Distro (PL) (A-D)


New Trade List CD


New ABATHOR- The Ultimate Cure /Reincarnation 1991 CD 2024 4pts

New HELLIAS-Blind Destiny 1993 CD 2024 4pts

New INDULEGENCE Embodiment of Evil 1992 CD 2024 (ex SCRECROW) 4pts

New MARKIZ DE SADE- Judasz demo 1985 CD 4pts

New MERCILESS DEATH - Eternal Condemnation CD 4pts

New SCARECROW -Deo Optimo Maximo + 8 bonus tracks 1988 CD 2024 pts

New TYRAN-Toksyczna Bomba 1989/22 2CD 2024 6pts


ATTOMICA - Attomica 1987/Children'sAssasin CD 4pts

ATTOMICA- Limits Of Insnaity CD 4pts


ATTOMICA- -Back And Alive/Blast Of Video CD/DVD 6pts

AZAZEL- Way of Suffering/Necroscope/ 1992CD

AZAZEL- - Promised Land `1994 CD 4pts

BETRAYER-Calamity CD 20 last copies 4pts

5x CAPHARNAUM-Cult French Thrash Metal CD Lost realm Rec 2022 4pts

12x DANGER DRIVE - Darkness Comes.../Mother Of Hate CD/DVD 6pts

EGZEKUTHOR - CzasSumienia 1988 CD 4pts

EGZEKUTHOR! - Hateful Subconsciousness 1991 CD 4pts

EXORCIST- Voices From Graves/ After The North Winds CD  4pts


GLADIATOR Eternal Torment/Show your Force 1989/92 CD 4pts

GHOST-"Bad Obsession/NocDemona CD” 4pts

GHOST –Lost of Mercy CD/DVD 2022 6pts

HEKTOR - The Inner Dementia 1989 CD  4pts

HELLIAS-- Eight Cardinal Sins CD 4pts

HELLIAS-Revenge Of HELLIAS 1987 CD 4pts

HELLIAS- Closed in the fate Coffin 1991„CD 4pts

HELLIAS - A.D. Darkness CD  4pts

HELLIAS-- Eight Cardinal Sins CD 4pts

HELLAVENGER- Lord Of The Burning Abyss/Forbidden Shrine CD 2022 4pts

New HOLY DEATH –Evil? CD 2023

New HOLY DEATH-Abraxas 2CD 6pts

HOLY BATTALION - Cosmic War 89 / Breaking the Face 90 CD  4pts

INFECTED MIND-Lost Existence 1992 CD  4pts

INFECTED MIND - For from Reality CD  4pts

5x INSEMINATOR- Septennium Blasphemiae CD 2002-09 4pts

IMPERATOR Ceremonies from beyond Time CD/DVD 6pts

INCEST- Moriar/Release Speel1992-95 CD 2022  4pts

LASTWAR - Skazani Na Zagładę 1991 CD 4pts

LASTWAR - Darkness Of Eden 92 CD 4pts

LEVIATHAN - Memento Morri/ C'est la vie CD 4pts

MIRACLE-The Fall Of Existence CD 2022 4pts

MIRACLE-The Remnants Of Humanity CD 2022 4pts

MERCILESS DEATH-The Beginning Of Darkness (Epitaph) 2022 4pts

MERCILESS DEATH - From Hell. CD 4pts

MORBID VISION- "Visions of the Morbid Rites" CD 4pts

MORTAL SLAUGHTER - Destiny / Roots Of Evil CD  4pts

MORTAL SLAUGHTER - Lepers 93 CD  4pts

MORBID INSANE- Sicken Crazy/No Future CD 2022 4pts

MORTIFY- Abyssal / The Calm Beyond CD 4pts

NECROPHOBIC- Fears/ When You Die 1994/95 CD  4pts

NECROPHOBIC-No More Life/ Feeling of Agony CD 4pts

NIGHTMARE - Cryptic Songs 1993 CD. 4pts

NIGHTMARE – Misterium Przekleństw 1992 CD 4pts

NEKRON-Border Of The Light And Darkness CD ala BURZUM Hvis Tar Oss CD 4pts

PROSECTOR- Terrible Certanity/Total Shit CD 4pts

PASCAL- -Collection of Destroyed Brains 1992 CD/DVD  6pts

12x PASCAL-Agonia Bad Omen CD 4pts

PSYCHOPATH -Hatred Outside CD 4pts

REPULSOR –Trapped In A Nightmare CD 4pts

ROADHOG - Dreamstealer CD 4pts

ROTTEN - Troopers of Midnight CD  4pts

SCHISMATIC-Circle of Evolution CD 4pts

SLAUGHTER- Into The Darkness CD 4pts

SACRIVERSUM - The Shadow of The Golden Fire - Early Days CD 2022 4pts

VOODOO- Voodoo Time 1987 CD 4pts

WITCH-Inkwizycja 1990 CD   4pts


Distro :

