Hail Headbanging Metal Maniacs!

New #6 Issue of Oldschool Metal Maniac Magazine is now available for free under these link:

(You can read it online, or download it from Issuu service if you are logged in - it's free) If you don't want to read this on Issuu service, simply download it via link provided here: (tutaj link do magazynu jak już pdf będzie na serwerze OMM). We are really sorry that it took so much time, but it didn't went as we wanted in the beggining. We struggled with lot of different difficulties and bad luck! But everything is over now. We are also sorry for some possible mistakes in the zine but we hope that everything is rewarded with these 180 pages of pure metal! And we hope that this big amount of stuff inside will satisfy the most demanding Metal Maniacs! So have a nice reading and see you in hell!

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