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Tom Angelripper is proud and excited to announce the Release of the new Sodom album Decision Day for August 26th 2016. Together with his two comrades-in-arms, guitarist Bernemann and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald, Angelripper spent four months at the studio honing the new Sodom material. The result is a hard-as-nails, diverse thrash metal offering on the subject of D-Day, the day in June 1944 when the troops of the Western Allied forces landed in Normandy to liberate mainland Europe from the scourge of Nazi Germany. Songs such as ´Belligerence`, ´Decision Day` and ´Strange Lost World` present the Sodom frontman once more as a historically well-versed contemporary witness and critical observer of current international events. Decision Day was produced by Cornelius ´Corny` Rambadt, sound engineer and drummer with Angelripper’s side project Onkel Tom.



1.In Retribution 06:14,2. Rolling Thunder 04:22,3. Decision Day 04:03,4. Caligula 04:01,5. Who Is God? 04:35,6. Strange Lost World 04:59

,7. Vaginal Born Evil 05:15,8. Belligerence 04:00,9. Blood Lions 03:17,10. Sacred Warpath 05:34,11. Refused To Die 04:27

12. Predatory Instinct 04:44 (bonus track for vinyl and iTunes edition)

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