VULCANO, historically pioneered in darker style of Extreme Metal in South America since the early 80s, has a new album! The time has not weakened this creative powerhouse of fast
riffs and distorted and they remain talking louder without showing any sign of fatigue. Just over a year has passed since their last great album of2013 - "The Man, The Key, The Beast" and VULCANO brings us now WHOLLY WICKED an album so well finished, unique, honest and bright that it could only be the result of who still holds the hands that chemistry truly essential to any band
governed by the same ideal and purpose when it started 33 years ago. WHOLLY WICKED is a worthy successor to the album "The Man, The Key, The Beast" not only for its melodic construction,
but mainly differentiated by the disparate sound and musical approach. The album surfing sovereignty by the turbulent seas of Death / Black Metal rancid and ominous, coupled with a visceral
Thrash Metal, with property naked of polished and boring riffs, but worthy of honors domain. Without showing any highlight individualized, one sees a renewed VULCANO, but with its
roots in the true purpose that these veterans remains trapped in themselves. Privilege of the few, by well say... Wholly WICKED is an album really necessary for all Headbangers, is a lesson in rude compositions impossible to be heard only once, when the album has come to an end in just its intense 32 minutes, impulsively you'll return to the beginning.