The Evil — The Evil (LP, Osmose Prod., 2017)

The Brazilian scene won’t ever stop surprising me with the richness of its music. Here, I am now holding in my hands the vinyl record named after the classic horror movie by Gus Trikonis– The Evil(1978). However, this album is inspired by a bit earlier times, the very early 70s, to be precise. THE EVIL`s music is much more massive if compared to the early 70s music; however, the atmosphere is, in general, quite similar. The sound is very heavy and powerful; that makes the The Evilalbum a pleasant listen, for sure. Miss Aileen`s very mature vocals kill totally and are a tad similar to Farida Lemouchi`s (THE DEVIL’S BLOOD). Yet, THE EVIL`s music is much grimmer, I would say it is a blend of evil spirit rock and BLACK SABBATH. Nice to listen to, ok. Sure, this music isn’t anything new or revolutionary but this is 100 per cent ideal for my purposes. I simply love this kind of stoner/doom metal vibe. It is obvious that these songs would be perfect if performed live. This music is very dramatic and full of something painstakingly dismal. Like, you know, the prophecy of impending doom which, relentlessly, draws nearer and neared every single day. Yes, this album is sincere, noble and dramatic. Get this stuff unless you already have, as this music will get you absorbed for a long time.