1. Hello, Reinaldo! It is a great honor to welcome you on the pages of oldschool Metal Maniac! Are you ok?

- Alright, brother! I am the honored one here!

2. Well, I know maniacs by theold school sound already know Insulter, but there are still those who have not had the pleasure to hear about the band. Could you give a brief summary of the beginning of the band, former members etc. so that these people can have an idea of what your band means to the underground?

- Our band began its activities in April 1986, when Oswaldo Pussy Ripper (RIP 1996, ex-Apocalipse), Juninho Pussy Fucker (ex Sarcophagus) and D.D. Crazy (ex-Sarcófago) set up the band with 2 other guys and this line-up lasted just one month. It was Juninho himself that indicated me to the band and Oswaldo and Rodrigo Damned Sentry invited me to join in May 1986. We recorded two demos with this line-up: “The Insulter” and “The Last Illusion”. Just after this, D.D. Crazy got back to Sarcófago and so Evoker entered Insulter. On the eve of the choice of bands for the Warfare Noise II, when Antichrist and Butcher left Sarcófago, Oswaldo and Rodrigo were called to fill the vacant posts in the band and abandoned Insulter in the most important moment of our hitherto brief career. After the choice of the bands for WN II, Pussy Ripper, Damned Sentry (who were already out of Sarcófago) and Evoker looked for me to return to Insulter, but I had gone back to playing guitar, which is my original instrument, and Adolfo Americano was already Insulter’s drummer at that time. So, after several line-up changes, we recorded our third demo, “Ignoring the Falsity”, with Carlos Bosch on vocals, me and Paul on guitar, Denis (RIP 1991) on bass and Ricardo (RIP 2012) on drums. Throughout the period in which we are active, we have always been a reference and inspiration for new bands that appeared in BH. Luiz, guitar player of Loucifer, asked to record the song “Amityville” (an old Insulter song) in their debut album, but we had no time for that. Charles and I were trying to get back with Insulter since 1994, but work and family commitments ended up postponing this return. We resumed the activities in 2013, and we are finishing the recording of our album, to be released in late 2016 or early 2017.

3. Interestingly, all members who founded the band used a pseudonym with "Pussy" as a first name. Was there any particular reason for this? Why this line-up did not last long?

- Truth! (Rsss) Only D.D. Crazy did not use this nickname. I guess that it had something to do with age and hormones. There were so many “Pussies” in the band that I, when we were choosing my pseudonym, suggested Pussy Pussy jokingly. I remember that Oswaldo got pissed off, but me, Rodrigo and D.D. burst out laughing. Well, at least that justifies the thematic of the lyrics in Sextrash, I guess. But to be honest, when they called me to the band, they told me that they were starting the band, I knew that Juninho played with them, but didn’t knew other guitarists had played before Rodrigo.

4. I have the impression that, despite its undeniable potential, Insulter was a band that was eventually obscured by several factors. Can you tell your version of these facts?

- Man, in WN II was sabotage even the Magela himself, who was manager of Sarcophagus at the time confided that took the guys because the Sarcophagus had finished with the outputs of Wagner and Zeder and he did not want we taped. In WN III the chosen bands were sponsored by members of the bands that recorded the Split WN and I, no one understood when Insulter and Sextrash left out. It was an unimaginable thing at the time, all the bands ran out, trying the other two vacancies, because we were taken for granted in copilação, after all, and Insulter and Sextrash be the oldest bands without recording, we were the best band BH from the available options. Good result could not be another: WN III was a waste, the bands that recorded ended or changed name in less than one year, the mushroom extinguished the series and the story was in charge of doing justice.

5. What do you think caused the Insulter not have the same prominence the Sarcophagus, for example, considering that you were at the same time, a very similar sound and have even share members?

Definitely, the output Pussy Ripper and Damned Sentry band on the eve of the selection of the bands for WN II.

6. By the way, the scene of Belo Horizonte, as everyone knows, was one of the most influential world underground. What do you attribute this highlight of the city? What was that these young miners had so much strength, whereas SP, for example, had a much larger music scene?

Man, I think it had to do with our union at the beginning and the diversity of styles that we listened: heavy, power, black, thrash, punk, hardcore ..... And when we rode a band before to start rehearsing, the sound style was already decided and each band wanted to sound different from each other. I think this should have made a difference.

7. Do you think the rise of mushroom had any impact on that BH scene or the scene was already strong even before the appearance of the store / label?

Man, the mushroom was essential to strengthen the scene but also contributed negatively, because who would not record the mushroom, was marooned.

8. In fact, you could talk to us how the BH headbangers felt because they have a record company that was ahead of its time? Or you did not have this notion of the importance of the seal at that time?

Nothing, we did not have this view does not. We wanted to only make music, shows, demos and exchange releases with Brazilians and gringos headbangers and record albums. Our dreams were small. Sepultura is that was ahead of its time.

9. What about Insulter's relationship with the other bands of BH? You get along with bands like Sarcophagus, Holocaust Grave Mutilator, Aamonhammer, Chakal etc. or there was a certain rivalry between the bands?

