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Out of the bottomless darkness looms an eternal dread to announce that Chilean HELLAVENGER`s debut album is upon us. This music is awash in pure evilness…it pulsates menacingly, providing these hymns with unsettling energy. To resist this power is not possible, for this storm of devilishness shall easily possess, enslave and imprison your souls.

A slimy creature slithers over an altar of human skulls and bones. It yearns for human souls… The sound of infernal trumpets announces that the apocalyptical beast is come; it awoke in the deepest abyssal pits after centuries of feeding on human nightmares.

Pulsating darkness, like deadly whispering, summoned by ancient spells heralds that the dark album by HELLAVENGER – “The Primordial Fire” has finally arrived. The black flame has been started at the altar of the Hell Lord. The sky becomes covered with bloody crimson, the earth has opened itself to let the filth crawl out and feed on unspeakable fear of innocent beings.

Hell itself has answered to the call of Dark Priests…they practise bloody rituals in the dungeons of ancient crypts to call the name of The One who boldly holds the banner of evil in his hands. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rodrigo Hellavenger, the master of all Evil:


Hi Rodrigo, how are you?


- Hi Leszek, everything is fine here, in a cold day in Santiago while listening to SAMAEL – “Ceremony of Opposites” album.


When we last talked about HELLAVENGER, you were working on your compilation cd featuring two demos – “Lord of the Burning Abyss” and “The Primordial Flame.” Well, it didn’t take long for you guys to churn out a brand-new album called “The Primordial Fire”– self-released on tape in March 2023. Can you please tell us some more about this tape?


- Yes, that Demos compilation CD through your Thrashing Madness label was done in a very smooth and quick manner, and we are very satisfied about the result. I think it has helped us to show our Evil music in a wider range of Metal maniacs in Poland, Europe and the rest of the world, so thank you! We recorded our Debut album last year which took a lot of sessions and hard work to come up with the final version for a master to be put onto tape. This Independent version is intended to be shared with our close circle just to show our new Primordial Black Metal tracks in the most honest way. It is also used as promotional stuff to send to labels which could be interested to release other versions and some zines that could support our Dark Art.



Well, the first thing that needs to be discussed here is the album`s production – it is much better and clearer than previous stuff`s; yet, the demo quality made these songs' previous versions sound much filthier. Sure, this stuff still oozes of sulphur and tar but it is much clearer, hey. Did this sound change take place on purpose or what?


- Of course, it is always “a thing” to move from a demo sound to an album production because much better equipment is used and, as well, much more hours of sound engineering are spent. I think this is a natural improvement when a band wants to achieve a more powerful, dark and violent sound. Also, the demo tracks and everything about that happened in a period between 2011 and 2018 while the album was recorded in 2022, so the differences will be perceived in both sound and musical aspects. However, the Message, which is the most important thing, remains through the same Abyssal path.


Where did you record “The Primordial Fire”? Tell us about the studio and so on.


- This time we recorded in a studio called Mad Arabian studios where Bliol, the owner, is a professional sound engineer which has lot of experience with his own bands (GORHOTH, CEREMONIAL, EUTANASIA, etc.) and other good albums which have been recorded with his support. We had several meetings with him previously to start the recording phase because we needed to agree on a morbid vision about how we wanted our album to sound like. After this definition we agreed on the equipment to be used (amps, effects, mics, etc.) and scheduled the agenda where all the recording must happen.


The recording session took place (with breaks) between February and November 2022, right? Why so long, if I may ask? Are you happy with the final outcome?


- The recording sessions took place during the early months of the year only. We first recorded the drums, then both guitars, the bass, the vocals and finally the solos. What took more time to finish this process was the mixing and mastering phases, because some difficulties to agree on agendas to make them faster and, also, we had to have several versions before band approvals.

We are proud of the outcome for this Independent Cassette version and we hope that Devil worshippers who listen to the Album can appreciate it as well. Nevertheless, we still need to work in some adjustments in the mix/master for the upcoming versions in other formats for labels that could be interested in this release.


I have blasted “The Primordial Fire” a couple of times already and I am under the impression that your style has changed. It is still very original but a bit different from the demo stuff. Would you agree? I would say this time, your music is much more brutal and intense, huh?


- As we defined our style as Primordial Black Metal we can move within different sounds and approaches over this Mystical genre. When I created the tracks for the “Lord of the Burning Abyss” demo I wanted to praise honor to the first inception of the sound that VENOM created in the first half of the ‘80s. With this Debut Album, we developed our Sinister path with much more violent and dark aspects as it we have moved between 1986 and 1991, a period from where many classic recordings inspired us in the composition of the songs. So, because of this, you should perceive more intensity, obscurity and violence throughout the album.


I am aware of the fact that creating music means searching for one`s own music identity. With each and every new release a band gets nearer to the moment in which they can say – hey this is our own, unique style. When it comes to HELLAVENGER, well, I think I can hear a lot of progress in your music, but you seem not to be too sure which path you guys will follow in the future. What do you say?


