Although lately we hosted MYSTIFIER in Oldschool Metal Maniac, the first show in Poland was enough to ask Armando Belzebubth Mystifier a few questions. Although he isn't so talkative, I'm really glad we could make this interview to the end. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a pleasure to introduce the legend of the Brazilian stage – MYSTIFIER:.

1.    You’ve just finished the European tour. How do you feel after it? Where did you have the warmest welcome?

Beelzeebubth: Black greetings, noble Polish warrior! Our two European concert tours were fantastic! We loved every moment, every concert, every sightseeing tour and we were very well-received in each country. Obviously, in the major festivals such as the Inferno Fest in Oslo/NOR and SWR Fest in Barroselas/POR, we found a large number of friends, fans and fellows from allied bands. Many friends from other bands had already told us: “Armando, take care in Poland. Those people destroy everything they see ahead”, and it was no different in our only concert there. I fucking LOVED Poland and hope to return soon.

2.    It was the first time you played in Poland. How did you enjoy that show? Are you satisfied with the audience’s reaction?

Beelzeebubth: Yeah, as I mentioned above. Hails to Poznan and Polish legions that supported us there!!

3.    Probably you didn’t have much time to see Poland, but I wonder what the most stuck in your mind? With what you’ll be associating our country?

Beelzeebubth: As I stayed in Poznan, the next day after the show, I quickly visited some places downtown. I bought some souvenirs at the train station and ate the typical Polish food.

4.    Do you like Polish girls?

Beelzeebubth: I knew a great Polish friend, called Urszula. She took me to visit some squares and monuments. German friends had already told me that the Polish were very beautiful and intelligent. I met and talked to some in our show. One thousand morbid kisses to all Polish Black Metal girls!

5.    I noticed that lately there have been some changes in the MYSTIFIER’s line-up.

Beelzeebubth: Actually, I had some difficulties to find permanent members, but currently I have the best line-up in years. Alex Poisonous, on drums, and Diego DoUrden, on vocals, bass guitar and keyboard, have helped me a lot to keep Mystifier playing around the world. Together, we did the best shows of our career.

6.    Ten years ago it was unthinkable to bring here a Brazilian band. Luckily, times have changed and everything’s possible. This tour was your second visit to the old continent.

Beelzeebubth: This was our third European tour, in fact. We did two tours last year there. We plan to return soon, continuing our worldwide tour "Antiguos Himnos to her Domination del Mundo" (Old Hymns for World Domination 2010/2015), only with songs of the albums “Wicca” and “Göetia”.

7.    Your latest tour was associated with the band’s 25th anniversary. On this occasion there have been released re-editions of “Wicca” and “Göetia” and an exclusive edition with your demo materials. It’s an amazing release, but maybe isn’t it time to think of some new studio material? Since the release of “Profanus” there have passed 13 years and the compilations that have come out since then don’t include any fresh tracks.

Beelzeebubth: We recorded two fresh songs for re-issues: “Church of Molested Children” and “Demolish the Towers of Heaven”. I hope to take inspiration from darkness to finish the compositions of our next work: “The Unholy Science: Kali Yuga (Cycle of Death)”. Other reissues, compilations and releases are planned. We signed with Hammerheart Records of Belgium for the reissue of all our albums in Europe, in LP and CD. I promise our loyal admirers to release something so destructive and inspiring as our first albums.

8.    From some time in your set list has appeared a cover of SARCOFAGO – “Nightmare” which you played in Brazil together with Wagner during one of the shows. How does it feel to meet on stage such a legend after so many years?

Beelzeebubth: 2014 was our year!! There were so many unbelievable things in our lives, and this was one of them. Wagner appeared on the show, we drank and talked about Sarcófago (about which he said that he never thinks of a possible return) and the international underground scene. Suddenly, I realized, there was my idol in front of me headbanging! Even with tears in her eyes and nervous, I said: "I invite Antichrist to come onto the stage. You don’tt have to sing, just do what you want ..." and he killed them all, with the sharp voice of the dark ages. Long live to the old troops of Brazilian Black Metal. We will always be alive!

9.    Do you have in your set list some other covers which you like to play from time to time?

Beelzeebubth: No, I hate playing covers in gigs (hahahaha...). “Nightmare” is our homage to all old Brazilian Black Metal traditions and acts.

