A mighty beast called MEGATHÉRION was born in 2015, when two musicians from EURYNOMOS: Aíthōn (guitar) and Magma (bass) joined forces with Summānus, a longtime friend and devoted fan of Metal. Although he has not played drums for more than 10 years, he accepted the invitation and tried to refresh his musical skills. Although the first intentionwas only the ordinary rehearsal,it all turned into a new sordid band, which was then baptized by the name of MEGATHÉRION. Over time, the songs took to the right form and were professionally recorded in March 2017. Shortly after, Aíthōn asked Carnivore (vocalist in the CRUEL FORCE and SHRINE bands) to join the rest of the team. After just one rehearsal, in July of the same year, Carnivore adds his vocals, making the songs complete, and the band eventually records their material, which takes the form of a debut mini album (self-titled MEGATHÉRION). The recorded songs will appear on LP and CD under the banner of IRON PEGASUS RECORDS.MEGATHERION music is primitive, full of energy, simple, crude, straightforward and sort of raw. An attentive listener will be able to pick up some punk elements, apart from Metal, of course! The band is currently working on their new songs that will be recorded in 2018. So, you have been warned…

 1.Well, I am just done listening to EURYNOMOS and must say this music`s impressed me a lot and hey – you have just unleahsed another relentless attack –a nice punch right between my eyes. Man, tell me where you get all these ideas to make such fucking awesome music?

Aithon: Hails Leszek, nice to hear that you dig the sound of MEGATHÉRION. There is too much energy and creativity stuffed in our brain damaged skulls, it needed to be unleashed before we run amok and get locked up, hehe.

2. Ok, I will say the band name isn’t just a random one. Frankly, I was expecting the music to be more CELTIC FROST oriented rather than being (sonically) closer to EURYNOMOS. You know, riffs, guitar sound and so on. I would say it results from the fact both bands share same members, is this correct? Anyhow, awesome music in the old-school vein which is, in fact, near to my heart. Consider it flattery, man!

Aithon: Well, we knew that people expect a CELTIC FROST clone behind the name MEGATHÉRION, cause that’s how it usually is nowadays when bands choose a brandname that is connected to another band’s song or title. Not here. CELTIC FROST, or in our case it is more HELLHAMMER, is only one element of the metallic cocktail that we have with MEGATHÉRION. We have chosen the name because it sounded good in our ears plus it stands for heaviness and open kind of riffing IF you want to compare it with „To Mega Therion“, CELTIC FROST’s album.

The similarity to EURYNOMOS has several reasons… first of all, just like in EURYNOMOS, I do the major part of the songwriting, like all the riffs and songstructures, plus Magma (bass guitar) brings in his heavy bass and playing and creates a similar basic sound mix of bass and guitar. Additionally, I use the same pedals, guitar, amp and most important, it is the same studio. And Magma produced it as well, just like with EURYNOMOS. So that’s what both bands share here.
But there is a difference of course. The riffing is a bit more open, sometimes with a punk edge. And our vocalist „Carnivore“ has a total different vocal style compared to „Okkulto", they don’t have much in common and both singers have their very own style. And last but not least, drummer „Summanus" has a different punch than „Vesuv“. He has a more „vintage“ style of playing.


3. Dude, the logo of your band is amazing! Who`s responsible for this? It looks great and matches your music excellently!

Aithon: Thanks for the words, much appreciated. I did the logo. It is a very simple one, I wanted to give it a true old school vibe without making it look like Spaghetti Bolognese, hehe.

4. Initially MEGATHERION was a two-piece. Now you`ve got a full line-up. Does it mean MT will become a full time band and will play live shows?

Aithon: No, we were a three piece from the start. Magma, Summanus and myself. Carnivore joined in 2017. Live shows are possible. We need to finish our new songs so we have a full live set and then the sonic madness can begin.

5. I am curious to know why you guys didn’t decide on recording a full length album. Does it mean you want to make people more eager for your music (like EURYNOMOS who recorded three eps before recording a full length)?

The Mini album was only done to get the band into the Heavy Metal arena, just to introduce ourselves. You have to know that we already recorded the music before we had a singer. Means, we didn’t even know how the vocals would have been when the songs were recorded. So that already was a kind of challenge and 5 songs were enough for this type of recording condition and experience.
When we record a full album, it will be recorded as a full band where the vocalist will have his creative input in advance, before the material gets recorded. With the MLP our singer „Carnivore“ had to deal with what was recorded and had no input in the instrumental parts of the songs. This will change with future material, I hope.


6. Where did you record and how long did it take?

Aithon: We recorded at the „Crypts of Züchner“. I honestly don’t remember how long it took. Maybe 4-5 days for everything… drums, vocals, two guitars, bass, intro, etc. It has always been done with time in between, not like we recorded 4 days in a row.

