Hello Metal Maniac’s

Unfortunately we didn't menage to get all the needed founds for paper release of #6 Oldschool Metal Maniac zine, we give our greatest thanks to all who supported us in this campaign,but unfortunately this time we do not succeed, but don't worry - the 6# issue will be available in some time on our site as a free for download pdf. file, and also in that case since we are not limited by pages You will get a whole lot of bonus materiall that was not supposed to go in this issue. It's really a big miss that it's not released on paper but we think, that PDF is always better solution than nothing. So stay alert, and watch a news on our site, for shure there will apear new articles, relations from gigs and interviews.
All those people who cash in their pre-orders on the release of #6 OMMM we are once again sorry, and please recall your money from the ULULE page