal a little bit? And thus decided to explore more classic conventions of the old good school of metal from the 80s?

KK - I think part of me started to realise that muh of the negativity inherent in our beloved music was indicative of the larger society we live in.A sense of self defeat,resignation,endless fucking funeral dirges before a battles even been fought.If folks think thats just Black Metal,then I disagree,I say go an speak to the average lump of flesh about the state of the country or society they live in and the answers invariably the same,We are doomed,we are lost,we deserve all we get,But then I saw it was actually a mainstream belief,I was disgusted and moved away from it.
On top of this,I think theres a lot of great bands playing BM nowadays,and theres nothing I could add to the genre by releasing the millionth BM release in the past year.

4. Your music has always been suffused with old-school metal atmosphere, but this time you are exploring the music atmosphere of the 80s like never before. I suspect you listen to a lot of classic stuff. Tell me which bands are your favourite?

KK - The past 5 years have been mainly listening obscure 80s Heavy Metal.And every album Primoridal releases.

5. Do you still glorify DARK ANGEL, IRON ANGEL, DESTRUCTION, ACCEPT or WASP? I mean these are the bands that shaped your music taste when you were younger. Any other bands from the past worth mentioning?

KK - Many,but thats boring,folks have the internet and can find what they like ,when they like.I dont expect everyone to like Black Fate because I like them,I know its a band not without fault,full of cliches and very formularised,but these kinda bands move me the past years.

I love sex drugs and heavy metal,but I dont think its for everyone,its a way of life Ive indulged for many years now,and its just not for everyone,most folks require security and careers and stuff,and its not for me to tell them to change that.

6. When I look at Wildfire`s front cover I am thinking about a certain allegory. A hooded skeleton with a scythe, driven by hateful lust to destroy, is leaving remnants of the burnt down human world. This cover mirrors, indeed, what is happening right now in this world of ours. I mean where an extreme religious fundamentalism leads to extreme behaviours, destruction of what is left of the ancient world. All in the name of sick imagination. Plus global terrorism and yearn to destroy anything which is not Islamic. This cover art, simple as it seems, carries some deeper meaning, right?

KK - Sorry to disappoint you,but No! I think I covered enoough deeper topics on the previous album, and I think I said all I had to say on those matters.But most importantly I wrot the lyrics to fit the music. So long as thier honest was the most important thing for me. Always has been and always will be I think.
Having said that,circumstances since the recording have changed ,and the pace of cultural annihilation in Europe has grwon exponentially,so I may well return to more serious topics next time round.
Especially the topic of the inherent sense of resignation so prevalent in metal folks today.In mainstream society I expect from these fucking sheeple,but I expected something else from metalheads...perhaps some naivite and romanticism on my part, never the less,Never Surrender sounds better to me than 'woe is us,we`re all doomed,because we're so fucking helpless and weak'

7. I would like to know what you think about this current islamization of Europe. Why can`t European governments handle the situation effectively? This problem is just getting really gargantuan these days…

KK - theyre handling it exactly as theyve been instructed to, which is to fulfil the Coudenhove Kalergi plan. Merkel was awarded the European prize by the Coudenhove Kalergi Society in 2010,and she has fulfilled her role wonderfully.Research these people and thier delightful scheme and youll see everything turning out just as they wish.Look up the quotes of Peter Sutherland and George Soros .Our governements for the most part just do as thier told.

8. Things have come to a full circle, I reckon. Hundreds of years ago, the Crusaders destroyed and devastated everything which wasn’t Christian. The largest collection of the antic world manuscripts were burnt. Temples were destroyed and devastated, heathens were forced to denounce their beliefs. Violence and genocide took place. In other words, it was everything that Islamists are doing right now. It is kind of interesting why such things are happening again, as the culture in itself seems pretty developed. What is your opinion? Why is the culture in regress? The culture was always the root of all science, art, religious tolerance and now it is associated with mindless savages who want to dominate the Western world?

KK - Always? I understand they had a brief period of enlightenment 500 yrs ago or so before they regressed to a strict theocracy and lost it all. Its my belief the conflict between east and West is an entirely orchestrated affair.The systematic destabilisation of North African and Middle Eastern countries, encourage fighting age men to leave en masse. Ill leave it to your readers to research for what reasons this is happening.

9. We can witness the Western Civilisation has been falling for some time now. What I am driving at is the islamization which Europe cannot resist. Is this situation going to lead to an open religious conflict (like world war three for instance)?

KK - If we allow the elites to coerece us into that Yes.
Be aware that many of the anti-Islamic groups are funded directly from Neo-Con organisations who are in turn funded by others.Its my belief they want conflict in order to bring about martial law and round up the dissidents.
But I disagree the West has been falling for some time, on the contrary, the mass migration of folks risking life and limb to come here would seem to indicate the opposite. What is happening is the design of world financiers and corporate and media heads,the kinda folks who visit the Bilderberg Group meetings.
Its easy to look at the world and see only chaos,but with enough research you see that its orchestrated chaos used as a means to an end. Just as the English introduced Protestant immigrants and land owners into a Catholic Ireland,so we see the same technique being used today.
Putin and a few other leaders speak out loud about thier knowledge and disdain for the elites schemes and means.
Most importantly is to not fall into the trap of resignation,defeatism and abject nihilism. Because thats exactly where they want you. Why fight people physically when you can defeat them mentally.
If anyone wants a good starting point to understand some of the techniques used by these vermin,then I suggest watching the amazing documentary by Adam Curtis called 'The Century of the Self'.

