Well, yeah. Since the early eighties, the Brazilian scene has never ceased to amaze us with its abundance of excellent music created in this sunny country. Yup, the Brazilian scene is very diverse, with a large number of varied genres and devoted, fanatic fans who enjoy a plethora of speed, thrash, heavy as well as more brutal, death and black metal bands. Extreme music is very popular in Brazil, no one can deny this simple fact. And thus, there pop up more and more bands, the bands that know the ropes when it comes to quality music. One of such bands is a doom metal band, THE EVIL.

Evidence of evil on the face of the earth has never been so present. Every day thousands are killed, tortured, raped and robbed.....The greed of politicians; The perversion of the sadists; The indifference of the drug dealers; The falsehood of the priests; The wrath of the killers...... Daily examples that the DOOM is near!!!Maybe a bomb do the service.... Maybe an epidemic.... Maybe our addictions... Maybe our own hands !!!A barren land will be left for the cancerous who dare to survive…And as long as the devastation and desolation consume the insignificant lives of the human race being extinguished, the sound of the Apocalypse will be propagated by the four horsemen:


MISS AILEEN – All Voices, Screams and Whispers

IOSSIF – Distortions and Screech Noises

 SAENGER– Drums and Percussions


 1.Hello friend. Well, it’s been a while since we`ve talked last. But as I can see you aint wasted your time at all, as band THE EVIL has unleashed two new recording. Thus, this seems like a good reason to talk, don’t you think? But first off, I need to say I am happy you`re musically active. Must be pretty exciting to be able to create and play music again, hey?

Well, i never stopped at all. My bizarre mind is always thinking in music.... even if i am not in any band. Music is at least 50% of my evil person and life... so probably i will be doing this till the death arrives....

2. Well, before THE EVIL came into existence, it`d been obvious there was something going on…or more precisely, before the About None Guilty ep (out onApril, 3, 2017) you were busy with starting off a new, dark and very doomy and heavy band. Is that correct?

Well, About None Guilty in reality was the first recorded song of the 6 musics that we made for the Debut THE EVIL album. Its the same, only released before for the people out there know the band. The band THE EVIL started to compose in 2012 with me IOSSIF (guitars) and MISS AILEEN (vocals). We wanted to make Haunted and Macabre music and started to compose some tracks like Silver Razor and Screams..... but it was a lot difficult to find a drummer and a bass player to play the kind of music we wanted.... Everyone here wanted to play in some Death, Thrash or Grind band.... no one was into EVIL DOOM OCCULT METAL at that time.... so it delayed a bit to get the right persons. But with SAENGER (drums) and mainly THEOPHYLACTUS (bass) the line up was perfect. Everyone in the band loves DOOM and MACABRE slow music.

3. Does THE EVIL have a full and stable line-up? Any chance you start playing live?

Yes, how i said before this line up has at least 2 years together and we have been playing a lot live here in BRAZIL. Soon maybe in Europe and USA.

4. How did you manage to recruit Miss Aileen? She’s a truly talented vocalist with huge potential and her involvement makes your music even more powerful. Her vocals are similar to Faride from THE DEVIL'S BLOOD. A true voice of a witch, indeed. Please tell us some more about THE EVIL`s line-up, thank you. Have these people been involved in other bands too? How did you all meet up and start working together?

Well, i met MISS AILEEN in an ARKONA gig her in Belo Horizonte and one friend introduced me to her. We talked about music and she said to me that she was into singing Black Metal and Depressive Doom into some projects. Also told me that she has a Black Sabbath Cover band in the past and started to sing NIB to me in the middle of the gig..... her voice was a lot better than from the girl from ARKONA..... ha hah ah haah hah .... .when i hear that i immediately invited her to be in THE EVIL. I was looking for a female voice to the band cause i wanted the contrast of a female and clean (but evil) voice with the low tuned and bass slow guitar riffs i was making for the band. It was a perfect match when we make the first rehearsal here in my home studio. So the main structure of the band was ready. The bass player came in on or two years after and was a total DOOMANIAC from the scene here in Belo Horizonte. Very motivated guy and with a huge technic and Evil Look.... ha ha ah.... The drummer came with indication from him and match with our proposal perfectly. He as bit crazy and stoned but its like metal and stonner/doom music should be no? Ha ha h ah

5. Let’s talk about your inspirations, shall we? THE EVIL`s music is obviously influenced by the 70s music, right? I can hear a lot of old, good BLACK SABBATH in it; nothing to be surprised with as these are the fathers of heavy music. As THE EVIL is a proper doom metal band, well, it is obvious that its music must correspond to this band, right. What other bands influenced you guys so you play this kind of music? The reason I am asking is the evil is a far cry from your previous, old bands.

