Infected Mind was formed in 1990, but their roots go way back to mid-eighties. In this time three thrash metal bands were created in Gliwice: Asesor, Carrion and Werwolf. They used to rehearse in a variety of garages, basements, and sometimes even garden sheds and their mostly second-hand equipment was bought from other musicians or even crafted by themselves (!) Despite the chronic equipment and rehearsal space deficiency, the bands  performed together at some local concerts like 1987 at the periodic review of new bands called Postrzyżyny at Gliwice-Łabędy House of Culture or 1988 in Gliwice students’ club Program along with already well known at home and abroad Imperator and Gilotyna.

Metal bands and music fans with their western style and fashion were not very well perceived by the government of that time. As a result in 1988 most of the musicians were called to serve a mandatory two-year military service, despite their obvious resistance. In such circumstances Asesor, Carrion and Werwolf had to end their activity. However, after finishing their two-year training in “cleaning and shooting”, the nature took its own course and at the end of 1990 the ex-members of the three above-mentioned bands form the first line-up of Infected Mind that includes Darek Kawałko – vocals (Asesor), Kuba (Mirek Kubec) - bass and Garnek (Marek Bezwiński) – drums (both from Carrion), Bidon (Witek Dziedzic) – guitar and Bero – guitar (both from Werwolf).

In 1992 the new material is ready for recording and within five days (5-9) at the beginning of January 1993 IM record their first demo Lost Existence in BEAT studio owned by famous for his bass guitar performances with Kat Krzysztof Stasiak .Unfortunately just before entering the studio Darek (voc) leaves the country permanently. There is not enough time to search for another vocalist, so it is Bero who faces the necessary task of performing the vocals. The time was short as well to work out the vocal parts of two tracks, so the demo contains only their instrumental versions (Crazy Horse, Terminator). Shortly after recording Lost Existence the new demo material comes to life but at the same time the band experiences another personal turbulence. In 1994 Witek leaves the band for personal reasons, and soon after Garnek follows his steps. A year later they both are replaced by a newcomer Rysiek Sosnowski (guitar) and a young and gifted drummer Adam Skrzyniarz. This line-up carries on playing for another one and half year before Rysiek quits to embark the real destroyers like Besatt and Embrional and Adam finds the new employment as a drummer for Midnightdate, another band from Gliwice, he later records the demo with.

Given the circumstances IM suspends its activity for years. After long hibernation, an opportunity arises to reactivate the band. In 2012 Kuba accidentally makes it to the rehearsal room of the well-known in Gliwice’s underground instrumental band named Nox. As it turns out, Noxes have the vacancy open for a bass player position and since Kuba has been unemployed in this profession for many years, they make a quick deal and start to rehearse together. Playing with the new band Kuba begins his efforts to gather the old crew and start to rehearse on regular basis. He manages it through the support and equipment delivered by Nox guys and other rehearsal room users. Thanks to the new conditions that occur, 20 years after releasing Lost Existence, in 2013 Infected Mind has been officially reactivated.

The finally restored to life IM are: Adam – drums, Kuba – bass, Kaban – guitar and Bero – guitar. Less than a year later the band welcomes back their long lost vocalist Darek. The first few months are filled with an intensive dusting of the old tracks. Eventually the band starts to perform live. At the beginning they play some charity shows, collecting the funds for the tombstone for their prematurely deceased friend Penel. This initiative is supported by other bands like Nox, Eternus and Bad Impression as well. Then the series of gigs follows in places like Czerwona Cegła club Gliwice, Grzejnik Café Knurów or Oberża Kruk Gliwice.

In 2015 Adam leaves the band for personal reasons. The rescue comes from the Nox’s drummer Skipy (Wojtek Piskorowski). The bands keeps on performing live – Sztukateria Knurów, Amber Club Wodzisław Śląski.

This line-up succeeds in passing the preliminaries for Dark Fest 2016 playing concerts in two Opole clubs: Piekarnia (05-03-2016) and Zebra (09-04-2016). Two months before DF the last reshuffle in the line-up takes place. Replacing Skipy, the first band’s drummer Garnek returns and Kaban’s positon is taken by Żurek, formerly the guitarist of Gliwice bands Agressor and Die Kruck im Kamerlik.

The fresh line-up manages to give one more show before DF in Korba Pub in Katowice. And at last, in spite of many, mainly personal issues, IM opens the Dark Fest 2016 festival (24-25 June) held in knight’s castle near Byczyna.

In October, participating in Bestial March III mini tour, the band along with Hate Them All, Cień, Serpent Seed and Proch, plays two concerts in Kawiarnia Naukowa Kraków and Czerwona Cegła Pub in Gliwice. Year 2016 closes with the show in Pub Zamkowy in Racibórz with Crystalepsy and Indignity.

The memories written down by Zbigniew Ziobro (Bero)


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