REPULSOR Trapped In A Nightmare CD 2014



The idea to start the band began in the minds of two young metalheads - bassist Filip Strzemieczny and guitarist Adam Burek in Gdańsk, 2008. They wanted to start a band, that will profess the metal traditions from the 80's, to play like their idols - Slayer, Motorhead or Venom. At the time, on polish undeground metal stage there were very few examples of thrash metal bands admitting the metal ethos of the 80's - but there were a lot of bands subjecting the new trends, which, according to opinion of Filip and Adam, lacked the essence of this music. It was a great motivation to start the band that on polish, undeground scene will restore the old, checked patterns. The name Repulsor, basing on word Repulsion reflects these ideas - guys by playing fast and aggressive and combining it with raw sound wanted to disgust other people. Repulsion is also a title of the one of the favorite movies of Filip and Adam, and a name of the band, which was a big influence for them. Writing first material and finding people, that had the same point of view took some time, finally, in early 2010 the band joined guitarist Marcin Lewandowski and drummer Michał Bławat - Repulsor was brought to life. First band rehearsals took place in a small garage in the one of Gdańsk districts, Orunia. Band was still looking for a vocalist and soon found one, Mariusz Czerlonek joined the team. With this squad, in 25 April 2010 in small pub near Gdańsk's Shipyard Repulsor shot their first concert. After that, Mariusz left the band, team decided that they don't want to cease playing gigs and they will perform instrumental, as long as they will find a new vocalist. In early July the band left it's co-founder, Adam Burek. He was replaced by the guitarist Łukasz Styś. To the end of the year Repulsor played couple gigs, after unsuccessful search bassist Filip decided to became a vocalist. In december 2010 the group of four metal maniacs recorded their first demo - Death is The Beginning, which was released on cd's in early 2011. It was a small, DIY production for a couple of friends and some polish, undeground, paper zines. In January 2011, after gig with Headbanger from Szczecin Marcin decided to leave the band. Repulsor started to write new material as a trio. Until 2012 they played over a dozen of concerts, their last one with this squad was in december 2011 i Ucho Club in Gdynia, when the guitarist Łukasz Styś decided to leave, after he will participate in the recording session for Trapped in a Nightmare EP in February 2012. For over a year the band was having a trouble to find a replacement, but finally, in march 2013 the band joined guitarist Bartek Karzarnowicz. In july 2013, during the promotional event of the EP release Repulsor came back on stage and from this time started to performing live regularly. In August 2013 Repulsor participated on the second part of Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation released by polish Defense Records label. In December 2013 band found the second guitarist - Maciej Bardo. After that, in early 2014 the squad started to promote their EP in whole country, by playing concert outside the 3city, for example in Szczecin, Człuchów, or Poznań, Katowice and Częstochowa as a part of the minitour. In April 2014 Maciej, the guitarist left the band, in the same time Repulsor signed the contract with Thrashing Madness Productions for release their EP with some bonus tracks. For the 4 years of the activity Repulsor played more than 50 gigs and shared a stage with many polish and foreign bands, for example Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, canadian band Iron Kingdom or russian bands Transilvanian and The Pack.