1. But this time it hurts! I perfectly remember the edition of "Border of the Light and Darkness" and yet from this moment they pass this year 3 years. As you can see this time was not lost for you. You have registered another NEKRON third material. Can you say something more about it?

It is true. Since the release of "Border of Light and Darkness" a lot of time has passed. The first two materials appeared after year after year. The third one had to wait a bit. But finally formed. I finished mixing it literally a few days ago. Although this time I had to record in truly spartan conditions. And spartan temperatures. I think it had a positive effect on the music that was created. He is strict and honest. Cold and extremely atmospheric. The new album is entitled "Psychosis" and contains five compositions maintained in a similar convention as "Border of Light and Darkness". Stylistically and soundly I have remained in my moods. So still it is very dark music. I expose the keys, I changed the vocal so that it matched the lyrics better. It is still slow and dark. Such games I just like the most and in such climates I feel the best. This time, however, I resigned from the instrumental tracks. I leave them to a completely different publishing house.


2. The music itself on the new album has many references to previous NEKRON albums. This time it seems the subject matter of the texts is definitely darker. Can you briefly describe each of the songs that each song treats?

On "Psychosis" I went in a completely different direction than on "Border ..." It's a bit different atmosphere. The texts tell of the contamination of darkness. Dark labyrinths of souls. On the borderline of psychosis and real mystical experiences. Each of the songs refers in part to the title of the album. "Where the Dead Sleep" is a text about a man who spends time in a tomb, in the coffin - where he hears and sees the dead. "Red Visions" and "Psychosis" are psychological paranoids caused by the practice of worshiping the Devil. "Forgotten Arts" speaks of the multitude of dark rites that were celebrated in the dark for hundreds of years. "At the Crossroads" refers to an old legend.

3. Listening to these compositions feels something magical and at the same time extremely dark. This time I feel the echoes of the many older cultures that existed long before the worship of the god of the Christian. Did inspirations let you down in such distant areas or is it just my delusion?

It is nice to hear that the music that I create is so imaginative. This was the effect I wanted to achieve. You put on the headphones, you close your eyes and you sail away. I see that my music is different for everyone, because - honestly, I was not looking for inspiration in the "older cultures" mentioned by you. Perhaps it is the effect of keyboard instruments, which at times actually - they sound monumentally.

4. You have long been interested in the subject of spiritism, magic, occultism, based on the traditions of Northern culture, but not only, do you?

Of course, not only because the magic and the inextricably linked occultism, in various forms - primitive or more complex, practically practiced in every culture known to us and were its inherent elements. The same is true of the worship of the dead, and of all the "magical" treatments available to enable living contact with the dead - that is what we now call spiritualism, and what was once called necromancy - and which are derived from the very distant times of ancient Babylon.

5. What do you think about the hippomorphic tradition that was quite practiced by the Slavs and the Balts or Germans? In ancient cultures, horses were a symbol of fertility, and they were also identified with the power of the dead and cosmic power. It is remarkable how great this culture was to a great creature ...

And not just for those. Also in ancient Greece, Rome or Scandinavia were believed to have been endowed with magical qualities. But, aside from these facts, I think that the hippomics just like other divinities with the "sacred animals" was nothing but a great way to control society. In the Slavs or Prussians, horse rites were very similar, where by trained animals the priests could effectively influence the most important ruling decisions, and thus the whole tribal policy.


6. I know that you are a big fan of the "Vikings" series, where many elements of the rituals and beliefs of the Scandinavians are emerging. This is probably one of the first films where the topics of the beliefs of the peoples are so detailed: sacrifices, rituals, funerals, marriage ceremonies and many others.

It's a movie with a great design - and I value it so much. There was no production so good in the pagan Scandinavian world. The authors of the show have made an effort to show the incredible relationship of people with magical world of the ancient gods. Of course there are and cons. The story began to irritate me over time as it just became dumb. The first two seasons were really good, but the recent continuation of season four was a cosmic failure.

7. Does cutting away from civilization motivate you to act creatively? In these musical landscapes one can feel the power of all-encompassing nature. Tell me what is the main motive for you to create just such and not another music?

I think that living in a remote area influences the creation of my music. Around now I have practically only forests and lakes, so the climate is perfect. Almost a year ago, we decided to move from town to a very small village in vast forests. The only downside is that we are far away everywhere. And when the wind blows and the wind blows the trees, what happens is often the current problems. You need to use an aggregate. But we do not regret this decision. This is a completely different life. I think much better than in the city. And what motivates me? I think that I just want to create dark music, which I do with real passion. I like people when they appreciate it when they feel that climate and share my vision. In the end, it's for them.

8. Next to NEKRON you have another musical project in Wardruna's climate. Can you reveal the secrets of this?

I can. Literally cut, because this project is currently in the implementation phase. I'm working on a music that incorporates folk elements and dark ambient in the accompaniment of powerful sounding drums. This is definitely different music than Nekron. Completely different. There is no comparison between climates. Such ritual-pagan rhythms. You know what I mean because you had the opportunity to listen to the first song. How will the fate of this project go? We will see.


9. Both projects emanate incredible magic of sounds. Is it difficult to create such atmospheric music? What do you listen to in your free time every day? What really is your source of inspiration?

It is natural for me to create such music and it comes with ease. I feel and emotion change into sounds. What inspires me? It is difficult to say a few words about inspirations. Sometimes it's the moment, the moment. Detained cadre from life. Situation, story. My own experiences and fascination. Darkness. For example, the song "Where the Dead Sleep" was created after a destroyed nineteenth-century tomb found a small coffin abandoned on a pile of bricks. It was an amazing sight. What do I listen to on a daily basis? Actually I do not listen to too much music. I spend my free time devoting my own music. Or my son, who is too small for black metal. But as I listen - it's usually a black metal classic, or ambient-ethnic music in Wardruna's climate. Although - as I get a note to my head, I'm trying it every day. This happens very rarely.

.10. Tell me, is there an album that has made a lasting impression on you lately?

Colossal impression? Classic DVD - Mayhem DMDS Alive. Brilliant performance. I wish I had the chance to see this live. From the music "listened to" certainly "Ejakkulation Evil Storm ..." Nekkrofukk. For that I had a heckle and tortured how much he goes. Rust On The Ax was also a dark ambience. Truly hellish climate. Such a deep narcotic phase.

11. You do not care about a good book, you also like a good movie, can you recommend something valuable to our readers?

I like good Gothic cinema, and tasty stories with the devil in the background. Recently the picture "The Witch" was very impressive. The "Monk" or the "Devils" by Ken Russel is good. "Gothic" the same director and Polish "Demon" are also pretty good. I will definitely classics like the Victorian "Picnic at Hanging Rock" and "Rosemary Baby" Polanski. From books "Exorcism Anneliese Michel" Felicitas Goodman. Very good, scientific position.

12. Let's return to the topic of NEKRON's new publication "Psychosis", who knows who will be the publisher of this album and when can we release the release of this album?

So now everything is known. The new album NEKRON will be released under the banner of Putrid Cult. We had a long conversation with Morgul during which we came to an agreement. The CD should soon be released, but the final release date has not yet been set.


13. Is there a chance that "Psychosis" will also appear on the cassette as it did with the two previous NEKRON logo materials?

Of course there will also be an MC edition. Just like the previous version of the cassette will release Herweegen Tod Productions - as usual in a limited edition.

14. Our interview is inevitably coming to an end thank you for the interview, if you would like to pass something to Oldschool Metal Maniac readers the last word belongs to you.

Support the underground, because there are myths. Respect and greetings for OMM readers. Thank you for the conversation .


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