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MATTERHORN has been conceived in late fall of  2012. The story incepts in the suburb of Zürich, where the bandplayed on instruments for the first time. Morbid, Nekrokingand Tim Tot then have deeply bound for equal interests leading to limitless voyages and try-outs in music; aiming to play the most evil and heavy music, sincerity strengthenedeach other’s will to master their newly needed and started instruments and getting away from being musical novices. It seems to be a certain decree that the band stays in the formation of a trio with no line-up changes since the beginning. Regardless whether awkwardly situated personal states or the surrounding negativity would hinder the stiff climb, all other personal paths were quit. They strictly defined their conception and semblance until the direction of MATTERHORN has crystallized out, deeply embodying the Metal-DNA to an original form to fit very personal songs dealing with lyrics attempting to be the purest achievable at the time. Rehearsing each day has shown clear results: Eventually, their musical understanding, also emotionally, would’ve grown-up to new, broader and a more integral and differenced views of their music. Violently running through a harsh and radical process of rewriting and quashing most of their material, MATTERHORN came to be a permanent vision of life – as the very first professional musical actualization for the band’s members. A crass release: Without leaving any demo or EP behind, the three reached the need to exhaust the past with a debut full-lenght

After having shared the stage with acts BÖLZER & URFAUST on their first professional live show, the trio was trained to record the first album being entitled « Crass Cleansing». Personally allegorical for the longed relief, and artistically as a synonym for the latter days. The band entered the Studio Nord Bremen in late September 2017. The debutant act is a product of what the band was working on for years, what they anticipated the most. And at the time of recording, the group could not have possibly done anything other – violently strove for recording a classic as an aggressive youthful rebellious start to blast them all away. Searching for darkness and heaviness in diverse and sometimes almost morbidly comic shades, the constant search for more exceptionalism is their sheer life purpose.

Yet unsigned, the group intended to release « Crass Cleansing» as a limited first version on their own; due an urgently required relief from its horned matter, for reaching out and already being enabled to storm the stages to shake the world heavily! After breaking out of isolation as quite a solipsistic band, the group measured with reality for the first time and thus became delusional with an immense enthusiastic drive: The music was still less heavy than needed for fitting with their dark personal content, the second coming will be much more ripe – the newer material already shows the band’s capability to advance towards an outstanding and inventive group – The Future is already conceived and begotten!

« Crass Cleansing» will be advanced to completion by two remarkable bonus tracks ‘Crass Cleansing’ and ‘Bydying’. MATTERHORN’s further future will seamlessly continue after the release of Crass Cleansingin 2018, ensued by live appearances and their second full length, to be scheduled for early 2019. Infinitely variable ways of the deepening darkness and new approaches are conceivable.


1.Hello. Frankly, I was surprised to get your promo stuff in the vinyl format. Does it mean Crass Cleansing will be finally out on vinyl too, which is, in my view, the noblest of media?

The vinyl will be out byend of May and available over Iron Bonehead Prod. Looking forward for this interview, it’s anappropriate replacement behavior and I already start to feel less agonized now having this confrontation in your killer zine! Haha! Hope it’s not getting mistaken for being dogmatic nor moralising.

2.The noblest of media is vinyl, no doubt about it! Of course, this is the music itself not the media this music is on, which is of utmost importance, right?

Today’s youth defines itself rather with the playing device than the music I guess. It would be the only reason for the shitty sound they adore that I can imagine. So it is with the media too, for me, if the music is good I like to listen to it in any way.Mostly when I’m out, therefore not in physical form.

3.Further, these days, old and classic media like tape or vinyl are back. These releases are really professional and look awesome. Seems like time has come full circle; in other words, people have understood that mp3 or other electronic types of media are kind of "soulless", hey?

Also it sells better than mp3.

4.Is there anything better or more pleasant than listening to music from vinyl, holding in your hands this huge envelope with cover art and the lyric sheet, during this very special ritual? This is the best way to waste your free time, don’t you think? Still, music played live is even better, I think, hey!

Or you can have a band, hey…?!In that case you don’t have time to waste, and anyway surely not with music. That’s not even possible. When I do listen to music it’s mostly because I don’t want contact in any form, shut off the world and the people around. So there are likely some occasions. It’s important to listen to anything and I’m thankful for all the music in the world for inspiration, likeHante or Le Mystère des VoixBulgaresor my most recent metal findings,Panphlage or DNS.

On the other side, when your life is full of consuminglymusic day in day out, you too start to appreciate the gratitude of cheerful silence.

