ARMAGEDON - Invisible Circle/Dead Condemnation CD 2014 Coming Soon

After many years we present our two early productions - "Invisible Circle" and "Dead Condemnation". After new mastering they sound really great and the whole came by to be professionally released. Despite the passage of years, this material will kick your ass.

These are the original covers. Soon the BAND will show a new version.

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In the beginning of 1980’s, the Metal scene was in a vital period of transformation. Thrash arrived, N.W.O.B.H.M became a parody, glam and hairspray groups became the main trend….In America there was a sissy band named SLAUGHTER, and many people thought that this wasn’t the most appropriate name for such music. Then, three guys from Toronto, Canada had exactly the same opinion and in August of 1984 they decided to form their own band and also call SLAUGHTER – this time, for all the right reasons.

It’s hard to believe 3 decades have passed since these Canadian Metal gods SLAUGHTER released their first demo in that year 1984. To commemorate 30 years of savage, mayhem & noise, Afterlife Productions proudly present SLAUGHTER “Demos Box” – a compilation covering of all their old rusty demo tapes, is unleashed to attack your senses! A unique double-tape release which both housed in a hard cardboard outer box, hand-numbered to 500 copies. First time ever made by us. Both tapes cover used the original demo artwork, sleeve crammed with classic photos, recording information and a long well-written history.

It’s still sounds fresh and inviting even by today’s standards. At any rates, we are ready to take a time capsule back to this pretty badass introduction to one of the world’s classic Death Thrash Metal bands. Especially “Surrender Or Die”, the most remembered and successful demo they ever did, just hear the tape intro! Straight-forward Death Thrash demo. A truly frenzied attack from beginning to end…

9$ USD plus shipping (world)

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ONSLAUGHT, BLINDEAD and FEASTEM confirmed for Brutal Assault

Brutal Assault is back with three newly confirmed acts for its 19th volume. Today with British thrash metal veterans ONSLAUGHT, Polish sludge-doom metal band BLINDEAD and Finnish grindcore group FEASTEM. More bands coming soon.

Also let us remind you that there are 4 weeks to buy the ticket for current prices. The ticket prices will grow up since May 01.

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NEW ALBUM OVERKILL’- ‘White Devil Armory’


New Jersey thrash metal veterans OVERKILL will release their new album, “White Devil Armory”, in July in North America via eOne Music and in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records. The effort was tracked at Gear Recording and will be mixed by Greg Reely, who also worked on 2012’s “The Electric Age”.



“White Devil Armory” track listing:

01. Freedom Rings
02. Where There’s Smoke…
03. Pig
04. Amorist
05. Down To The Bone
06. Bitter Pill
07. King Of The Rat Bastards
08. Another Day To Die
09. It’s All Yours
10. In The Name

The cover artwork for “White Devil Armory” can be seen below.

Said OVERKILL in a statement: “We are still working on the new record, but this is gonna be worth the wait, with more old-school, face-melting thrash!”

Speaking to Steppin’ Out magazine, OVERKILL vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth stated about the band’s upcoming album: “The new record has a blend of what we’ve done over the past half decade. I’m noticing it’s a more punchy heavy metal record with more dimension than the last record had. Where is it going to end up on the food chain? I really don’t know. But my feeling is it’s an eclectic collection of moments from us. ‘The Electric Age’ came across, to me, as kind of a two-dimensional thrash record. This one is punchy but has a whole different bunch of ways to go and things to hear on it.”

OVERKILL released a very special limited tour edition of “The Electric Age” in Europe on April 19, 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records. The limited 2CD tour edition included the regular album as well as a four additional live tracks on a bonus CD, recorded at The Metro in Sidney, Australia on September 25, 2010.

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Polish true-black metal legend MGLA, German death/thrash metallers DEW SCENTED and UK based hardcore act BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL have been announced as newly confirmed acts for BA 2014.

More bands coming soon.




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MORBID VISION "Visions of the Morbid Rites".



And there it is! Far unpublished on CD album of Szczecin (Poland) MORBID VISION "Visions of the Morbid Rites". The material is enriched in two demos, including "Demonstration of Force" from 1991 and two tracks from Demo 92 in a completely different, uknown versions. 19 destructive, thrash/death metal songs. A piece of awesome oldschool metal. If you do not remember this great metal band, but you do like BETARYER, PROTECTOR, VADER, MORTAL SLAUGHTER or MERCILESS DEATH, you will not be disappointed!

