NEKRON- Border of Light and Darkness ,Coming Soon 2014

Krew Diabła announce that this year there will be released a debut album of a single-person project NEKRON performing very trans-hiptonic black metal in the vein of the early works of BURZUM. It's worth mentioning that this CD will be available in a strict limit of 500 copies.

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Brutal Assault announces newly confirmed bands headed by AT THE GATES, DEATH DTA or ANNIHILATOR

Brutal Assault Festival 2015 has announced new names for the 20th anniversary edition, set to take place on August 5-8, 2015.
Among newly confirmed bands are Canadian thrash metal legend ANNIHILATOR, Swedish pioneers of melodic death metal AT THE GATES, Californian death-grinders CATTLE DECAPITATION, German death metal band DEFEATED SANITY, DEATH DTA which features former members of DEATH celebrating the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, Norwegian progressive black metallers ENSLAVED, US based thrashers TOXIC HOLOCAUST and a dark musical project of Thomas Gabriel Fischer TRIPTYKON.


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new album from DEMONIC SLAUGHTER is out!

From the howling caves, from the old rotting houses, inhabited by the dark spirits DEMONIC SLAUGHTER delivers their new full-length opus “Haunted”. The nine rites of this album were recorded during several full moon nights with “no triggers or any digital lies used during the recording process” assures the band leader, Xaos Oblivion. The recording was performed in a studio hidden deep in the woods, with a dedication closer to a possession, in order to capture the true aura of traditional black metal, in both sound and song structure. “Haunted” recalls the true glory of the Norwegian scene early sounds, in short - it's grim, menacing, cold, raw sounding and well-executed. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"

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New batch of bands confirmed!

New batch of bands confirmed! Mexican cartel BRUJERIA is on the list among Canadian hyperblast death metal masters CRYPTOPSY and exotic DEMONIC RESURRECTION of India, who are returning to our festival as well more known and respected progressive death/black metal band. Cold nordic chill will be present through Norwegian viking metalers EINHERJER and blasting Swedish black metal by MARDUK, who will perform their classic album Panzer Division Marduk in its’entirety for the last time ever! Hailing from Brasil is NERVOSA, all female thrash power trio! Another band will bring their fresh South American thrash metal like from the golden age of 80's – NUCLEAR from Chile, while Australia’s own PSYCROPTIC will deliver thinking mans‘ death metal. Modern extreme technical deathcore RINGS OF SATURN will debut a tour fest as well as ROSETTA – well known post-hardcore ensemble from Philly. Old school crossover – thrash will be heared from classic band of the genre - M.O.D.! SVARTIDAUÐI from Iceland will bring their psychedelic black metal visions and VADER will join with their unaging death metal.


BREAKING NEWS!!! Mefisto is back after almost 30 years of absence.



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At the end of the year, we're releasing a new number of Oldschool Metal Maniac. If you're interested if any sort of advertising inside the magazine, write e-mail on Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. . You can also pay non-cash, for instance in the music releases in your label. We have only one condition - the band's that will be advertised must play oldschool music or be oldschool themselves.


P.S. If you're sending the materials for reviews, let it be music siutable to the magazine's profile. Otherwise we won't make reviews. Till now we reviewed almost everything, but now we focus only on what is in our interest.


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HIRAX OBSCENE EXTREME Festival 2015. July 8 - 12, 2015 TRUTNOV - Battlefield CZECH republic (Europe).





This month, on Haloween the long-waited album of Polish REPULSOR will be available! Nine extremely energetic speed metal compositions. Fully professional release including 16-page booklet, obi. Limited up to 500 copies.

Thrash Metal Attack by REPULSOR "is heading on" ! This year you’ll get the ”Trapped in a Nightmare” full-length. The album includes 6 songs from the band’s EP plus 3 brand new tracks, which makes 9 solid metal hits between the eyes! The music is an excellent, energetic 80’s-inspired thrash metal.

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Steamhammer - News

Battleaxe is a heavy metal band from Sunderland, England. As one of the notable bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, they started out with the name Warrior and morphed into Battleaxe sometime in early 1980. The band consisted of Dave King (vocals), Brian Smith (bass), Steve Hardy (guitar), and Ian Thompson (drums). After playing around the area and honing their chops, they entered the studio to make the first album called "Burn This Town". The second album "Power From The Universe" was released in 1984 with a new drummer named Ian McCormack followed by a massive UK Tour with Saxon.

The current line-up consists of the original members Dave King (vocals) and Brian Smith (bass) as well as Mick Percy (guitar) and new member Ricky Squires (drums)

The highly acclaimed studio album "Heavy Metal Sanctuary, which was mastered by Fred Purser (ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang), was released in February 2014.

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