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MORBID VISION in Thrashing Madness


Even though it is still 2013 Thrashing Madness is looking further than that announcing the release of MORBID VISION "Visions of the Morbid Rites" (demo 92) and "Demonstration of Force" (demo 1991) on CD. This will be the first ever release of those great classic materials on CD.

Those of you who do not remember, this great Thrash / Death metal band from Szczecin in Poland, but are into BETRAYER, VADER, MORTAL SLAUGHTER or MERCILESS DEATH won’t be disappointed. Even though MORBID VISIONS were forgotten by many they are still a cult cutting edge oldschool metal band.






Breaking news from Thrashing Madness!! The CD re-edition of the debut from the cult band ATTOMICA is finally available!! This re-edition hold not only the original masterpiece but is enhanced with the previously unpublished 1986's demo: Children's Assasin. This release has 12 pages thick booklet with some previously unpublished photos, it's printed on glossy paper, foil finish + obi.


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VOO DOO - 1987

From 30 April can buy compact album re-release of the legendary heavy metal band VOO DOO "1987". The material contains a 16 page booklet with all the weight of previously unpublished photographs and a previously unpublished song ''Only Live". Moreover, here you will find three video clips. Whole is strictly limited to 1000 copies, exclusive edition has slipkase.

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This news will definitely appreciate all the classic heavy metal fans at the end of February 2013 Oldschool Metal Maniac debut album promises to resume VOO DOO Krakow, these work after 26 years will punish for the first time on CD.

In addition to classical compositions can be found on a limited edition CD that will never be published studio track "They only live" this composition comes from the 1987 session, the board also will be 3 videoclips for such classics as Time Voo Doo, Scream Machine Metalmania and so that do not miss it!!

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We are pleased to Thrashing Madness reports that signed a contract with the legendary Thrash Metal formation ATTOMICA, this agreement covers four classic works of this team, the first installment will punish the debut album of 87 years, and the latest material Brazilians entitled "4" from the year 2012. In the second wave is planned edition of "Limits Of Insanity" in 1989 and "Back And Alive" in 2005, all discs will be expanded to include a whole bunch of bonus materials, the further plans of the vinyl versions of the discs and concert of the Polish land!

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DEADLY FROST - Triumph of The Damned Cross

Fallen Angel and Krew Diabła (Devil's Blood) will release DEADLY FROST's "Triumph of The Damned Cross". It is a full lenght material recorder before the sessions for the "Voices from Hell". It has been only available as CDr before. This edition will be enhanced with bonus session for "Blood For Satan".



Yet another announcement from Fallen Angel and Krew Diabła (Devil's Blood). A CD re-ediion of a cult 1997's demo "Evil" from HOLY DEATH. This release will be enhanced with some tracks that were never published before!


HOLY DEATH - Triumph of Evil

Fallen Angel and Krew Diabła (Devil's Blood) are proud to announce a CD re-edition of a cult debut album from HOLY DEATH! "Triumph of Evil?" from 1996 will be enhanced with additional tracks that were not published anywhere ever before!! Stay tuned for more information!



Manuel "Joker" Henriques with UGANGA completed work on a new album, even though it is not sitting idly musician! ANGEL BUTCHER, a project in which contracts are Henrigues started rehearsals with the new line up and work on new material.


VOODOO looking for a drummer

Latest report from the camp VOO DOO. The team is looking for heavy metal drummer who knows his stuff and is able to meet the very high demands of the band. Gentlemen of the VOO DOO fans have had enough, time to get to work, a series of concerts in May! If you feel that you are able to meet this challenge, contact the team: Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. .