Man, the first training was part of the Sarcophagus of the class, but I was friends with everyone, attended the trials of the grave, the sarcophagus, the Chakal. Mutilator, Holocaust, Overdose. Until hj'm friends with all of them.

10. Well, back to Insulter, as was the recording of the first demo - "The Insult" - way back in 1986? I believe that the conditions were poor, right? Or BH had a good structure for heavy recordings at the time?

-Precário Was little, we recorded at the home of the late Thomas Stock, Exterminator band was all live msm, he had a soundboard, feedback our instruments and play. The intro demo foibuma his suggestion, he took an LP and played w / people listen. We do not think twice. It was what we needed.

11. Why this demo did not have the same emphasis of the second, the name "Black Church"?

-The Name of the demo is The Last Illusion. Because he was badly recorded it, it was a demo right test.

12. In fact, long I see this circular demo named "Black Church", which is also included in the Metal Archives. However, the launch of NWN, the name came out as "The Last Illusion". When Why this confusion?

-Look Only: the D.D. left the band shortly after the recording, we arrange a new drummer soon and the weather was against us, we had to take pictures and make the release time to leave the mushroom to participate in the selection for WN II, but then the three members left band and a half that was meaningless to the demo tape cover and run after things and to release a demo of a band that no longer had 3 guys who had recorded the demo and one of the guys i was vocalist. Then she was just having a name when we made our first release with the new lineup, Reinaldo guitar and vocals; Paul - guitar and vocals; Denis - low and Adolfo - drums, and everything that had happened and our we always had a title that reoresentava the our intentions and times decided by The Last Ilusion, according to all that the first training had fought and struggled to give up so close to the goal.

13. Hearing these old recordings, it is clear that the sound of Insulter was extremely brutal for the time, sounding violent until the present day. What were the main influences of you at the time?

-This is true! The riff of Black Church is very cool! It was basically Venom, Celtic Frost, Rattus, Exploited, Discharge, Motorhead and a hint of these new band that appeared at the time.

14. It was common in the mid-80s, the headbangers, eager for more extreme sounds, listen very hardcore too. The Insulter also received influence of hardcore?

-Total! Rattus, Diacharge, Exploited and several other bands, the guys from Hardcore has a very raw style, direct and aggressive and we were very influenced by them, maybe that's the difference in the Metal BH, noa 80 for what was done in the rest from the country.

15. Today, with the internet, of course that was much easier to take off certain recordings and rare bands from all over the world. However, at that time, I believe it was very complicated to have access to these sounds. As they came to you?

Dude was on the basis of the same mining, exchange of materials with gringos and bangers from other states and even between us, but to a recorder with two decks was a luxury item at that time. Renato Decaptor was one of the few who had a sound with two decks and was TBM one of the guys who had more rare recordings.

16. Speaking about the launch "Spits Blood, Violences and Insults" as Yosuke Konishi arrived to the Insulter? He even spoke of his admiration for the band and extreme bands from Brazil and Latin America?

-It Was with the great help of Brother Hector Daguer, yes Yosuke is a great admirer of our work is the Brazilian bands of the 80s.

17. How did you got the call? I imagine it's a great honor to have their work reissued this way after nearly 30 years, no?

-After Hector put us in touch, everything was very easy to solve. It was a great honor and late realization of a dream. But after all settled, more than two years to gather material and recording. I spent a lot of money and time on it and worth every effort and penny spent. The Insulter deserved this recognition.

18. Have you ever thought of that possibility to throw it all on CD and vinyl before? There was some seal invitation to make an issue of these demos?

-I, Carlos and Ricardo found good in 2009 in order to record the Insulter the songs so they do not lose, but when finally sent 3 songs for Ricardo record, he died 10 days later. The first seal interested in this compilation was the NWN, I received several proposals later but was already apalavrado with Yosuke and I refused. Some proposals were financially much better but was not doing it for money.

19. Initially, it can be said that the Insulter was a black metal band. However, this label was not as used at that time, right? How do you defined?

- You never defined. wanted to be the most podraça band of all, that's all.

20. The visual born, whence came the inspiration? Around 1986, 1987, few bands used look so satanic, is not it?

Man, that was a thing of Oswaldo. He was a well organized and professional face, perhaps the most professional after Max, he took it very seriously and I did not like fucking those paintings in the face and those capsules blood. The photo where everyone hides their faces was more a protest against the band my reluctance to show my face painted, I took all the pictures with s hair capping my face. The individual photo appears my face because Cris, who was our photographer as well as friend, deceived me, saying that photo was p / her and would not be part of the band's material. kkkk

21. In the demo "Ignoring the falsity", however, there was a general shift in both musical and visual terms. What led to this change?

