On June 3, 2016, KAT`s "Metal and Hell", "38 Minutes of Life", "Oddech wymarłych światów" and "Mind Cannibals" reissueswill be available. And on September 15, 2016 "Bastard", "Ballady", "...Róże miłości najchętniej przyjmują się na grobach" and "Szydercze zwierciadło" will be re-released. All these items will be reissued as digi-cds and in September as lps too.


KAT`s guitarist Piotr Luczykyk "I am very happy these titles are going to be available again through Metal Mind Productions as this label means top quality."

"Metal and Hell" is KAT`s debut album from 1986 and is an English version of later released "666". "Oddech wymarłych światów" was originally released in 1988 and "38 Minutes of Life" is band`s first live album (was out in 1987) and features the live performance when KAT supported Metallica. "Mind Cannibals" is band`s eighth full length album recorded in 2005 and will be reissued as "Mind Cannibals - A.D. 2016". All reissued materials are original and not remastered.