- We are very clear about the Sinister path we want to follow and, as mentioned in the previous question, it is called “Primordial Black Metal”. This means that in the future you could hear First Wave or Second Wave Black Metal moments adding Death Thrash elements which have always been a big inspiration for us. As you know me for so many years, you know that I am a fuckin’ obsessed maniac for all the Metal recordings which sound evil and dark so you could notice this obsession in very different manners through the album tracks. I think that is good, because we don’t reach an “obvious” result and every song has its own charm. In other words, our Devil Art is like a Horror Movie, where you have lot of different scenes but in the end, they are part of the same Film with the same Macabre message.


Hey, can you elaborate on each song this album features? What are the lyrics all about? Which track is your favourite?


- I would prefer that all lyrics part can be explained once the new versions of the album are available. At this moment, I can only say that the whole album talks about topics like: the search of the Power of the Occult, the Serpent and its poison, the Doom over mankind, invocations of the spirits from Beyond, the conquest of Lands beyond the Abyss, the triumphant procession of our Iron Legion and other funeral stories. I don’t have a favorite track as I use to listen to the whole album in a round. I also want to highlight the amazing works of the two Metal maniacs that created the intro and interludes featured in the Album: one of them is Synod from the GRABUNHOLD band in Germany (great BM band btw), I entered in contact with him thanks to Andreas Condemptor from BAXAXAXA. The other maniac that helped us is Daren from Poland, who played in great bands like HOLY DEATH and MGLA, I must thank you again Leszek for providing me with his contact.


There is some Polish element featured in this stuff too, right?


- Yes, as mentioned in the previous answer, Daren “Neradiza” composed two of the great intros featured on the album.


Ok, it might sound like a premature question, but what has the response to “The Primordial Fire” been so far?


- We have already distributed some copies of the cassettes here in Chile and most of the feedback we have received have been very good, in terms of the sound and production of the tape. We have sent several parcels to our close allies in other countries, so we expect that our poison will start burning people's veins in the most Perpetual way very soon.


Can you spill the beans a bit and tell me how many tapes you guys have sold so far? How many copies have you made in total?


- The Independent release consist of 150 copies of a tape production completely made in Chile, which meant a great satisfaction but, at the same, lot of headaches because all the delays and few details that are always found due to the, sometimes, lack of a professional attitude on the works of the people within the UG here. Anyway, the response towards the cassette has been good until now so we really hope to get a good contract with some other labels. In general terms, most of the copies have been given to our contacts in Chile and abroad as a gift because of their comradeship and constant support to the band. Few copies were sold to people in Chile to recover some of the investment we spent but, in the end, the most important thing for us is to show our music in Physical format, without ANY internet/virtual support or promotion until now. We strongly believe that this is almost the only way to do something different and against the system in a world where people have the urge to show every single step or idea in the Virtual/Fake world.


This album is out on tape. If I get it right, you guys are going to release it on LP and CD in Europe, Asia, USA? Any interest from any labels so far? Or is it too early to ask?


- Not sure Leszek, we are still in the physical distribution phase, this means that we still need to send all remaining copies and then wait for the response of the owners of labels who receive the tape. So then, the deals will depend on their impressions of our Album after they listened to it on their cassette players and how fluent the offers and communications are conducted. I must say that there are some labels already interested but patience is the greatest virtue we need to practice on a daily basis. As you see, we are trying to do everything in the most UG way, the same way followed by the Old legends before the internet pushes everything as an “instant click”. I know that perhaps it is completely outdated and slower compared to how most of the bands promote their music nowadays through virtual platforms, but we strongly believe that there is NO better experience than receiving a cassette, put it in your stereo and listen to the entire stuff for the first time while looking at the cover and reading the track list. This is the Spirit of the Evil One in our minds and we will worship this forever!!!


Some HELLAVENGER members are involved in FORCE OF DARKNESS too. Does it affect your live shows in any way? Are HELLAVENGER going to play some tours in order to promote this new stuff? If so, where can your fans expect to see you guys?


- We have prioritized the musical compositions and recordings with our band therefore we have not played in any show yet, although we have been invited to some concerts in the past. Our main purpose is to transcend with our evil recordings and deliver our powerful message through them, however, we are starting to plan rehearsals of a setlist in case we are invited to play live in a future Satanic Ritual where other bands and atmosphere are the proper ones.


HELLAVENGER `s music is very awash with this peculiar devilishness. Tell me what your inspirations are when it comes to writing such devilish music, huh? Man, when I listen to this album I can sense the Horned One is close...


- After becoming Possessed as a teenager and almost three decades dedicated to the listening of Dark and Evil stuff, I think we only need to find the way to express our poison inside the best way we can, and this means that frequent practice of our instruments is required. At the same time, it is also mandatory to keep walking the Left-Hand Path and avoid all the lies, traps and chains that Global Manipulators use to force the people to obey their rules like innocent lambs. You know, the NWO agenda is advancing everywhere with its multiple attacks (the global virus was one of the hardest ones) so, for me, to collect Metal music and attend Metal concerts/fairs is not enough to confront the dirty game they play. We must become Warriors, perhaps not the perfect ones but at least we should do our best by learning history and occult themes, keep healthy and strong, and not follow every stupid trend imposed by politicians or people in power. We know that nowadays the rainbow flag, political correctness and cancellations are as disgusting and dangerous as the Christian cross and its followers so beware of falling in their traps!


