Oldschool Metal Maniac - English Version


From 15th of September we're starting with selling of pre-ordered new Oldschool Metal Maniac #XI!!!! Premiere of this issue is planned on november 2016. In new issue there will be such jewels as: first in polish press history interview with :HELLHAMMER, ARTILLERY, ASSASSIN, ARKHAM WITCH, BLESSED DEATH ,BLOOD FEAST, CORONER, DESTRUCTION, EXODUS, EREB ALTOR, EXORCIST, INFERNAL MAJESTY ,INSULTER, PLANET HELL, POSSESSED, RUNNING WILD, SLAUGHTBBATH , TROUBLE, VEKTOR, besides there will be another part of BATHORY story, "Under The Sign Of Black Mark" or Born In Eternal Fire, Act III. You'll also find review from Brutal Assault 2016 and big review from World Tour The Book Of Souls IRON MAIDEN+ 6 posters


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