1x APOSTASY-Dath Return CD

2x ACTUM INFERNI- Uzurpator Niebiańskiego Tronu CD

2x BLACK EUCHARIST-Inn of the Vaticide CD

10x  DESTROYERS- Dziewięć Kręgow Zła CD

5x EVANGELIST- Deus Voult Slipcase CD

12x FURIA-Huta Luna CD NEW

1x GAROTA-Czarne Wizje CD

11x HELLS CORONATION-Transgression pf a Necromantical Darkness CD

4x HEKKFUCK- Diabolic Slaughter CD

2x PROFECI- Ubóstwo Digi CD

18x PLAGA-Trąby zaglady CD NEW

5x ROADHOG- Gates To Madness CD 5pts


10x SCEPTIC- Nailed To Ignorance Digi CD

3x TOPÓR-Wieczna Każń CD NEW

3x MONASTERIUM-Church Of Bones CD

10x MAGNUS- Alcoholic Suicide CD

3x MYSANTROPIC WAR- Utter Human Annihilation CD

1x MORDTHELL-Satanic Wombs CD

2x MGŁA -Age of Excuse CD

3x LA WER- Tetrahedra CD

3x VEIN- Blood Ouths

5x VADER- The Empire CD

5x VADER- Necrolust CD


2x WARFIST- Metal to the Bone CD

3x WARFIST- Teufels CD

1x WARFIST- Grunberger CD

5x BLASPHEMOUS FIRE- Beneath the Darkness CD

1x PIG'S BLOOD - A Flock Slaughtered CD 

2xSOULCARRION- Enthrone Death CD

2x SACROFUCK- Święta Krew CD

2x DRUNK THRASHER- Raining Vomit CD

2x CULTUM INTERITUM- Sacrum Funeral CD

2x MORBID SACRIFICE- Ceremonial Blood Worship CD

2x ABSQUE COR- Na zawsze cieniem... CD

2x ZMARŁYM- Ziemie Jałowe CD

2x DOMINION OF SUFFERING • PHOBONOID- Dominion of Suffering • Phobonoid CD

2x MORGUE- Lowest Depths of Misery CD

ODSCHOOL METAL MANIAC # XXIII A Tribute To Sarcofago Eng 6pts


1 CD 4pts

1 MCD 3pts

1 DCD 6pts

1 Digi PackCD 5pts

LP Color 5pts

LP Black Vinyl 4pts

MLP 3,5 Pts

1 MC 3pts

Gatefold LPs 4,5 P.

Gatefold Picture Discs 5,5 P.

Double LP 6 P.

EP: 2 P.

T Shirt: 4 P.




NEW SCARECROW-   (PL) -Deo Optimo Maximo + 8 bonus tracks 1988 Black Vinyl 4pts

NEW SCARECROW-- (PL) Deo Optimo Maximo + 8 bonus tracks 1988 Green Vinyl 5pts

NEW SCARECROW-- (PL) Deo Optimo Maximo + 8 bonus tracks 1988 red/Black Marble Vinyl 5pts

NEW INDULEGENCE ((PL) Embodiment of Evil 1992 (ex SCRECROW) Black/ Vinyl 4pts

NEW INDULEGENCE (PL) Embodiment of Evil 1992 (ex SCRECROW) Black/Red Vinyl 5pts

NEW INDULEGENCE (PL) Embodiment of Evil 1992 (ex SCRECROW) Clear 5pts

BETRAYER (PL) - Necronomical Exmortis Die Hard LP Green Vinyl+ path,poster,sticker, and 2 foto cart 6pts

MORTAL SLAUGHTER(PL)-Lepers Die Hard Red Vinyl+ patch+ metal pin+ poster Death Metal 6pts

