For many of us, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH has always been an extremely important band, and despite the fact they`ve not released too many albums, their music is just amazing and unspeakably exciting. And so is the new album: Heaven Bled. To me, this new material is a great reason to talk to Peter Hobbs about his new album as well as its promotion. Lads and ladies, please enjoy the interview:

First of all- congratulations on your newborn! First record in 21 years. I was wondering how long does it taken to compose it and how old are your oldest ideas here?

To make long story short- album was recorded three times. At the end of it the job was done also by Alessio, Iago and Simon Wizen from Sweden. We came together and we just knew that it was something special, so we re-recorded an album. And guys have made an amazing job.

Your able to keep playing uncompromising metal for so many years. There are a lot of guys, who aren't able to do the same. You just cannot be stopped, can you?

The devil helps me do it!

And he's doing great!

Actually, Devil asks me now for advice!

Finally he got good advisor. Speaking of him- I can notice plenty of black metal influences on "Heven Bled". I mean tracks like "Drawn and Quartered" and "Sadistic Domination". There was always some devilish aura around your music, but this time it was explict. What caused you to go even deeper into evil?

Well, those songs have been written almost 25 years ago. Lyrics for "Sadistic Domination" is 25 years, it's just has been reinvented. I felt that the industy and world needs to know, what Hobbs has to offer, I used it! "Drawn And Quartered" I wrote around 2000, maybe 2004 or that era. I always been into the dark side. I always was a fan of it. I'm into imaginary, into darker things.

What are you listening to these days ? What are your favourite bands nowadays?

Hobbs' Angel Of Death (laugh). To be honest I believe, that there are so much talents in the world. I'm sure that you'll agree, that we can become overwhelmed by the ammount of it todays. I'm getting older, but I'm on the same boat. I haven't created anything new, I just get the different perspective in 2016-2017. I guess there are many times in today's era, when I put local radio radiostation and listen to whatever has been played. Oldschool stuff. Even some kind of "Top 40 oldschool songs" or things like that. I believe in the rising of only "one must listen" to the oldschool. I listen to metal bands and my favourite bands' list is enormous. I cannot name some, without mentioning anothers.


Coming back to new album- it has been recorded in Westling Studios. Are you happy with the way Alessandro Spotteli has produce it? I think it sounds great! Fresh and oldschool to the bone on the same time!


Hobbs itself produce the album!


Ooops, I had wrong information than! You got a new personel right now. Their Violentor band kicks asses as well. Do you enjoy cooperating with your current bandmembers?

Of course! Thery're a lot like my sons! I couldn't think of anything better, than arriving to Italy and hooking up with my members, who see me a lot like a father. And that's a cool thing! A lot family orientated!


I will also like to ask about bonus tracks on Japanese edition of "Heaven Bled". They were recorded in Poland, weren't they?


They certainly were! Johan Jannson from Interment nearly got to the hospital! We were affraid that we got some european disease. But it went all good. Yes, tracks were recorded in Poland- Rude Boy and other place. They made Hobbs great welcome. It was an amazing night, absolutely out of control. Really, really great.


This album doesn't contain any lyrics. Why? Are they too blasphemous to share?


Well, I thought about that. And my conclusion was: "Why make it easy for people?". I actually want people to listen to my music, to my words and if I put lyrics in this album- lyrical content will be easy. This way forces you to listen and make your own interpretation of my words.


You got a point there! Apart of playing live shows, do you plan something special do promote the new album? Like video-clips or maybe DVD?


I'd like to go around the world, to catch up with everybody. There's nothing easy for me- living in Australia and getting to plane to different places, like Poland to see the fans and promotors. It's great for me. As for video clips- it costs money. 99% of Hobbs' finances already goes for what we do, so I'm not in this position, that allows for it. But if it will be possible to release the videoclip, it might be for "Heaven Bled". I have a vision of me looking at the sky and somebody will be like exorcist spilling red blood on my faces. It will look like blook angel.


Pretty interesting, I'd like to see that!


Maybe we'll do it one day, who knows?


You're new album was released in USA, Germany and Japan. Are you also going to rerelease your classic first two albums, from 1988 "Hobbs' Angel Of Death" and "Inheritence" from 1995. They're pretty hard to get nowadays.


