It is with our greatest pleasure that we announce Wings of Metal festival’s second headliners… Canada’s very own first-wave thrash metal legends RAZOR! And as we love bringing you surprises, we will be celebrating Razor's 30th anniversary by having them play a 75-minute set of 1985-only era songs, which will include all the classics from "Executioner's Song" and "Evil Invaders!" This historical and intimate event will surely scar everyone in attendance for the rest of their days… These Speed Merchants’ insane unsurpassed live savagery will pummel us until the walls of the venue explode! Furthermore, in 2012, original guitarist Dave Carlo was diagnosed with stage 2 oral cancer… he since recovered and was considered cancer-free, so we feel extremely lucky to have RAZOR co-headline the festivall!! The band is currently working on a new record which should come out next year. EVIL INVADERS!!!!!!!


Poprawiony (sobota, 28 marca 2015 17:34)