10. Ok, I am not sure if I am not talking too much about these topics, am I? OK, enough then. Let’s get back to Wildfire, shall we. The first track on this album is a pretty dynamic one called Traitor. What a blast, this track really is. I can hear very distinct and clear guitar solo parts. Did you guys plan to do these solos intentionally or it just happened spontaneously?


KK - Mine were worked out before becaue Im not a great solo player,where as RC is quite proficient and just whips 'em out.

11. Wildfire is a pretty diverse album, ok. I would say this is your first album with such a broad spectrum of different music moods?

KK - Not sure I agree,but that kind of diversity has always been an important recipe for me when making an album.

13. Live And Burn is another track, speedy would say yet it is very melodic. These first sentences are almost like some kind of a manifesto! "We were born in a desert storm on thirteen tolling bells. And in a torrent of blood we did come upon this wicked world Raised by bitches in leopard skin who taught us all the pleasures of sin." Really? Was it intentional? Hell yeah!

KK - Not intentional no,I just wanted some of the freedom and defiance I felt when listening to albums years ago.

14. Artiglio Del Diavolo is an instrumental track, very rich in sounds. Why did you decide to create such a track? You can feel how atmospheric this song is, you can almost imagine some wind-swept desert or something like that!

KK - No comment.
Which is my hilarious way of trying to say what I felt didnt need to be said in the song.No words needed so to speak. Ive already said too much about it.

15. Hounds At Ya Back seems to be heavily influenced by RUNNING WILD, especially when it comes to the choirs. How important is RUNNING WILD to you then?

KK - I think maybe you looking at things like I was a 20 yr old, an age when folks tend to just listen to a few albums ,work out the riffs and try and write songs like them. But thats never been the case in Destroyer. Not once. I just play. If it ends up sounding like something,and i recognize it before recording, I usually go seek out the piece and make sure its not too close to the original.
If you could see the working titles,which are usually a vague description of what the I thought the original riff sounded lke youd be surprised. I cant quite recall right now,but i think the working title for that 'Hounds..' was FRMC,which was short for Folk Rock Metal Church...this might give you an indication of just how much the song has changed ...and perhaps, how bad I am at describing music.

16. Hymn to Dionysus is a rather misanthropic black metal track. There is many grim moments in this song as well as some speedy parts too. I am really impressed at your being so slick with using diverse music atmospheres. Please tell me whether it is difficult to create such complex music?

KK - Man,really sorry to keep disagreeing with ya here,but I dont find D666 to be complex at all.
I like diversity in music. I dont feel fucking miserable all the time,and Im not always in a fucking rage,..quite often I am ,many folks will tell you,but ,not all the time.I just write and it comes out that way.The truth is mate,Im not an accomplished enough musician to write just one style all the time. I couldnt do it ,even if I wanted to.Which I dont.But I am glad you like what we do so much.

17. The title track is just mind-blowing. This song is just full of energy, really! No doubt you`ve called your album Wildfire. You`ve made some video clip for this track, too. Can you please tell us some more about it?

KK - It was 200 EUR and a coupla lights, interspersed with some live footage.Peronally I wanted losta semi-naked hot babes and those cars that bounce up and down,but sadly we couldnt get them with the 50 bucks remaining from our budget.

18. You are about to start another tour. Brazilian GRAVE DESECRATOR is going to take part in some of the shows. This sounds really awesome! You think there will be some deaths at some gigs, ha-ha!?

KK - Im not aware of this tour yet.

19. This April you`ll again be visiting Poland. It`ll be your third time in my country, right? What do you think about our metal fans at your gigs when compared with other nationalities?

KK - For me personally,the Polaks are some the fucking best in the world. I wish we could play there more often.

20. White Line Fever is another speedy track with sparky guitar solos. Have you already played this track live? I am pretty sure this track would make people go wild!

KK - As of this writing,weve only done 4 live shows for the new album.

21. Die You Fucking Pig is another crowbar blow in the head. This track is truly destructive. it is like one were to desecrate god`s dead body…you like this comparison?

KK - Hahahaha...yeah why not.Its about religious kid fuckers really.

22. Taman Shud is an extremely interesting track with sort of unusual vocals. As I can see you`re not afraid to experiment a little bit, huh?

KK - I wouldnt say Im not afraid,but I put the fear behind me and move forwards anyway.I wanted to say something for someone and the song moved in that direction accordingly. I hope I have done his memory some kind of justice with it.

23. Let me ask you about BESTIAL WARLUST. Have you ever felt tempted to reactivate this band? For many maniacs, Vengeance War Till Death is like the bible of metal. Btw, was the forming of D666 the very reason why you left B. WARLUST? Or maybe there was something else?

KK - There was many reasons, primarliy I had some ideas that a band should reflect thier music,or more correctly, that the music should reflect the band. I didnt think that just playing in a band was enough,the thought never occured to me. And not because it was inherently dishonest to others,but because it would have been dishonest to myself and that would equate to my life being dishonest. And that seems such a fucking waste of our short time here. A record for me is a 'record' in the other sense,not just a 'recording',but rather a record of events,intents ,emotions and thoughts. I would no more lie on record than I would write lies in a diary. If I ever kept a diary. I guess records are my diary.
Anyway,I didnt feel that was the case in Bestial Warlust.I would certainly consider some shows with Bloodstorm and Hellcunt and CorpseMolestor ,but thats about it.Skullfucker means nothing to me and I lost all respect for him many many years ago.

24. Thank you for your time. Any last words for our readers? Thank you very much!

KK - Thanks very much for your time and support,I feel humbled every time someone expresses such genuine appreciation for music Ive been a part of. Never Surrender!

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