Originally Hexenhammer was conceived in 1984 with members Ronnie Dean on guitar, bassist Tony Pruitt, drummer Andy Thornburg, guitarist Gene Davis, and vocalist Mark Warren. Over the next four years the band would re-locate to Jacksonville, Fl. and back to Tennessee while trying to find a foothold in any welcoming metal scene they could find, meanwhile struggling to hold together a solid line-up. In 1987 the band settled in Columbia, TN. and after some personnel changes an official line-up of the band would be solidified the following year.

That same year in 1989 Hexenhammer would issue a two song demo quickly followed by the D.I.Y full-length release ‘Underground’ in 1990. The release would receive considerable press in zines and metal magazines both in the U.S. and abroad. Unfortunately as things seemed to start rolling for Hexenhammer that year, they wou

ld also mysteriously disappear without a trace.
For years since Hexenhammer’s disappearance fans and collectors alike have spoken of the band as if some obscure myth. Now after years of searching Heaven and Hell Records has finally found them and will soon release the Hexenhammer recordings for the first time ever on CD. All tracks will be re-mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios from the best source material available, including the ‘Underground’ full-length, and some bonus tracks. The CD will also include never before seen photos, lyrics and an essay. Cover art by Steven Cobb.

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