1x MORTAL SLAUGHTER(PL)-Lepers Black Vinyl 4pts

2x MORTAL SLAUGHTER(PL)-Lepers White Vinyl 5pts

SLAUGHTER   (PL)- Into The darkness Die Hard Death/Thrash 4pts

1x SLAUGHTER   (PL)- Into The darkness LP Gold Vinyl Death/Thrash 5pts

15x SCHISMATIC   (PL)-Circle of Evolution LP White Vinyl Death Metal 5pts

3x SCHISMATIC   (PL)-Circle of Evolution LP Blue Vinyl Death Metal 5pts

1xSCHISMATIC     (PL) Egregor LP Black Vinyl Death Metal 4pts

SCHISMATIC     (PL) Egregor LP Green Vinyl Death Metal 4pts

SCHISMATIC     (PL) Egregor LP transparent Vinyl Death Metal 4pts

TENEBRIS       (PL) - Only Fearless Dreams Gatefold LP Progressive Death Metal 5pts (ex Pandemonium)

3x SPIRITU MORS     (AUS) –Voidwards LP Black Metal 5pts

3x OLD COVEN         (USA) The Awake of Ascendent Darkness LP Black/Thrash  5pts

3x OLD COVEN          (USA)  Mysteries of the Dark Occult + 3 bonus live LPBlack/Thrash  5pts

3x GHOST                   (PL)- Bad Obsession LP gatefold Beer Vinyl Thrash/death 5pts

2x GHOST                   (PL)- Bad Obsession LP gatefold Splater Vinyl Thrash/death 5pts

1x DARZAMAT         (PL)- Solfernus Path Gatefold LP Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal 5pts

5xPLAGA-(PL)-Pożeracz Słońc 5pts

3x DISTRüSTER         (PL) - Sic Semper Tyranis LP Gategold Marble Blue Vinyl Crust/Speed/Death Metal 5pts

1x SPIECES                  (PL) -To Find Deliverence LP Technical/Progressive Thrash Metal Black Vinyl  5pts

3x ROADHOG             (PL)-Gates To Madness LP MarbleBlue Vinyl Heavy Metal  5pts

3x ROADHOG             (PL)-Gates To Madness LP BlackVinyl Heavy Metal 5pts

3x ROADHOG             (PL) -Gates To Madness LP White Bone Vinyl Heavy Metal 5pts

2x DESTROYERS     (PL)- Dziewięć Kregów Zła 2LP  Heavy Metal 6pts

3x CHRIST AGONY (PL)- Moonlight Act III Gatefold LP Black Vinyl Black Metal  5pts

3x CHRIST AGONY (PL)- Daemonseth Act II Red Vinyl Gatefold  Black Metal  5pts

1x CHRIST AGONY (PL)- Daemonseth Act II Black Vinyl Vinyl Gatefold  Black Metal  5pts

3x CHRIST AGONY (PL)- UnholyunionLP Gatefold Clear Vinyl  Black Metal 5pts

3x CHRIST AGONY (PL)- UnholyunionLP Gatefold Black Vinyl Black Metal  5pts

2x CHRIST AGONY( PL)- Moonlight Gatefold LP Black Metal  5pts

3x HELLIAS             (PL) –Revenge Of Hellias LP NWN US Red Vinyl  Thrash Metal 6pts

3x CONDEMNATION (PL)- The Fall of Lucipher Black Vinyl LP Death Metal 4pts

3x CONDEMNATION(PL) - The Fall of Lucipher Red Vinyl LP Death Metal 5pts

3x FURIA                     (PL) - Martwa Polska jesień LP Hategold  Black Metal 5ts

4x FURIA                    (PL) - W śnialni Gatefold LP 2021  Black Metal/Experimental 4pts

4x GUMO MANIACS (GER)- Psychomania LP  Thrash 4pts

11x MAGNUS     (PL)-Alocholic Suicide LP Red Vinyl Death/Thrash Metal  5pts

1x MORD'A 'STIGMATA (PL) LP Black Metal 4pts

2x MORD'A 'STIGMATA (PL)Dreams of Quiet Places LP Black Metal  5pts

1x MORD'A' STIGMATA (PL)Our Hearts Slow Down LP Black Metal 5pts

2x MORDA STIGMATA-(PL)Dreams Of Quiet Places LP Black Metal 6pts

5x RAGEHAMMER        (PL)-Into Creation Death LP Black/Thrash Metal 5pts

2x SZRON                         (PL) - Frost Eternal LP Black Metal 5pts

2x EMBRIONAL              (PL)Evil Dead LP  (RED & BLACK)Death Metal  5pts

3x KAWIR                        (GRE) To Cavirs LP  Clear Vinyl  Black Metal  5pts

3x KAWIR                        (GRE) To Uranus LP Clear Vinyl Black Metal 5pts

 1 LP black Vinyl 4pts

1 LP color vinyl 5pts

1 LP distro  5pts

2LP 6 pts

1 Die Hard 6pts

vinyls not released by us but from distribution +1 pts extra (4+1)







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