10.    You’ve been playing in MYSTIFIER since the beginning. What can you tell about the ‘lifetime achievements’ of the band? Are you fully satisfied with what the group achieved within those 25 years?

Beelzeebubth: Yes, we are an underground band. Currently, I had to drop a steady job to dedicate myself 666% to Mystifier. I am in the happiest moment of my life and I will not let anything bother me. I was not born to be an ordinary person.

11.    MYSTIFIER has never hidden its interest of the Horned from Hell. I wonder how do you see the devil as a person? Do you believe in tangible existence of Satan? Or maybe his just for you some symbol of rebellion?

Beelzeebubth: I believe in the opponent; the antagonist; the leader of the revolution and so on. I am an existentialist with a profound admiration for the Paganism, The Occult and Dark side. From the Book “Paradise Lost”: “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven...”.

12.    Do you believe in existence of Hell and heaven? What do you think happens with the human’s spirit after death? Do you believe in reincarnation or do you think death is the end of the whole person’s existence?

Beelzeebubth: Heaven is my pleasure; It is all that I set out to accomplish. Hell is all that I want and failed to. Above me, only the beauty of the blue sky. Under me, my Great Mother Earth who guide me to the Left Hand Path (like Isis). We are part of the whole and nothing at the same time. We die and reborn, every season, every cycle and so on. Ashes to ahes/Dust to Dust. It never ends...

13.    Looking at your image, covers and lyrics, devil seems to be an endless source of inspiration for you. But, is he really connected with EVIL? Watching mankind we can assume that it is not the devil, but our destructive nature that destroys everything around us. It appears that this what claims to be GOOD isn’t good at all, and vice versa. How do you think?

Beelzeebubth: I see the Star of Morning of Intelligence – Venus in every fucking dawn from my window. It is a constructive power for me. The catholic and christian churches are destructives origins for me (fucking dangerous sources of stupidity). Lucifer is thw power who controls and balances this dimension, the universe, ourselves.

14.    What’s magic ritual for you? Are your shows some kind of rituals? In your lyrics and your attitude you display attachment to the dark side of nature.

Beelzeebubth: Not at all. My statements are my main weapon to shock the crowd. Maybe, we can say that the power to manipulate the crowd is black magic. After our rituals, gigs, you won’t be the same, for sure. 

15.    Brazil and Poland are deeply religious countries. However, metal music in these lands seems to be not worried about this matter and it proclaims the anti-church character over and over again. I wonder how MYSTIFIER is perceived in your country? Have you ever got any problems for flaunting with devilish symbols?

Beelzeebubth: Well, I never had a serious problem with that kind of shit and would not hesitate to give a FUCK OFF to any religious stupid that comes to offend me with his or her holy shit.

16.    Brazilian scene always has been one of the most extreme ones. Just look in the past listing some of the significant bands, like SARCOFAGO, VULCANO, GENOCIDIO CHAKLA, MUTILATOR ,HOLOCAUST, or MYSTIFIER to see what I’m talking about. Some can say that these are old times, but there are still a lot of great bands in Brazil. What can you say about today’s metal music in your country? Which of the bands deserve attention? What do you think about EM RUINAS, GRAVE DESECRATOR and ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS?

Beelzeebubth: The Brazilian underground scene has grown a lot. We have received many shows in recent years, in every part of Brazil. Even in the poorest regions, such as ours, in the Northeast. We recently had to replace the participation of Venom in a large festival in Southern Brazil – Zoombie Ritual Fest. I always meet some friends from bands in gigs and hanging out in pubs, like: that motherfucker Igor, from Em Ruínas, who only drinks orange juice (hahahhaa….); I fucking hate Grave Desecrator members!! Necrogoat and Butcherazor root for Flamengo fans and loves kissing each other. Cariocas suck!! Hahahah… I met Andrey from Antichrist Hooligans, who loves to kill N$ fagots in gigs. Hope to meet and drink with Cristiano Passos too!

17.    Our interview comes to an end. Thanks for your attention. If you’d like to say something to the readers of Oldschool Metal Maniac, traditionally the last words belong to you.

Beelzeebubth: Thank you so much for your patience and support, my Polish friend. Satanic Greetings to all Polish maniacs who support South American Black Metal Pioneers. 666%! For further band info and merchandising, contact us: KURWA!

Cheers, Necronosferatus
Huge thanks to all who were involved in this. If it weren't for your help, there wouldn't be this interview
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