Right after Black Silesia Fest' amazing performance, i asked  VIOLENTOR leader Alessio Cane Medici or as fans know him as DOG to answer some questions. Ok no need to waste time enjoy



 1. Hello Alessio, your performance at Black Silesia Fest was damn awesome, man! How did you like the Polish fans, hope they did cut the mustard, hey?

Hi Laszek thank you very much, glad you enjoied, polish fans are the most crazy people ever met!

 Kurwa and Vodka! 

2. It wasn’t your first time in Poland, was it? You came here together withHOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH – which you joined like four years ago, right. Same for Iago, you`ve been to Poland three times already. Any special impressions of my country?

Are 4 times i played in Poland, 2 with Hobbs and 2 with Violentor for say the truth: Krakov, Bielsko Biala,  Szecin e Gliwice.

Iago, yes same.

Then I was on tour as driver/roadie for Turbocharged too in 2014, so 5 time exactly for me on the Poland soil.

I remember the promoter of this gig that paied the band with Vodka cause he had no money...was a funny time.

I like very much Poland, the cities are beautiful, people are friendly.

3. Polish women?

Very good looking woman indeed! I don’t understand why men are so ugly hahahaha..(i’m joking)

4.Two years ago you released two materials: Maniacs and a split release with TURBOCHARGED, EVOKED andOBSCYRIA (a seven inch). Who came up with the idea of this split release?

Yes Maniacs is our third album and before the release Pascal Kremator, our label boss, told us about the idea to make a split with the label mates in Turbocharged, Obscyria and Evoked. Was a nice job, it’s a little jewel to collect.

I wanna say thanks to Go Fuck Yourself productions for the constantly support to our activities, records and live shows with promotion, friendly help and respect.

For sure we will work again with them.

5.I can only say HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH`s Heaven Bled rules. Together with new GRAVE DESECRATOR and D666`s new album, this stuff is my favourite of 2016.

I Absolutely agree! Heaven Bled is a masterpiece, a ob of heart and soul.

6.There are some going to be some summer festival running here in Europe, any plans to show up at Brutal Assault in Czech rep, Hellfestin France or any German ones? I am curious as you`ve not play much since Heaven Bled was out.

With Hobbs Angel of Death we are booking the tour right now, a couple of festivals are confirmed like Metal Mean in Belgium and Skulls of Metal Fest in France. Showclubs from 1st of September till 23 september, we will play in Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, maybe Poland i don’t know we have some available dates so never say never.

7. 2/3 of VIOLENTOR`s line-up is shared with Hobbs Angel Of Death. Have you ever thought about playing shows together? I know it might be hard to play twice a day but it seems still doable.

Yes Iago play drum in Violentor and Hobbs, i play guitar in Violentor and bass with Hobbs since 2014. We already played some shows together, like Helsinki and Tallin last year or Berlin in 2015 and we will play together in Spain at Skulls of Metal Festival next august. Usually we prefer split the bands cause is hard to play 2 shows in the same day  but sometimes why not do it.

8. HOBBS` new album has been already released in Japan, USA and Germany. Looks like you are catching the wind in your sails, so to say. Tell me man, when are going to re-release HOBBS` early stuff?

Yes, finally the record was out in late 2016. We are all enthusiastic about it especially if i think when i was 15 and heard the Hobbs Angel of Death for the first time, never image one day to join the band. Never image to meet Peter too being like brothers and record the 3rd album of the band. Seems wierd again, we live in Italy and Peter in Australia on the other side of the world.

I have no idea if someone re-release the early stuff, should be cool have Inherithance album in LP version cause i have only a tape.

9.Does HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH collide in any way with VIOLENTOR? You know, not enough time, too busy etc.

No cause we are doing 2 different ways and usually we plan the gigs for not collide. It’s not hard when the bands have the same manager (ME) J

10. Maniacs was released two years ago. Is VIOLENTOR going to unleash any new stuff soon?

Of course, we are writing the new album and i think will be out at the first of 2018.

11. So, what do you want me to wish your band for the future? Thanks a lot for the interview. Any last words for Oldschool Metal Maniac readers? Cheers.

Thanks for the interview, was a pleasure to meet you again, and i wanna say hello to our Poland friends that where at our shows, hope to come back to play in Poland soon and long live rock n’ roll!!!


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