01. Hail Desecrator! It’s been almost a year since your devastating show in Poland in the city of Szczecin. Do you have any particular memories of that concert?

Yeah, you're right. Great memories from that whole tour and we had a great time playing in Poland. The maniacs were absolutely crazy, the promoters treated us great and we got a box with many bottles of different booze courtesy of Eryk of Old Temple who did a killer re-release of our album on CD.

02. Do you know any Polish metal bands? Is there perhaps some Polish album you like to set in your player sometimes?

Of course, we are all into Polish metal, old bands like Turbo and Kat, Imperator, Exorcist, Merciless Death, Magnus, Krabathor, the old stuff of Vader and Behemoth, Christ Agony, Damnation, Convent, Dead Infection, Hell-Born, Thunderbolt, Infernal War, Xantotol, Graveland, Azarath, Besatt, Witchmaster, Anima Damnata and plenty more, also more current ones as Bestial Raids, Mgla, Morbid Execution, Ritual Lair, Freezing Blood, Moloch Letalis, Cultes des Ghoules, Doombringer and my favorite which is Throneum! Metal in Poland is fucking great!

03. Slaughtbbath has been recently well recognized band name in our country. Could you please explain the origin and the meaning of this name to your Polish fans?

Sure, this seems to be a mandatory question in every interview. The band name doesn't have any specific meaning, it is just the combination of the words slaughter and sabbath, we wanted an anticommercial name that was weird and hard to digest.

04. I think that the most widely recognized Slaughtbbath record in Poland, same as worldwide, is „Hail to Fire”. Since you’ve been responsible for both the lyrical content and visual developement, could you please tell us more about the message you’ve wanted to send to your listeners?

Regarding the message of this record it's pretty explicit therefore there are no big analogies to make after reading the lyrics, it's completely satanic and apocalyptic, total barbaric cruelty, hatred and misanthropy. The idea was to achieve the same atmosphere in lyrics, music and artwork, no hope, no future for mankind, just a storm of hateful fire to turn down everything to ashes!

05. In addition to your music, I know you are engaged in painting, drawing and tattoo art. As well. I must admit that your works made very strong impression on me (and probably not only me). They flood us with darkness, infernal dimensions of paralel realities, merciless blasphemy…  My question is – are these intentionally crafted visions, you want to demonstrate something with, or are they more the attempt to capture and portray yourself and your subconciousness?

Thank you for your words towards my artwork, I'm glad that you appreciate such atrocities. Well, I guess that precisely what you're saying in your question might be the main thing which art is all about, although in this specific case also counts the fact that it's mostly the people that requests me to do this work the ones who want certain concepts to be put on a drawing, painting or tattoo and I just take care of trying to capture their ideas and materialize them. Nevertheless, there's always a lot of my own stuff thrown in there as well so sometimes a special circle can be formed. Besides all this, most of these concepts and images belong to a certain collective symbology that Metal has.

06. Do you visit tatoo conventions in Europe? If yes, then what are your plans for 2017 and how could one reach you to get their new tattoo made?

I'm not used to tattoo on that kind of events but I think they are okay, I prefer to be on a more relaxed and private environment especially for tattooing. I've been going to tattoo to Europe every year since 2011, mainly to Finland in a really killer tattoo studio called Damnation Ink which is owned by Roni of Lie in Ruins. I don't have anything planned yet for 2017 but if you wish to contact me for a possible tattoo appointment just write an e-mail to Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.

07. Does any one of the above mentioned arts define you as an artist in particular, or are they more paralel dimensions that complement each other?

Do you mean between tattooing and drawing? Well, they both complement each other but logically drawing gives me way more freedom.

08. You are very well known in the metal underground as an author of the album covers for many popular and highly valued  black/death metal bands, like Bestial Mockery, Grave Desacrator, Maveth or Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Do the bands send you any ready-made ideas/suggestions, or do you create the picture of this blesphemous sounds all by yourself after listening to their records?

Usually the bands have some idea of what they want but I always prefer when they are willing to give me more freedom to create their covers so I can do whatever that comes to my mind listening to their music or reading their lyrics.

09. Back to the subject of Slaughtbbath. One must admit that your music smashes all into fucking smithereens and leaves only charred remains. What drives you to create such fucking pissed and dark music?

Because there's already enough dishonest metal that is full of bullshit! This is a real discharge of hatred and true anger, that's why you can feel it through our music!

10. Most of your recent records were splits. Do you plan any new LP release, and if yes, could you please tell us something more about it?

Yeah, we like to keep active recording and releasing stuff for the underground. I personally like short recordings but yeah, we are working on a new album although there's not much to say about it at the moment, we are on the process of writing new songs, they go on the same straightforward and devastating way.

11. There are lots of the 80’s influence that can be heard in your music: Sarcofago, Hellhammer, Possessed, Bathory etc. Do you follow the path of an orthodox fuelling the devilish glory of that days, or are you open to more contemporary productions and black/death metal style as well?

I don't know, we just do the shit we want, we don't have any intentions to emulate something that has been already done by someone else or anything like that, nor to brag about staying stuck to stupid traditions or whatever that is, this is just like our blood, piss and excrements, just what comes in a natural way directly from our guts.

12. It has long been known that Chilean metal scene is a real killer when it comes to the extreme metal underground. Could you recommend any bands to Polish public, that kick them right in their faces?

The chilean scene is nowadayas very strong and active with plenty of bands and events of good caliber, although only time tells which ones stay as there are many good bands popping all the time but not so many that stay after a couple of demos or that don't change and jump into the next trend and so on. Now regarding bands, I have no idea which ones are better or worse, I guess that's a matter of taste. Some of the ones that I like the most are Ammit, Force of Darkness, Kratherion, Hades Archer, Communion, Unaussprechlichen Kulten etc.

13. You are a confirmed atheist and think that our agony in this vale of tears ends along with the death of our bodies, or that the torture lasts long after, in the midst of some monstrous infinity?

Well, the truth is that I don't remember having died before so I couldn't affirm anything regarding this and only make the same pointless suppositions that we all do. I don't define myself as an atheist either but I certainly don't believe in the ecclesiastic fairytales of posthumous torment in hell nor any of such stupidities created to keep the faithful scared and obedient. I believe in the just and that we only have ourselves to achieve suffering and glory and whatever we deserve in existence.

14. Is your creation a sort of katharsis for you, or is it more like a gate for the habitual hunger for darkness/light?

You could say so, albeit precisely the part that is "work" is what takes art down to a more realistic and mundane plane and perhaps detaches it from the true concept of "art".

15. Any subliminal mesage for the Polish Slaughbbath maniacs? And when could we expect you back in our country?

Thank you for supporting Slaughtbbath and inviting us to partake on your magazine. Polish metal belongs to the most bestial things that are on this fucking planet, keep it like that and we hope to return to devastate there again soon!


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