Well, SABBATH is the fathers of METAL and my fave band all times, so it is a bit natural their influence.... but our mainly influences are from ABYSMAL GRIEF from Italy and ELECTRIC WIZARD from UK. They are fucking HEAVY, SLOW and INSANE.

6. THE EVIL is a band name which is catchy, so to say. But does it have any hidden meaning, this band name of yours, too? You know, something deeper, a message you want to convey to listeners?

Well, the reason for the name came because EVIL is the mainly and real kind of things that we see in our fucking life in Brazil and the World nowdays. You see, there are so many bizarre events going on the world... EVIL is almost a tangible thing.... just open your internet, tv news and think about the poorness of our rotting souls..... HELL IS HERE and THE EVIL talks about this Hell and Evil things that surrounds us in the form of WAR, DESEASES, MURDERS, POLITICS, HUNGRY, RELIGIONS and all forms of destruction of what is good in life.....


7. What are your lyrics about? I need to know as your music is full of dark atmosphere. When I close my eyes while listening to Screams for instance, I can almost feel a palpable presence of tormented souls of the witches who burned at the stake. Not even mentioning this very Sacrificial of The Evil One. I know your approach to religions so I am a bit surprised by these occult issues in your music.

How i said in the last question, our lyrics deal with THE WORST things in our stupid life..... Black and Grey Its the only colors we see in this putrid world and so we talk about what we see......

8. In 2017 you released two recordings. The above mentioned ep as well as a full length album with six brand new tracks with an amazing intro. The recording session took place at Engenho Studio and lasted for five months. Please tell us some more about the session; did you have the songs ready before the session itself started or you worked on them while recording? Is your debut album going to be released in a hard-copy format? Any labels interested in doing so?

Yes, thats correct. Well, the songs was 90% ready. In studio we only added some details like double guitar works and mainly, vocal chorus (all done by AILEEN) that in our rehearsals we cannot try to do. The sessions was really amazing and the studio guy (ANDRE KABELO – guitars from CHAKAL band) was excellent. He is very professional and knows a lot about what he is doing. So it was easy to find the sound that we wanted. THE EVIL album is ready in CD format here in Brazil by our own label EVIL MUSIC and is licensed for OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS from FRANCE to release it in CD, K7 and in VINYL format now in 2018. They will SPREAD THE EVIL OVER THE FUCKIN WORLD!!!

9.When I interviewed you a couple of years back on your primal band, you said you are an ardent music collector. Please tell us what you`ve recently gotten; any rare and interesting titles? What would you recommend to OMMM readers, both when it comes to new bands/albums as well as old, classic stuff?

Yes, i got more than 1500 lps right now and the same amount of CDs. Everything from traditional HEAVY METAL to DEATH METAL and other genres that i liked i could get in all those years of collection since i got 13 years old.... ha ha ha ha. Well, i would recommend now to your headers the five next DOOM albuns:

I ) ABYSMAL GRIEF – Misfortune

II) ELECTRIC WIZARD – Come My Fanatics

III) GOATSNAKE – Flower of Desease


V) SLEEP – Dopesmoker

11. Do you know of polish MGŁA, Ukrainian KZOHH and ATTIC plus EURONMOUS from Germany? What about Tom Warrior and his TRIPTYKON. You like it?

No, unfortunately i do not know a lot from the polish or german underground scene. Triptykon i know and have all of their LPs. I like their heaviness and sound. Also the last Celtic Frost was very good. Its a shame Martin Ain died so yo


12. Ok, that’s pretty much it, I think. Thank you very much for your amazing answers and your time. Please tell me what the future holdsfor THE EVIL this year? Anything to add for Old School Metal maniac readers? Regards. Leszek.

Well, thanks Leszek for the real support since our beginning. Nobody knows THE EVIL yet, but soon i thing al lot of metal heads will have THE EVIL in their minds and souls..... ha h ah ha ha. The future belongs to the death.....


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