- Dude, Slayer and Destruction freaked almost all bangers BH, and were the bands that I heard most, and Celtic Frost, Sodom and Exodus, when I joined the Insulter. My musical selection was Rattus, Motorhead, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost. Slayer, Sodom, Destruction and Dark Angel and the guys who entered the Insulter basically were into the same sound. But we had some travel at the time. And the intention was to record Amityville in the demo, it was the oldest music after leaving Oswaldo and Cia. But we had one thing to write a song on the demo and leave the best for the collection, and we wanted to record Amityville and more another song in the collection. So we recorded and Beyond Eternal Existence for the letter of the Eternal was kind of an outburst of the battle that had to had to face to rebuild the Insulter and the other guys said it was important we get back to this song. The name of the song, Eternal Existence alludes to Insulter, the band is the main character of the music.

22. At the time, there was talk much that the bands would be moving from a more extreme sound to thrash metal with business objectives. How do you see this issue? Apparently, in fact, the Insulter was never a commercial success and remained faithful to the underground, right?

Dude did not do not, nothing was shopping at the time, it was a matter of people being learning how to play it and get almost touch what we thought. kkkkkk

It was always underground in the extreme. We never pull the son of a bitch no bag to record Warfare Noise equal much bandwidth here did.

23. In the third demo, you just left of the original line. How was working with a completely new team in a slightly different context, because the scene had grown somewhat in those three years?

Dude was mass because the release of the bands at that time was given by people who went to rehearsals of the bands and our tests were the most competitive and bangers piravam with our sound. It may seem surreal but much new band came after going to our tests and the guys wanted to make a sound like ours.

24. Although it was launched in 1989 when the mining scene was already much stronger and recognized, this third demo seems less heavy in your recording even though the instruments are clearer. You enjoyed the result at the time?

-not Brother, the studio that we recorded was shit and the guy who recorded we knew nothing about metal but the studio was a father's statement of Ricardo and was the one who took us to record credit, because we had no money for nothing!

25. What are the main influences of the band that more thrash metal now? The first name that comes to mind when listening to this material is the Slayer. I am wrong?

'I think it was Slayer, Iron Maiden, Destruction and Rattus. Basically.

26. There are still some old recording Insulter that was not included on the disc of NWN?

Yes, I have a 1987 trial and our last record, a demo 1990 trial that was lost but I hope that it will appear one day. Denis A friend also got some demos and trials our but could not find the guy today.

27. Well, currently Insulter is in active again. The relaunch of all its material by NWN was crucial to resume the band or it had been tried at other times?

-I Have tried to come back with the band since 1994 but it is still very difficult to find serious people and professionals on the scene, unfortunately. The launch of our old material by NWN ends up helping too.

28. I understand that you are recording a new album, right? Tell us a little about this recording?

We had started recording in 2013, the intention was to make an EP because havaibum invitation for a tour of South America but just decided to record an album and then came more lineup changes and new songs.

29. There is expected to launch and contacts with a seal to put more that disc on the market?

-The Forecast is for 2016/2017, will depend on a few factors. We received several offers but I decided to record, for contractual reasons we can not disclose yet, unfortunately.

30. The current sounds sound very fucked up, as if the band had resumed exactly where it left off. This makes sense for you?

-makes Sense, because we were not influenced by new bands and waves Metal followed. Still we listen to the old songs of the 70s and 80s and this will never change! We are a band of the 80s, which as Captain America, were frozen in time and came back but we still live in the 80s, even though we are in 2016.

31. Despite the taken more thrash, the vocals have a "vibe" more extreme and remembering the '80s bands like Voivod, for example, and even the style of the Korg frontman Chakal. This junction between the old and the new was a formula that the band consciously sought this return?

I do not know if we are truly a band of Thrash Metal, and do not think the Slayer a band of Thrash Metal. I think it has a lot of Black Sabbath and Celtic Frost in our sound yet.

32. Accordingly, there is a label that defines the current sound Insulter?

Man, too difficult to answer this, because despite outside influences, we have a Brazilian brm way of making metal, which is very peculiar. You might umestilo brazilian old school Metal?

33. By the way, what has changed in the scene between the 80s and today? Do you think the underground is favorable for bands like Insulter yet?

Look, the point of view of disclosure, was light years better than in the 80s, if we had the resources and hj tools, most of the bands were living music and the Brazilian scene would be very strong around the world, but I think the sound of new bands much like on vocals, which are all the same, the drummers who follow the same formula and yes of guitars that is very similar. Still have the other side bad bands continue to pay to play. More underground impossible!

34. Well, we finalized this chat here. Would you like to talk about the plans of Insulter and leave a final message? Feel free! Thank you, my brother, and congratulations on persistence and the legacy that Insulter left the underground scene!

-Our Plans boil down to continue to tell a story that had only the beginning, we are writing the middle now, we want this album to be available soon, do shows, drink a few beers with local bangers after the shows and then life, providing tribute to friends Denis, Oswaldo and Ricardo. Live their lives intensely, do all that plan as soon as possible. Because it may happen that you do not have a new opportunity. We're having, but unfortunately some insulters are no longer with us! I thank, on behalf of Insulter for you keep our name alive in the history of the underground.

Interview INSULTER by Cristiano Passos


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