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VULTURE is another young crew that, with passion and commitment, carry the torch for classis metal music. When I play their amazing stuff, I always smile with pleasure! I am happy there are bands who still carry this ancient flame. The time is flying, indeed, yet this is due to the very bands like VULTURE we can be sure the old spirit of metal shall never die. I hope this short introduction will prove to you they have been featured in our magazine for a reason. Ok, my metal brothers and sisters. No need to waste time. Read on.


1. I have kept listening to this amazing Guillotinefor some time now and will tell you I am stunned with how well you guys were able to recreate the atmosphere of the 80s. Damn, if I didn’t know you guys formed back in 2015, I would claim this stuff was recorded in 1985/1986, no joke!   

Stefan: Thank you very much for that great compliment, mate!

  2. You people seem to be quite young fellas, so please tell me what made you start listening to this old-school metal? How did it all start; tell me about your first band/album you`ve listened to. How long ago was it?

Stefan: Can only speak for myself here. When I got nine years old, I got my first stereo along with Deep Purple's Made In Japan. I instantly fell in love with their, at least for me, rather obscure vibe and the dark layout of the booklet. Now, 16 years later I'm still wandering on the same paths, I guess.

 3. Listening to metal music is one thing, but why did you decide to form VULTURE and play this very style of music? How did you guys meet up and whose idea was it to start your band?

Stefan: I guess it was my idea. In 2015 I quit Obsessör. Since I've been making music, I've always been involved in Speed/Thrash bands, so right away I was sure, that I'll end up forming another band. The goal was to step away from that Blackened, Teutonic-Thrash kinda sound. Together with the others we wanted to dig a little deeper and grab the whole genre by its very roots.

4. You guys come from Germany, the country that’s been always very active when it comes to metal music. So please go and tell me about your first live show you’ve seen…

Stefan: I've been to some local shows before, but I guess my first real Metal concert was Cannibal Corpse in Hannover in 2005 or '06, ha ha. I was a huge Death Metal fan back then and struggled hard to be able to play these tricky riffs myself. Obviously failed though.

5. It comes as no surprise to me that Steffen from High Roller took you under his wings. His label is really powerful, and specializes in old-school metal music. Your debut album has been released in the tape version too. Can you please give us some more details about it, thank you?

Stefan: There are two tape versions of The Guillotine. One was done by Ding Victim Productions over here in Germany and the other one was a licensed release by an Asian label. Nothing out of the ordinary.

6. These days, traditional media are back. More and more titles get released on tape and vinyl. I suspect that for you, as musicians, to have you stuff released on vinyl (the noblest media, in my view) is just an amazing experience. How did it feel to hold the vinyl version of your music in your own hands?

Stefan: Great, of course, he he! After all the struggles and challenges you gotta go through when doing a record it's one of the greatest feelings to have the very final product in your hands.

7. Hey! Your music is heavily influenced by the 80s. So tell me man, if you could travel in time, where would like to go and what band would you like to play live with? Let’s say a band from the 80s? What band would you like to see play live? Would you like to change something in the past if you were able to?

 Stefan: Metallica. Exodus. Slayer. Betrayel. Powerlord. And I would probably make Exodus write another album after Bonded By Blood that is at least somehow good.

 8. On April 20th, your first demo will be out on vinyl with a different cover artwork. Why? I would say the old one was much better, really!

Stefan: The album is getting a lot of represses already and we thought it might be a cool thing to have some versions with a different layout and look. I really like the simple looking Guillotine, but of course the original cover is much more brutal and effective, you're right there. Up to everyone's personal taste in the end.

9. Vendetta 7`` EP was out through High Roller last year. It is sold out now. Is there any chance this stuff gets re-released?

Stefan: No, it’s not sold out. We still got it in our web shop and I think High Roller still have some as well. But as far as I'm concerned, this is not meant to be repressed after it's sold out.

10. Beside your own tracks, the Victim to the Blade demo features two cover songs of JUDAS PRIEST. Is this guitar duo K.K.Downing/Genn Tipton so important to you, huh?

Stefan: Yes, indeed! Judas Priest play a very special role for all of us.

11. So, please tell me about the future of this Victim to the Blade. Is it going to be released in the vinyl format too?

Stefan: Victim To The Blade has been pressed on vinyl many times already, mate! It's currently in its 3rd pressing. You can get it at High Roller Records.

12. How about playing live? Are you active in this field, huh? Where can we see you guys live this year? Any summer festivals for instance? How about coming to Poland? That’d be really awesome!

Stefan: Sure, we're playing live. Since we're all doing jobs during weeks its rather impossible for us to become a touring band sometime soon, but we try to catch as many shows as possible. This year we've already been to Sweden and Denmark. Looking forward to Up The Hammers in Athens and a lot of other great shows all over Europe.

13. Is VULTURE the only band you`re active with or there are other projects as well?

Stefan: I've always been involved in different projects, right now the only thing Leo and I do besides Vulture is doing Luzifer singles once in a while. Just got a new seven inch out!

14. Beside the music of your idols from the 80s, what other bands inspire you?

Stefan: A lot of 70s stuff, like the mentioned Priest and some proto metal stuff. We're also listening to a lot of horror movies soundtracks.

15. What are your inspirations/influences when it comes to writing your lyrics? Do you like horror fiction or classic horror movies and historical period drama movies? Please tell us more about your lyrics.

Stefan: Yes, we do! We're mostly writing about murder and Heavy Metal. With The Guillotine we started adding lyrics about movies we like, like „This Night Belongs To The Dead“, which is about Carpenter's The Fog or „Adrian's Cradle“ which is obviously about Rosemary's Baby. We're gonna continue that path for sure!

16. You surely listen to a lot of music. Do you know of any Polish bands? WARFIST, ROADHOG, AXE CRAZY or CRYSTAL VIPER? Or some older crews such as TURBO, KAT?

Stefan: Not that familiar with many new Polish bands, but I'm of course aware of the classics you just mentioned! Great stuff!

17. Ok, that’s it, I think. All the best and thanks a lot for your amazing answers. Hails to the VULTURE horde. Anything to add for our readers? Feel free, the floor is all yours...

 Stefan: You're welcome Leszek! Get your switchblades out! Vulture kills!



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