5.Well, I will tell you man I was really excited when I got your Crass Cleansing as this stuff just reeks of CELTIC FROST influences which I fucking love! They are true gods of deadly metal! How did you start your obsession with Warrior and his crew? You`ll have to admit these guys are one of your main influences, right?

Yes sure, but if comparingends up inbeing disabled tolistenthoroughlyto our very own music, then I find it rather reducing. I say that because we often hear this and think that it simply belies all other aspects and our own expectations. And it too, belittles Celtic Frost for you must have not understood their work truly to compare it to ours. But other than this it’s a big compliment to us, being associatedwith a band we love andfeel to understand deeply.Needless to say, that we are huge followers of this unique group and can only wish to reach their greatness. And if we may share a similar artistic intent or so it can be resulting in similarities, like the similar emotions we evoke, but they just aren’t really aging and getting old too, or?

Also, CF is simply part of the game, I mean that there are only few bands that aren’t inspired by them–it’s relating to the very basics of Metal. What is way more remarkable to name would be for example VedBuensEnde, Arckanum, Mortuary Drape or Type O, or non-Metal related music like DutchHardcore, Feindflug or ambient stuff from Akira Yamaoka or anything from the black scene that is deeply inspiring to us.Although, most of the inspiration comes from the inside.

Our newest material already shows, that on our second album, one can find more inventive and advanced songs.The band would be for nothing if we would stop working on our very own style and sound etc… A lot of people would like that, but we hate it. Who wants to be that guy that is taking credit for others' achievements? We were too solipsistic and isolated in our cellar to realise that people may connote our album with other bands…

6.How do you like Tom`s TRIPTYKON by the way?

Not everything appeals to my liking,which isby the wayapplicable to many other bands too. Also there aren’t many albums where I like each single song on itand I find that they haven’t done that yet–for me personally, that’s an important quality. But still, I was rarely thatshattered emotionally as I was during their performance, when relating to the pain reaches the climax and ‘Winter III’ starts to play...


7. METALLICAhave recently put up on their website Procreation of the Wicked(performed by RobandKirkin Switzerland in 2018). Did you see them live by the way?

We have seen it on screen lately in our band room. We weren’t there, as we’re not the typical Metallica fans. I have found it done very poorly. He even misspelled the band’s name. I think these people just do what their PR-assistant is telling them just to appear more likeable, and giving the locals the feeling of beingunderstood and that they’re interested, but that’s what sharp tongues may say…I see, this is going to be a Celtic Frost interview thou.

8. As for me, I was depressed when I was checked out the link to the above mentioned song. Well, seems like even biggest stars can fuck up such masterpieces as this immortal Procreation of the Wicked. Well, it is nice such guys as METALLICA want to cover a song like this one, but the way they did it wasn’t too good. Didn’t do CFany good, for sure.A hard lesson for METALLICA, don’t you think?

Like what I said before. I must admit that I never really got into Metallica anyway (alas) and that I’ve seen worse. There’s a video of them performing ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and it seemed all too obviousto me that they were using autotuneor something. I think it was the Arènes de Nîmes show they played recently. But it seems also that no one cares too much about that too. People eat everything these days. Look at us …

9. Do you perform cover songs when playing live shows? What are your favourite ones? Spill the beans, please.

No, we only play our own material. But I can tell that we are very eager to perform a cover soon, but it would have to be our very own interpretation and an unconventional rendition of the song. If we will have time on stage and the situation requires it, then of course we play such a cover.

Telling you that a cover of a Snakefinger song will be on our second album which is begotten in 2019, being entitled ‘Humanima’,is not given too much away.The other content will anyway halo overthis little announcement. So there we hav it, the special info spoiler part, haha...

10. You guys formed in 2012 but haven’t recorded anything until March 2018. Why did you decided to record an album instead of a demo or 7 inch for instance? Are you happy with the final result?

Not really happy but less cramped. And more drifting into the deepening darkness, as the result is way less heavy than expected and needed to fit our content. But we became delusional with an immense restless drive to create something more inventive and relevant now. The punk and youthful start has its eligibility due to the material that arose from when we were young and we’ve always found it to be cool to have it this way. On the other hand we wouldn’t have had an option as well to be honest, as we still can’t play or call ourselves musicians yet. But we’re happy about the fact that we’re not strained nor debilitated under the ballast of old material which is finally justbygone.

11. This album is self-released. Does it mean there was no label interested in releasing such awesome music? Or was it pure intentional, you know, to stay independent to the max?