Good question. Title album will be definetly rereleased again. As for "Inheritence"- it got some good songs, but the production broke it down. I'd actually prefer rerecord "Inheritence" and pick the songs, which were special to me at that era and I'll rerecord them.


Which songs would you pick?


I actually do have a song called "Inheritence", but it never went to the album. I got a lot of material kicking out of my head and world should have an opportunity to hear. I believe that the job I did with the italians and swede- we did amazing thing, we created history. I wish I have opportunity of going to the studio and create history again- to record "Inheritence" once more.


You play live a lot of gigs! That's impressive, especially that Hobbs' is really strong live. Do you have any plans for Europe this summer? Maybe some festivals?


Wow, I cannot lie- Hobbs Angel Of Death is returning to Europe in 2017. We already got some festivals, we already got some talks. It's Belgium festival and I believe that it's already been announced that we'll play in Spain. In September it's club gigs time. We'll continue on, and as we did past three years- we try to conquer Europe and hit everywhere we can. Hobbs is returning in 2017

In Australia you don't have too many bands, but most of them are killer ! Just to mention Bestial Warlust, Sadistic Execution or Destroyer 666. What do you think, why australian scene is so unique?


Australian bands there have gone through sacrifice and put a lot of work. I'll gave my head to them, they're all unique. respect Destroyer 666. A lot of great bands, really.


You're also into fishing and working on old motorbikes and cars. It must be difficult to find time for all this stuff!


It depends how many whales I hook up on. When I hook up on whale it takes a lot of time to pull it in. Well, I have my hobbies, my enjoyments but also I love playing in the band, I love getting out around the world and making fans. I always put my fans first, and hobbies second. Without them there wouldn't be Hobbs. I enjoy touring and I try to give fans my time. In the end of the day I have many hobbies. I love my cars, I build hotrods. I take a bit tasks and that takes time.


Three years ago you had your gear stolen, while you were touring. Has anything been found?


I got a guitar. I found it in shop in Sweden, and I was so fany, that guy from Sweden seen me walking past the shop and seeing this guitar. Brand of guitar wasn't been there, if I haven't been myself. My friends from Sweden helped me, Police was really friendly. As for my cash, cloathes, merchandise and both italians equipment- it never came back.


About guitars- from what I've seen in Cracow you had a beautifully carved guitar. Is it still in your collection?


For sure! I got it from Robert. It's very strange- Robert came to gig and he gave me this carved B.C.Rich guitar. He's absolutely amazing man. I took this guitar into hotel room with me, as I was so proud with it. It's amazing, that this guitar went to hotel, while rest of stuff went to van. I was so lucky, that I could finish the tour with Robert's guitar. Amazing story! I still got it with me and when I play on it- I'm proud. It's great instrument and it brings memories. For example from Krakow, which was very special night for me- place went wild and I've met cool people. I'm sentimental about this one.


There have been released compilation with Tyrus demo material. What are your memories from that time?


Tyrus was a really good band in Melbourne. We just played one show. It was nostalgic thing, we haven't played together for thirty years. It was nostalgia and we gave people what they wanted to see. It was pretty cool. I want to keep it as nostalgious thing, to be something special.


Thanks for the interview, feel free to say anything you want to Hobbs' fans in Poland!


I just want to ask. You said that you got the wrong information, that album was produced by Alessando Spotelli. He made an amazing job as an engineer, one of the best I've worked with. As producer- Hobbs produced it. I knew what I wanted and he was right man to twist this nobs as an engineer. If I had to pick engineer in the future- I'll pick him again!


Do you want to say something to Hobbs fans?


Do I have three hours for thanks?


If you want, feel free!


I'd really like to say "thank you so much" for you, for giving your time for interviewing people like me. Without people like you, people like me wouldn't be able to continue. I got a great respect for media, as well as for record companies behind Hobbs- Hell's Headbangers, High Roller and Rock Stag records. Everyone who worked on this album made amazing job. And a lot of thanks to my partner- she puts along with a lot of my shit. But last not the least- fans. Without them- there are nothing, that's a fact. Without fans Hobbs is nothing. I have a lot of respect.


Interview by  Wojciech Michalak

Questions for the interview prepared Leszek Wojnicz-Sianożęcki & Vlad Nowajczyk

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