When we take a closer look at the Chilean scene, one thing becomes obvious. A lot of Chilean bands have got this unique dose of devilishness in their music. You know, as if these bands were born with the devil`s mark. This is so unique and natural, man, I tell you. Why is it like this?


- Well, I wouldn’t go that far about a “Devil’s mark” in the Current Chilean bands. Although there are a lot of them that sound violent and dark, play with good technique and have cool live performances, I’m not sure if all of them really have the Devil branded in their souls (and this applies not only to Chilean bands, of course). What happens in Chile is that our country has been a Social experiment for decades and that is why so many people, including metalheads, hate everything related to authorities. And for the worst, the greedy politicians from left and right wings are always trying to take advantage of this and wash some old and young people's brains infecting them with their pathetic ideologies of a “better country”. This has infected in a so hard manner in the last years that polarization because of political affinities on the population, including Metal scene, is beyond any sense. I think that could resume why Metal has served as a weapon for so many bands to express the disconformity, frustration and anger against all that is imposed by the force. On the other hand, musically speaking, I think nowadays it is easier than before to search for legendary recordings and replicate an “Underground” sound but, at the same time and IMHO, most of the bands are really lost regarding a radical message that should be spread instead of abusing clichés. In the early years of Metal, bands tried to express something unique in both musical and lyrical aspects against what shitty things were happening in Society, to demonstrate the opposition against Religion and Moral laws and that was demonstrated in the lyrics and also in the Visual appearance. After more than 40 years since then, the historical context has changed a lot, but the rulers of the world are the same and, unfortunately, the acceptance of the new digitalization era has blinded most of the rebel souls which are part of the Worldwide metal scene. Nowadays, I see most of the people involved in Metal activities affected by a compulsive consumerism to buy every stuff labeled as a “must”. It’s sad but people keep buying and buying instead of listening and thinking and then spending tons of hours feeding their egos on virtual platforms by showing every single private moment of their lives. And regarding Metal concerts, I think that a grand majority go just to get completely drunk and record videos with their phones instead of banging their heads and appreciating the complete shows.

Being said that, what I am trying to bring and preserve are some of the most important Traditions in the Underground and they are: to try to become stronger every day, to understand who the fuck are the actual enemies in your life and to avoid to be blinded by the False Light.


 You have been part of the metal scene for years. You are also an ardent music fan too. Tell me what bands have impressed you recently? Any good, promising Chilean bands you wish to recommend to us?


- You know that I am always looking for obscure stuff from the past and the present. As per old discoveries, some trades and re-releases have brought very good stuff to my ears such as: BACKOUT (BEL), ZONA MORTA (BRAZIL), TERMINATOR (POL), FATA MORGANA (CZE), AZAZEL (POL), OBLIVION (USA, NY), MISERY (SWI), S.F.H (CAN), DEAD CHRIST (UK), DEMACRATOR (PAN), O.T.T. (USA) among many others. As per International acts from the current times, I follow the work of UG bands such as GLASNIK SMRTI (SERBIA), SIJJIN (GER), CAIXÃO (POR), BAXAXA (GER), NECROCARNATION (ARG/GER), GOAT TYRANT (POL), TRUPI SWAD (POL), MALOKARPATAN/KROLOK (SVK), CRYPS OF WALLACHIA (BEL), MOONCITADEL (FIN), DEUS MORTEM (POL), AZAXUL (GER), CONTUMACY (PER), OATH OF CRUELTY (USA), RADIATION (SVK). OBROK (BUL) and tons more. In regards of bands from my country that I support and know that are working on new stuff or have recent releases out I can name: ABISMA, MALIGNANT ASCETICISM, PACTO AMEN, SOUL’S PYRE, ORACULUM, SCIENTIAM TEMPLUM, INVOCATION, NECROPHOROS, ORION, ROTTEN TOMB, KERASFORA, IMPURO GRAL, INSURREXION, BLACK BEAST...there are more of course but they escape to my mind now.


Well, so, “The Primordial Fire” is out. What should I wish you guys as far as this stuff is concerned?


- We really hope to find a Label to release our Album in other versions and that it can help us with good promotion and distribution within the Ultimate Underground maniacs throughout the world, because, honestly, this Album was recorded with our entire guts and burning dark souls!

Our email contact is:  Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.


Time to wrap up, I guess. Thanks a lot for your time and your answers. Any last words for our old school metal maniac readers?

Take care.

- As always, my eternal gratitude for your comradeship and constant support to my bands and projects through the years. I would urge to the OMM readers to keep supporting Old School Metal maniac zine and Thrashing Madness records and to stay alert about the HELLAVENGER news when, hopefully, our Album is out and available through other labels. And as last Call: Be part of our Iron Legion and enter the Burning Abyss! We need Evil Warriors to keep fighting against all Manipulations! Primordial Black Metal is the only Law!!! In Nomine Satanas HELLAVENGER



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