Neither. We did it how we’veenvisagedlike it would function this way, so to say we didn’t know any better,speaking of a band that was really isolated and turned inward at that time. But we knew we would need something that would introduce the band properly and that we just would have one chance not to fuck up someone’s first impression. We didn’t want to be a band like any other around us, that only rotates around itself–not to get into the circle of local heroes, we wanted to skip a lot of what leads to nothing. But also we paid the price for having not recorded a demo and thus can’t rely to a spectrum of experiences and ripening... We always knew that it had to be a full-length. Unconventional maybe, but we needed something real to take with us on shows.

12. The booklet of yours is really impressive and features some concert photos. Tell us about your recent shows, will you? Do you play live a lot? What bands have you played with by the way?

Our last concert was when we were opening for Bölzer and Urfaust, which we consider to be our first real show. This was where we were near to what we are now. We’ve played two more times before that, but with a very different set and it was not to be taken seriously. I mean even less seriously.

13.the Swiss scene, not as big as the German/Teutonic one, has always been (since the 70s) very influential when it comes to extreme metal; and found a very good starting point for heavy metal – like KROKUS for instance which attracted attention of metal brothers from all over the world. same for the bands from the 80s - HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, CORONER, MORDOR, CARRION ,SAMAEL; these bands are well recognizable and pretty renown among fans. And even these days, there are plenty of good, original bands in Switzerland–TRIPTYKON, DEATHCULT, BOLZER and you of course. In a word, old school metal in Switzerland is doing really good. Tell us some more about your scene, please.

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about the scene, because I’m notpart of it (alas). But the question is anyway if a scene nowadays is actually still necessaryand important at all, because it has not the same duties like back then. But like I said, what do I know… Like all outcasts are talented observers, I too have seen too much to become keen on getting part of anything anyway. But you’re right, there are many talented young bands arising, way more than what you mentioned.

14. Well, summer means summer metal festivals plus some smaller or larger live events. Are you going to show up at any of these?

There are some things planned yes, hopefully we will. Would be great the Polish metalheads would have us too!

15. Talking about the master Warrior again. when Leslaw Dutkowski interviewed Tom bout HELLHAMMER as their blood insanity ep was about to be released, Tom mentioned briefly he`d like to reactivate HELLHAMMER for some live shows, in a purely non-commercial way, of course, with a bunch non HELLHAMMER related musicia ns which would take place at the site whet the old bunker was located. Youknow, the bunker in which the band used to rehearse in the 80s. There is some new building now. Do you have any more info about all this?

We’re apparently not them, how am I able to answer this?

16. Well, to please their fans, TRIPTYKON have been performing more and more CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER tracks. I don’t know about you but to be able to listen live to such tracks as Necromantical Screams, The Usurper , Circle of the Tyrants, Into the Crypts of Rays, not even mentioning HELLHAMMER`s tracks is something exceptional. Tell me man, what is so special about these tracks that they`re still so powerful, and can, after all those years, have a huge emotional effect on fans?

If a song passes the judgement of time it is because it has a relevance for every generation from anew, one can always project his own ghost and way of thinking onto it. I think the huge emotional effect is linked to the narratives, history and bond due the fact that fans of CF’s work are extremely faithful, maybe the most loyal too. Now they live from what isgiven andwhat haspaved the path by a band that wrote these songs in the 80’s.

17. Well, time to wrap up. What do you want me to wish MATTERHORN in the future?

That we will stay ourselves. That cliché spokesman advice became suddenly important and got a total new meaning to me when we’re facing to join the game, which can affect what you do, or how you behave yourself immensely. Like that whole image and promotion things, we can’t relate to. After our shitty show at the Chaos Ritval, a young girl was interviewing me about why we would not go for having a facebook appearance and building up an image etc. like all the others. I didn’t knew what to say because we never thought of it. Of course we had to learn how it works and apparently we also have a facebook page (Arrgh), only because we didn’t want to be to cool to have one. What is very important to us now: We want to prepare a good live set / favorite jokes list for shaking the world heavily.                                            

18. All right. Thanks a lot for your answers. Anything to add to our Polish maniacs? Take care.

What we want to say to you is thanks for having us in your mag and for the interview. Hope it’s not misinterpreted too many times as one big joke. Don’t laugh at us for we are just bad persons. We hope to delight our Polish friends when giving them ourmany reasons to die.




MORBID – vocals, guitars, NEKROKING – vocals, bass, TIM TOT – drums, percussion


http://crass-cleansing.com, https://www.facebook.com/CrassCleansing, https://matterhorn.bandcamp.com/



P.O. Box 318 CH-8603 Schwerzenbach

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