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Beast Within - Adversity/Servitude 7"



Although most prominently focusing on an icy atmosphere, there is a fair amount of diversity within the Québécois black metal scene. Although featuring members of familiar bands within the scene such as Akitsa, Thesyre and Utlagr, this is the first time I’ve heard a band from the province focus on a proto-black sound. Even if Beast Within mostly gleans their sound from Celtic Frost, their riffs and songwriting abilities really rubs me in the right way. Although a mere two songs, the Adversity/Servitude 7” makes a big impact.


  1. Adversity
  2. Servitude

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DWP news digest.

NIGHTBRINGER "Emanation" CD out / LP coming soon and tour.

NIGHTBRINGER's "Emanation", which gathers 4 otherwise unreleased tracks and 2 exclusive versions of tracks from "Death & the Black Work" (originally released as a split with SERPENTINAM), is now available once again.

The original CD version by Starlight Temple Society is long since sold out and thus it was decided to give it another incarnation, with a new layout. The CD version is available from the band during their European tour (along with other merch).

The LP version is expected to arrive during April. "Emanation" serves for those who would bear witness to the initial incarnation of NIGHTBRINGER and the metamorphosis that would follow!




SVARTIDAUÐI - "The Synthesis of Whore and Beast" CD / LP.

Transmission: Vibrating from the centre of a dead sun and manifested in the terrible shadow cast by the SVARTIDAUÐI's debut offering,

"Flesh Cathedral", "The Synthesis of Whore and Beast" presents two apocalyptic hymns of blinding illumination and iconoclastic orgasms, tantric mantras to end all flesh.
Artwork by Timo Ketola and David Glomba. Produced by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary.
Manifested as 45 rpm 12" and CD on Walpurgisnacht, the 30th of April via Terratur Possessions and Daemon Worship Productions.
SVARTIDAUÐI recently, in conspiracy with A Thousand Lost Civilizations, ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD and MGLA, broke bones and slit throats all over Europe at Untamed and Unchained.

NEFANDUS "Reality Cleaver" CD / LP.

NEFANDUS is back with a 3rd full-length album! For the first time since mid-90's existing as a full band, they march into the new territories of mid-paced and grim Black Metal. Featuring lyrical contributions of Grim Vindkall (DOMGÅRD, SNAKESKIN ANGELS), J.K. (OFERMOD, MORTUUS) and Vaerulv, as well as vocals of Thomas Sabbathi of GRIFTEGÅRD and YEAR OF THE GOAT. Occult Black Metal of the Highest caliber. Recorded at Endarker Studios and crowned with a layout by Iblis Art. To be released as both CD and LP via Daemon Worship in the spring of 2014.


Let it be known that from this day forth, The entity known as FUNERAL GOAT will no longer exist.
It has changed form and from this moment shall be named IBEX ANGEL ORDER or IAO.

We have decided that because the music and lyrics that have arisen in the last writing sessions differ so much from what FUNERAL GOAT once was intended for, this change was a necessity.

F.G. was started as a tribute to our old favourites VON and BEHERIT. We limited our song writing to fit those bands approach and the lyrics were kept primitive with the same intent. We wrote an entire album following this rigid structure. We are still proud of it for what it is, a monument to ancient black death metal.

However, we feel that limiting our art is not right. All tracks we have written since our "Mass Ov Perversion" album have been completely free of any limitations or pre conceived ideas. These songs just came into existence and wrote themselves. These tracks needed lyrics that were far more personal to us and that showed more depth and thought. Our lyrics now deal with gnostic writings and other occult script_ures.


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Brutal Assault announces three newly confirmed bands headed by legendary avantgarde black metal act MANES! Here is the message from the band: „Once again, after 8 years or so, we'll climb onstage and do our thing. Not once, but twice, at Brutal Assault 2014. We'll be doing a more stripped-down semi-accoustic thing on Friday, and crank it all the way to three, maybe max five, at the grand mainstage on Saturday... We've never played outside Norway before, and who knows; maybe we'll never play outside Norway again after this, so this'll most certainly be something special for both you and us!“

Another confirmed bands are LA-based experimental metallers IWRESTLEDABEARONCE and Swedish thrash/death metallers GRAND EXIT.

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