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EGZEKUTHOR - Czas Sumienia 1988 CD

For the first time on Cd, the legendary recordings of old school thrash metal masters EGZEKUTHOR will bring you back to 80 s. Great compositions with Slayer and old Kat feeling. 9 technical songs plus unreleased stuff like demo 1987 + 1 live track from Thrash Metal Camp 1988. One of the most import_ant bands from Poland. Don t miss this one!!!



EGZEKUTHOR - Hateful Subconsciousness 1991 CD

First time on CD material form 1991 recorded at "Giełda" studio in Poznań. The CD contains 5 original tracks from "Hateful..." as well as 5 brand new blasters: "Immortal Sinner", "Welcome To Gotham", "Oblivion Hill", "Into The Holocaust" ,"Pestilence of Hate" along with new version of "Merciless Death", plus bonus tracks from "Hateful Subconciousness" preproduction demo. That akes total of 18 murderous tracks straight from Thrash Metal Hell!!! One of the most cult releases on Polish scene! Furious, ripping Oldschool Thrash merging Kreator tempos with Slayer's aggression and solos! For "Hateful Subconcoiousness" time has no meaning!!! Aggressive and even more brutal than Slayer-Reign In Blood & Dark Angel-Darkness Descends! Pure madness, a classic recordings. Buy or die! PLAY AT MAXIMUM VOLUME!!!


EXORCIST -Voices from the Graves/After the North Winds sold out

Thrashing Madness announces a new CD/DVD release which will be out later this year. It will feature EXORCIST`s two legendary demos: Voices From The Graves (1987) and After The North Winds (1988). This issue includes a number of previously unreleased bonus recordings: Live Thrash Camp,.This edition comes with an exclusive booklet w/ an EXORCIST interview by Wojciech Lis, plenty of old pictures and an obi strip.



EM RUINAS - ...from The Speed Metal Graves CD 2011

Oldschool Speed/Thrash Metal Band from (São Paulo) Brazil. After spawning in 2002 and releasing two demos Em Ruinas finally unleash their 2011 debut album. PURE FUCKING METAL!!!!!!!!!!!! KILLER BANDS



EVIL MACHINE- War In Heaven CD 2013

Old school Metal from Poland featuring members from Vader, Hermh, Hate i Dead Infection with guest appearance from Seth (Behemoth), Peter (Vader) and Cezar (Christ Agony. Death, black and thrash metal blended into one. Regular jewel case edition with booklet printed on raw paper.




EVIL WHIPLASH- Rituals Of Punishment CD 2010

Old School Thrash Debut from Colombia





FINGERNAILIS- Destroy Western World CD

This obscure Italian band returns to follow-up their debut, 20 years later! Killer old-school thrash/heavy metal in the Motorhead vein




FORTRESS - Modern Days Society CD 2011

Debut album of thrash metal Fortress - combining the thrashing madness with spirit of Death Angel / Razor. Skull crushing 8 track anthems in the tribute of Oldschool Metal Music.




FORMIS - Mental Survival CD 2014

Polish death metal  band  ala DEATH





FURIA - Martwa Polska Jesień CD 2011

Fury's debut album, re-release the six-panel digipack, original, emotional black metal with Polish-language texts.




FURIA - Grudzień Za Grudniem CD - Pagan Records 2009

Second full-lenght release of these Polish Black Metal Avangarde!




FURIA - Marzannie, Królowej Polski CD 2012

3rd full-lenght album from FURIA! extremely potent black metal with excellent musicianship and a lot of originality, cold, sinister, mournful, angry, melancholic... perfectly built and crafted monolith of atmosphere, cold hatred, nothingness, whirlwind of icy melodic riffing, blasting drums and evil, agonizing vocals!released as jewel case CD with 10 panel inlay.


FURIA-Nocel CD 2014

Fourth full-lenght from the Polish experimental black metallers FURIA! The band have been dwelling within the Polish black metal underground for a period of time in which this enigma have clearly spearheaded themselves as one of most prominent acts within the scene.  “Nocel” consists of 8 brand new morose and mournful hymns that displayed a scenario where fury and hatred are the two dominating emotions. They rumble gloomily and yawn with methane.









GARROTER Identity CD1014

death metal




GHOST- ''The Lost of Mercy''/„Renown”CD

Re-edition of this cult rekord GHOST =The Lost Of Mercy 94 with newer before publicated demo as a bonus! Renown from 1998 and 4 rare live tracks from Jarocin 93/94 A Real Death Metal Classic!!!



GHOST-"Bad Obsession/Noc Demona CD 

First time gathered and released archival materials of Death Metal band Ghost. Recorded between 1989-93. Including the cult material “Bad Obsession” released previously only on cassette by Carnage rec. and phenomenal Demo “Noc Demona”









GRAVELAND- Ogień Przebudzenia DIGI PACK

Epick War Pagan Metal




AVELAND -"Epilogue" CD 2015


GRAVELAND- The Celtic Winter CD 2013

Re-release of the cult of material Graveland! First time use other mix nowhere to be published for 20 years with alternative versions of the tracks! The re-release includes a lot of never previously seen photos, new graphic design with 20 pages booklet including linear notes from Knjaz Varggoth/Nokturnal Mortum, Ash/Nargaroth and many others!. Slipcase CD.



GRAVELAND -In The Glare of Burning Churches CD 2103

Re-release of the cult of material Graveland!  Remastered with many never released bonus tracks. The re-release includes a lot of never previously seen photos, new graphic design with 20 pages booklet including linear notes from Knjaz Varggoth/Nokturnal Mortum, Nergal / Behemoth and many others!. Slipcase CD




HAMMERHEAD- Shadow Of A Time To Be CD

First and only album released by this Brazilian Thrash Metal band from the 80´s.Includes Live and demo bonus tracks.Released by Voice Music.





