Oldschool Metal Maniac - English Version

Attention labels and bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, first off,if you guys want us to review your stuff in Old School Metal Maniac, you`ll have to send us hard copies. We`re not interested in mp3 or links etc. Can be a cdr or tape plus some inlay. These are fine. Further, do not send us stuff which is not in the Old School MetalManiac vein, all right? We deal with classic bands or young bands whose music is classic, traditional or old-school. These are fine and these are welcome. We`ve tried to be more open in the past so to say but it won’t work anymore. So from now on, we`ll not accept stuff which doesn’t meet these criteria. Thank you.

Oldschool Metal Maniac Mag c/o Leszek Wojnicz-Sianożęcki P.O.Box 399,31-960 Kraków 1 Poland