JOSEFSTADT by Brutal Assault

Unorthodox fans of metal music will not miss Brutal Assault. On its original date, there is a three-day, smaller festival named after the original name of the imperial fortress town, that has been hosting Brutal Assault for years.
For the second year in a row, due to all too well known circumstances, everything is different, but even this year the organizing team behind Brutal Assault has not given up. And so, due to restrictions and the situation around the coronavirus, just like the last year, they have come up with a variant of a smaller festival, named JOSEFSTADT.
Anyone who has ever been to Brutal Assault knows that it is unique for its atmosphere, dramaturgy and location. And the goal for JOSEFSTADT is to bring the same experience to this „little Brutal“ - in the same fashion as with full scale version – so no one should feel any difference in the level of services provided.
JOSEFSTADT is a three-day festival taking place at Josefov Fortress from 12-14 August 2021 and is officially the replacement event for Brutal Assault 25, which is postponed to 2022. More than 40 artists primarily from Europe will play on two stages, incl. two icons from Sweden – melodic death dealers HYPOCRISY and black metal warmongers MARDUK, eccentric French project IGORRR, Polish black stars MGŁA, German thrash punchers DESTRUCTION and a combo of death metal legends from Poland VADER and DECAPITATED.
As usual with Brutal Assault, the genre focus of JOSEFSTADT is not looking solely backwards and it encompasses both household names and bands whose halo is still gaining in intensity. Thus we can talk about death commando AZARATH with Behemoth’s drummer Inferno, post-black atmosphere seekers HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, a faction of modern directions stemming from deathcore in the form of bands WITHIN DESTRUCTION, MENTAL CRUELTY and DISTANT, the dissonant Italians AD NAUSEAM, the French E-FORCE with former Voivod singer, who prepared a set based on the albums „Phobos“ and „Negatron“ or by tribal folk influenced Romanians DORDEDUH.


Free entry up to 12 years.
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