"Heck, I hate live interviews, really. I actually hate interviews in general. People asking about this and that piss me off. All I want to say one can actually find in my music. 45 minutes ort to be enough to explain what I want, hey?" This is what KK told me before I started recording the interview itself…So, in order to respect his attitude, I decided to ask him not about music per se, but all the rest which goes along with it. Did it work out well? All right, you be the judge, my dear readers.


1. First off, how did you like this Metalmania gig?

Hi there! Well, it was awesome, man! An amazing gig and a really good line-up! Ok, we had some technical issues, like with my guitar, so it felt like playing an acoustic one, to tell you the truth. That pissed me off like fuck but the audience seemed to be doing awesome so I decided to go on with it. Man, I love to play live in Poland, the response here has always been amazing! Yeah, despite this above mentioned problem, it was still a very good concert!

2. So tell us why you and KAT swapped the running order?

Well, yes, I would say it was due to some logistic and technical issues, apparently. And you know, I did want to see KAT live. I fucking love them! Ok, it was a bit different from what I`d expected but heck! To be able to listen to Roman`s vocals live! Amazing and awesome! A great gig, indeed.


3. Well, for the life of me, it is hard to fathom roman and his crew has achieved so much!

I love KAT. A lot. I got hooked years ago. Their sound is so classic, so old-school. Years back, I went to one of music stores in Australia. A huge one with all possible media you can imagine. There were like what, 50.000 items and I managed to check out maybe half of it, no kidding! In the end, I went through the discounted items bin. And you know what I found there? Metal and Hell, fuck yeah! The first press, no joke! Paid like two AUD for that! I didn’t know what to expect but I got hooked and still love KAT!



4. A quick question about Filipe. This guy comes from down under, used to play different music and now he`s joined D666. How did it happen?

Filipe is a cool dude, all right. Alan Averill from PRIMORDIAL recommended that buster to us at some gig. Well, initially Felipe was to play with us only once (instead of some other guy) but eventually he turned out to be getting along quite well with us so he joined. I am really happy about this fact. Hey! Check this out. Once we played at some gig in Norway. It wasn’t allowed to smoke backstage and so on. And that goddamn fire alarm went off out of the blue! The water sprinklers were activated too. My first thought was, fucking hell, it must be Filipe. Ha-ha, I was right of course.

5. It was interesting to read on your website about the tour cancellation and an open conflict with that bullshit Flaming Arts Agency. What exactly happened?

Well, a lot. So fucked up, hard to believe mate. But one thing was just really bad. We didn’t like the way they used to set up our drum kit, I mean they used to place it in front of the main drum kit. Therefore, it was hard for us to play properly and comfortably, we didn’t have enough space to move around freely. There was like 0.5 m free room for us to move around and just by some miracle I didn’t happen to stumble over those fucking drums. I want to stress this again. That was just one of the reasons. There were more, of course. So we decided to give that shit up. Fuck them. I decided not to talk to those guys any more, not to argue with them or play their fucked up games at all. We simply had enough. We lost a lot of money and it took its toll on our nerves too. When we quit, we were around 6.000 euro light. You know, our flights, all expenses, merchandise and so on. Still, we thought that was better to walk away rather than stay in that fucking crap with no dignity.


6. Peter Hobbs has said that Australia is a very difficult place when it comes to growing a music career. How do you see it?

Yeah, it’s true. It’s a very remote and isolated place. So far away from other parts of the world. In our early years, we used to play live solely within Australia, as it wasn’t possible for us to go abroad. You know, flying is fucking expensive. In result, there are a plethora of big, cult bands which, very few if any in Europe, know of. In my case, I had a GF and pretty good life at the time, but I had to make a decision to move to Europe. I love Australia but when you want to play music, well, there are better places.

7. You and INQUISITION are on the same label. What is your view on what is going on with this band these days?

Well, what can I say? Should I say to be a pedophile is a bad thing? Fuck, it goes without saying it fucking is. Shame. But you know what? What the Metalsucks pressmen did wasn’t nice, not at all. They dug into INQUISITION`s past, I mean what took place 4-5 years ago and looked for anything to get them screwed. And they did find some shit eventually. It is true this shit is bad, but hell, it’s trespassing on one`s privacy too. Well, what problem is it to find some shit to smear it over virtually anyone, right? Jimi Hendrix used to rough up his wife. Did it make him a worse musician? No. A worse person? Definitely. What I am driving at is this kind of invigilation and trespassing are vile too. And you know what? What goes around, comes around. I am pretty sure Metalsucks will suffer too, because of it all. Just right before this interview gets published. As to INQUISITION, well there is no justification for pedophilia, end of it.

8. Hell, with every year there are more and more fans of D666 here in Poland. After Wildfire was out, well, it`s been a real craze here! Is it palpable? I mean, can you see this madness at your live shows? D666 is getting stronger in this country, no doubt, hey?

Well, never thought about it like that. I don’t like all this labelling – big bands and small bands, whatever. I don’t do this for fame, money or crowds. I play music because I love to play music. It gives me pleasure. It pisses me off when I ask other musicians about their live shows. What they answer me is well, there were such and such turnout. It does bother me, man. What I am asking about is the gig itself, not the amount of people. I don’t care if there have been 40, 400 or 4.000 people at my show. My brain still enjoys the very process of playing live. Festivals are like this. There are like 10.000 people yet there come just 2.000 – at most. The rest don’t give a flying fuck. Shag them, let them go and have a drink. I want to play for those who care. What I mean is this special bond between the audience and the band. Not like being a lame ass to tick off another band one`s seen live. Poland? Hell, as I said I love Poland, man. We have plenty of fans here, who respond to our music in a perfect way. And this fiery mayhem in front of the stage! Like this gig this evening!


9. Ok, the last one. Which you prefer? Polish vodka or beer?

Vodka, of course!

Wojciech Michalak 

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