SabbatatBlack Silesia Open Air V: Sabbat (JPN)

Some of you know this already, and those of you who don't know, please be informed that the JapaneseSabbatwill perform their first and only show in Poland at next year's edition of Black Silesia Open Air, which will take place on 5th & 6th of June 2020 in the stronghold in Byczyna.

The acclaimed "Japanese Venom" are famous for their countless releases, unusual image, and - last but not least - being one of those cult bands whom it's nearly impossible to see perform live. The Japanese pioneers of the genre and gods of everything that's most repulsive and raw in metal, continuously performing since 1984 under the reins of Gezol, will come to Poland to play their first Polish concert in response to our special invitation.


According to Gezol, this will also beSabbat's first show in Eastern Europe.

The festival will take place in the same form and place as the two previous editions.

More details, tickets, info and line-up announcements coming soon.

We also stay true to our original concept - to create an underground metal fest uniting the top acts of the oldschool and extreme metal, all the while trying to maintain Poland's one of a kind meeting grounds for real MANIACS.

Black Silesia Open Air – the flagship event byBlack Silesia Productionsand at the same time the implementation of Michał's (owner of BSP) vision of an oldschool metal festival.

Oldschool and extreme metal only.
Cult underground acts only.
No compromise.

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