NECROMANIAC- Subterranean Death Rising ep7 Iron Pegasus 2018

This stuff will be released through Iron Pegasus on 7`` but I was lucky to get this for review on tape beforehand. I was excited, all right, as their debut demo Morbid Metalis one of most interesting tapes I`ve recently listened to. This two-track ep is damn good, the sound is rougher and dirtier than demo`s; overall, the 7``s music is grimmer and more brutal in my opinion. First to enjoy is Subterranean Death Rising with plenty of tempo changes. NECROMANIAC can perfectly build up tension in their music. It is majestic, dark and relentlessly aggressive. 7``s second track – Sealed for Eternity is a slab of old-school death/thrash, catchy as fuck, and suffused with the very presence of The Ruler of Hell – Satan himself. Yes, this music is marked by hellish powers, indeed. Guitars are dense, wild and razor sharp like fuck. Yup, these guitar parts bestially whip a listener; subtle keyboard elements build up this track`s suspension. This track ends with oriental guitar motives which slowly silence up the song. I was stunned when this advance ep was over – so many hidden, covert gems it has got to be discovered by its listeners. This music is very rich and complex. One can easily sense how much the band have progressed for the last three years since theirMorbid Metal ep7 was out. I am looking forward to the vinyl edition of this stuff but, in the meantime, well, I am going to rewind the tape and play this ep again. Sonic enjoyment cast in hell itself, hell yeah!


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