HEATHENDOM- Nescience CD Metal On Metal Rec

Heavy Doom Metal




HEKTOR - The Inner Dementia 1989 CD 2012

Long-awaited premiere of a cult album First time on CD! A Thrash Metal pearl of the late '80s Polish Metal scene! The CD contains 20 pages booklet including the band's biography and a fair fistfull of never-before shown photos! "The Inner Dementia" is an undisputed classic whorth its place in every real headbanger's collection! Apart from the basic material the CD contains 4 bonus tracks presenting classic songs in 2012 re-mix! Never previously released material on CD A real Oldschool Thrash Metal Clasic!


HELLBASTARD - Sons Of Bitches CD

Legedary British crust / thrashmetal is back with five new songs, including a re-recorded "We Had Evidence" from the debut album "Heading For Internal Darkness" (1988). Excellent metal / crust punk



HELL-BORN Darkness CD-digipack

A limited version of the acclaimed recent album HELL BORN. The issue with the new cover and new graphics in the form of six - panel digi pack also contains live recordings from 2003 recorded during their U.S.A tour. Strictly limited edition.


HELLIAS - Revenge of Hellias 1987 CD 2008

First, previously unreleased demo of the band recorded in 1987, available as limited edition CD. version contains 5 multimedia bonus tracks with live video material from 87-90.




HELLIAS- Closed in the fate Coffin 1991„Noc potępienia1998” 2015

Thrashing Madness along with HELLIAS band are preparing a reedition of classic material "Closed in the Fate Coffin / Noc Potępienia." The material will consist of many unique bonus rarities, 16-page booklet with a bunch of previously unpublished photos, band's story in a form of a interview with Wojtek Lis. The CD release is planned for later this year or within the first days of 2015. It's noting that this CD will come out in a strict limit of 500 copies.



HELLIAS - A.D. Darkness CD 2009

After years of silence the legend of Polish Thrash Metal Scene returns to their throne stronger and more expressive than ever HELLIAS!!! Long-awaited new material fom Thrash Metal Masters consisting of 12 brand new blasters + bonuses in Polish out on 1.08.2009 Hard sounding album rooted deeply in the Glory Days, for maniacs of acts such as EXODUS, TESTAMENT, DARK ANGEL or SLAYER. Recently the band celebrated their 22nd anniversary. This material emerges as the perfect offering for the maniacs of Real Thrash Metal!!!!



HELLVETO - Kry CD 2009

New album Hellveto, like previous productions "Neoheresy", "In The Glory Of Heroes" and "966" perfectly combines the grandeur and orchestral epic style of barbaric savagery of black metal. Content "Floe" is recommended for all who are close atmosphere created by Summoning, early profane, Emperor to the epic rings or Drudkh Graveland. In similar style revolves Hellveto, while retaining its own identity and unique style. Album available as a six-panel digipack with a bonus music video for the title track.


HELLVETO - Wiara, nadzieja..., potępienie CD 2010

A new studio album Hellveto, the most complete, consistent and aggressive at the same time the material in the current group's discography! The combination of barbaric savagery of the pagan fire of epic orchestral arrangements and dignity. Nearly two hours of pagan black metal of the best quality. Exclusive edition in the form of dual panel digipack with bonus disc "Trilogy".


HELLVETO - Damnaretis CD 2012

Another new album Hellveto! Ten new symphonic compositions that are just as complicated. Unique, sophisticated, evolutionary, strong, dynamic pagan black metal. CD for fans who support the team through the years.




HOLY DEATH-Triumph Of Evil? 1996 CD 2015

“Triumph of Evil?” is one of the absolutely cult and obligatory Polish black metal materials from the mid-90s. Sloppily released by Head Not Found back in 1996, this stuff has been finally re-released in a proper way. The CD version features previously unreleased 1996 rehearsal as bonus. A standard CD edition with a 12 page booklet.



HOLY BATTALION - Cosmic War 89 / Breaking the Face 90 CD

HOLY BATTALION returns with rerelease of 2 legendary demos Cismic War 89 and Breaking the Face 90 plus never before published recordings. Technical thrash metal madness! Highly recommended!



HIGHLOW / WOLFIRDER-Wolf Riding High & Low split CD 2015





HIRAX - Assassins Of War MCD

Five premiere numbers - with "Lucifer's Infierno" Hit number! - Great another release for worthy band! Great Oldschool thrash metal in the vein of Razor, Whiplash, Slayer, Overkill, Nuclear Assault!!!



HIRAX - Not Dead Yet CD

Thrash Metal from Orange County - California. You know from - 1984!!! Search for Katona W. De Pena. Great stuff - European release contain: "Raging Violence" 1985 and "Hate, Fear and Power" 1986, both released from Metal Blade. 22 songs of perfect thrash metal/crossover!


HIRAX - El Rostro de la Muerte CD

Long Beach, CA thrashers are back with BRAND-NEW FULL LENGTH!!! The first album in five long years, California thrash metal forefathers return with "El Rostro de la Muerte" (The Face of Death)! Eye-popping and easily recognizable artwork by Ed Repka, stinging new tracks and bonus re-records solidify the "El Rostro de la Muerte" as THE thrasher of the 2009! This monstrous slab of metal is a relentless THRASH attack that will rip your face off and make your ears bleed!!!



HORRORSCOPE-– “Delicioushell”.2014

Modern thrash from Poland






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