7. Mere four tracks and an intro isn’t a lot, don’t you think. Well, I am sure you`re aware people want more!

Aithon: It actually is 5 songs plus an intro, but yeah, I hope that people want more. If they don’t want more, then it means we suck, hehe. But I guarantee you that the new material will kick ass no matter what.

8. Can you please tell me what your lyrics are about?

Aithon:„Carnivore“ and I shared the lyrics. My lyrics were done before he joined… like the title track, which is just a sort of introduction of the band, where it stands for. „Secret Invocations“ is about a city that is under attack, and the last hope to save it is to call the spirits of the forefathers and ask for help. „Built for Sin“ is about a sex maniac who is on the hunt for sinful flesh.


9. Devil seems to be one of more important and inspirational creatures when we talk about metal music. How important is this horned fellow as far as you guys are concerned?

Aithon:We are not a satanic band. The devil can be seen as a symbol of rebellion, that’s why the Heavy Metal scene most likely welcomed him with open arms.

10. Does hell exist? Is it possible that our world is The Kingdom of Darkness called Hades? Because, in my view, when we take a look atwhat’s going on right now in the world, well, it is pretty much what in the medieval times was considered hellish abyss, death, hunger, pest and incessant wars. Not a very optimistic picture, don’t you think? Seems like the fulfilment of this old prophecy of doom, the self-destruction of the civilisation, really.

Aithon:Just like in medieval times, hell was and is on earth. See the history of the catholic church and you can see what the real hell on earth was all about.. crusades, inquisition, torture, etc etc etc., I think their fictional „hell“ wasn’t more brutal than this. And still today lots of destructive things are going on world-wide, the conflicts in the middle East, etc etc etc. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel, there are always people who are positive and make the best of the situation.

11. How do you perceive the Islamic flood taking place in Europe? Islam is apparently aiming at world`s domination, the way it took place during the times of the Holy Crusades; when Christianstried to rule over the eastern culture. Isn’t it weird the opposite is happening these days?

Aithon:Well, I am here for the music first, that’s why I play in MEGATHÉRION. I don’t want to get too political. I respect everyone who respects me and I am tolerant towards people who are tolerant as well. I think organized religions have always been a big enemy of freedom… the more religious people are, the less tolerance they have. It doesn’t matter if it is islam, christianity, etc.

Oppression has always been a tool for people who have power, be it political, religious or just physical power. And for me, protecting and defending freedom is one of the most important things in life. Freedom or death!


12. And how to stop what is taking place right now in Europe? It’s getting out of control, don’t you think? What the Muslims do in Europe is hard to comprehend, why are they allowed to be behaving like this?

Aithon: I am not a politician, so I cannot say anything about it. There are lots of theories around and it is very difficult to say which one is right, only the ones who are in power know the true facts. So I better do not comment on this. But to bring in something positive, for me it is great is that they bring their kitchen traditions to Europe. North African and oriental food rules if it is well done.

13. We all have, for sure, been exposed to various medieval pictures, sculptures and so on of Devil. But I want to ask you whether it is in fact devil that equals evil? Or something else, what do you think? Or maybe the devil’s not as black as he is painted?

Aithon:The Devil as we know him from Christianity is just a demonized version of the Greek god Pan who was not a negative figure. He is a funny, wine and music loving pagan god that just got misused by the new conquerors.

The christians stole lots of symbols and gods from the pagans and used and misused them for their own purposes, to manipulate people. Knowing this, it all takes away the magic and power of so many christian symbols.

14.Well, some form of Gnosticism perceives Lucifer as a positive deity who is on friendly terms with man. Jahve was, contrarily, an evil and sly demiurge, the tormentor of the human race; quite the opposite of what the church claims. What do you think?

Aithon: Honestly, I don’t know, I have not looked into this subject yet.

15. Why are people so attracted to the dark side of nature? The Church pictured it as a threat and a menace, however, with time, all this has become more and more attractive and fascinating; and eventually became a source of inspiration for art. What do you think?

Aithon: I believe it has always been like this. There has always been that light versus darkness conflict and people are fascinated by it. And if people wouldn’t be attracted to dark side of nature, drama would never ever have evolved in antiquity. And drama is also a powerful tool in Heavy Metal music in case you are not listening to bubble gum Hair Metal stuff, hehe.

16. All right, please tell me what you want me to wish MEGATHERION this year?

Aithon: If you like, wish us a good hand and instinct for new ripping songs, so we can break your necks with the upcoming release, hehe.

17. That’s pretty much it, I think. Anything too add for OMMM readers? Thanks a lot, take care.

Aithon: Hail to all brothers and sisters. Keep it heavy as hell. Thanks a lot for your support Leszek. And keep the old school Metal flame burning! Expect the MINI ALBUM to be out soon!!!


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